The Hawk & Dove Will Reopen In Early February According to Owner Xavier Cervera

5 responses to “IMG_0672

  1. Maggie Hall

    I know, I know, change is/can be good, nothing lasts for ever, blah, blah, blah….but no reason for this. Our wonderful, lovely, cozy, friendly, great-looking Hawk ‘n’ Dove now beyond recognition. As for the sign: insult to injury!

  2. Hank

    Looks awesome. Bring on the new and improved Hawk!!

  3. Shelly

    heard they have 70 inch plasmas and some killer sound system! ! Lets go Packers!

  4. Jenn

    It looks just like Matchbox/Fusion/Zest/Lavagna/Molly’s, etc. Can no one be original or maybe a little divy anymore?

  5. Maggie Hall

    Jenn, well said! So three cheers for the L’l Pub and The Tune.

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