Eastern Market Report

Eastern Market Report

by Larry Janezich

Changes in Committee Membership

The Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee met last Wednesday night in the North Hall.  Treasurer Barbara Eck announced her resignation as a representative of the Capitol Hill Restoration Society and said that a new representative would be appointed.  ANC6B Commissioner Ivan Frishberg has replaced ANC6B Commissioner Brian Pate as the ANC6B representative. 


According to Market Manager Barry Margeson, Eastern Market received substantial rental income from the North Hall in the past three months, especially in February. The totals were as follows: 

December $15,812

January $24,138

February $27,973

A surprising addition to the revenue flow has been from the ATM machine located in the Market, as follows:

October $5,997

November $5,918

December $7,369

January $5,054

Grumbling Over the Marketing Plan – or Lack Thereof

The management is still wrestling with coming up with a marketing vision and strategy.  The Market – or the city on behalf of the Market – apparently has a contract with The Ad Store, a full service international ad agency.  Although the company receives a retainer from or on behalf of Eastern Market, any actual work performed evidently requires an additional payment.  The discussion on Wednesday night revealed little about what the company does or is required to do under the contract, and annoyed EMCAC Chair Donna Scheeder asked Margeson to produce the contract for the committee’s examination, which he said he would do.  Since Eastern Market is already a top DC destination, it is not clear why a marketing vision is needed or whether having one would necessarily benefit the market, a point made by committee member Bill Glasgow.   

Energy Efficiency and Flooding Issues

The city is finally moving to address the energy efficiency issues which have persisted in the Market since its restoration.  Primary among them is ventilating problems occasioned by the round windows which are supposed to be opened by a motorized means but which so far have failed to operate.  This is connected to the efficiency of the ceiling fans which are supposed to operate a variable speeds but which so far only operate at the maximum.  In addition, the inability to regulate the temperatures of the North and South Halls independently has resulted to unnecessarily high energy bills.  Meetings have been scheduled in the near future with the city’s Energy Sustainability Division. 

Separately, remedies are being sought for the unacceptable acoustics of the North hall and flooding in the basement resulting from obstructed waste lines. 

Fresh Tuesdays

Next Tuesday, Amish farmer Christian Hertzler will be back on the Farmer’s Line with produce and baked goods.  Hertzler is the first of the farmers that have been absent through the winter to return.

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