Analysis of Benefits Currently Proffered 1333 M

Eastern Market 300 Block 7th Street License Request for Offers

DMM reponse to DGS RFP 2019-02


DC General Counsel Denies DMPED Request to Reverse Order to Release Hine Documents



Hine Coalition News Release September 23 2013


Revised Amendment to Hine LDDA Dated July 10 2013 Redacted

Hine Coalition Brief In Response to SEB


Hall Letter to DMPED on Transparency of Hine Transfer

DC Counsel Opinion on Changes Which Require Rebid of Hine Project

Howell v. DC ZC_Brief of Petitioner

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  1. I am a resident on Capitol Hill. We have just had a new water main installed that replaced one from the Civil War. It was a major project for 16 months. We also had new house meters installed on our block. This would have been a good thing, but since that time we have experienced increasing water bills coming to our home. Except for my neighbor who is also an artist who lives mostly at his artist studio over by the Marine Barracks, and is never home–his bill represents that of a family living continuously at home. $80. Our bills have been increasing since the completion of the installation in May, from $115 to $233. We are three senior citizens, one “special needs” who live mostly on a fixed incomes. DC Water and Sewage has sent out an official inspector who found no leaks—I have requested some restitution to resolve this issue and have been met, yet with another bill of $163.00.

    I’m seeking a consumer advocacy group in the area and find your blog to be the closest thing I could find that acts as a monitor on the DC Government and Administration as a “Speak Out” organ identifying the ills as well as the good things that are happening in the area.

    I want to find out if other people are having these issues. I also would like to join whatever groups in the area speak out for the citizens. I attended one meeting of Charles Allen, to no avail—one year ago when we were having packages stolen, mail lifted from our mail boxes and had the Federal Mail Truck robbed along with the Mail Carrier. I was not impressed.

    I don’t have a facebook account, nor do I do twitter or instagram. I am computer savvy, but have just never joined the social media that way, but still keep up with technology and have too many laptops, tablets and phones to my embarrassment….needless to say I love technology–just choose not to join the Social Media crowd since it tends to get mean.

    Can you help me voice my complaint and concerns for others on the Hill who might be suffering from the same kinds of issues and have no “Voice” to address these things.

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