H Street’s Argonaut Plans Glass-Enclosed “Green House” Sidewalk Patio

Architect's Rendering of Argonaut's Planned Glass Covered Patio

Architect’s Rendering of Argonaut’s Planned Glass Covered Patio

H Street’s Argonaut Plans Glass-Enclosed “Green House” Sidewalk Patio

by Larry Janezich

Thursday night, Argonaut Managing Partner Scott Magnuson appeared before ANC6a’s regular monthly meeting to seek the commission’s endorsement for a plan to enclose Argonaut’s sidewalk patio with glass panels to create a year-round green space in front of the restaurant.  He told the ANC that the innovative design of the structure – which he described as like a greenhouse – would welcome visitors approaching H Street from the east and make Argonaut stand out as the “flagship of H Street.”

Magnuson is scheduled to take the proposal before DDOT’s Public Space Committee at the end of the month and sought the neighborhood’s approval going into the meeting.  “This is something that has never been done before on public space,” Magnuson said later.  “If we can get this through public space, it will probably take 4-6 months to fabricate and then install.  Hopefully … we will be up and running by early spring.”

Argonaut’s website http://argonautdc.com/ promotes the venue as a neighborhood gathering spot and describes the restaurant as “part English tavern, part San Diego taqueria….  Argonaut is located at 1433 H Street, NE.

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