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The Week Ahead…..Light Voter Turnout?

Light Voter Turnout?  Last Thursday Afternoon at 2:30pm, at Sherwood Recreation Center the Number of Early Voters that Day Stood at 24

Light Voter Turnout? Last Thursday Afternoon at 2:30pm,  Sherwood Recreation Center. The Number of Early Voters that Day Stood at 24.  Candidate Signs Outnumbered the Voters.

The Week Ahead….

by Larry Janezich

Monday, March 31

ANC 6B Transportation Committee meets at 6:30pm in Hill Center.

On the agenda:

Office of Planning’s Rapid Response Planning effort regarding Southeast Boulevard

Issues for Transportation Committee in 2014

Tuesday, April 1

Primary Election Day.  Polls opem from 7:00am until 8:00pm.  To find your polling place, see here:

Wednesday, April 2

ANC 6B Planning & Zoning Committee meets at 7:00pm, St.  Coletta of Greater Washington,

On the agenda:

Historic Preservation applications for: rear addition at 819 E Street, SE; 909 East Capitol Street, SE, roof deck; 603 A Street, SE, rear addition and roof deck; 712 5th Street, SE, new garage.


The troubled property formerly the home of Today’s Pizza at 531 8th Street SE, once again appears before ANC6B with a concept/storefront alterations/rooftop addition.  A recent historic preservation application for the property was viewed by the Planning and Zoning Committee with skepticism for lack of detail and planning.


Informal presentation (no action required) by Eric Siegel on phase one of a Cohen Companies proposal for a 673 residential unit building at 1333 M Street, SE.  The first phase will be a 10-story, 218 unit residential building.

Thursday, April 3

ANC6B ABC Committee Meeting has been CANCELLED


The fourth Literary Hill BookFest is scheduled for Sunday, May 4th, in the North Hall of Eastern Market from 11:00am – 3:00pm.  An afternoon of discussions, readings, and signings with Capitol Hill’s best writers of memoirs and fiction, politics and poetry, history and sports, and food and fantasy. See the website at for a listing of this year’s authors and exhibitors, as well as photos from last year.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact:

Abby Yochelson

Volunteer Coordinator

Literary Hill BookFest 2014

202-547-5452202-547-5452 (home)

202-707-2138202-707-2138 (office)

202-716-5452202-716-5452 (cell)



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Xavier Cervera Comments on Wall Street Journal Report On Hawk ‘n’ Dove Bankruptcy

Wall Street Journal Reports Hawk ‘n’ Dove Files for Bankruptcy

by Larry Janezich

The Wall Street Journal reported tonight about 7:30pm, that Barrack’s Row Entertainment filed for Chapter 11 protection in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.  The action also apparently protects Boxcar Tavern, The Chesapeake Room, Lola’s Barracks Bar & Grill, Molly Malone’s, Pacifico, Senart’s Oyster & Chop House, Park Tavern in Canal Park, and the soon to open Willie’s Brew and Que, on the Southeast Waterfront.  According to the WSJ, Manager Richard Cervera signed the bankruptcy petition.

Capitol Hill Corner reached original co-owner Xavier Cervera, who sold the restaurants to Boston Equity Firm in 2013  (Richard is Xavier’s brother, and part of the group which purchased the restaurants.)    Xavier Cervera said, “Not really sure what’s going on. My business partner and I sold the company in December of 2012. We did finance a large part of the sale so I guess our attorneys will be very busy next week trying to establish what difficulties they are having .”   (Update:  CHC erroneously reported Xavier  has a contract with the new owners   to manage the day to day operations of the nine restaurants.   He has no such contract.   Xavier does not and has not since the sale managed the restaurants.  He has a contract to work as a consultant.   CHC regrets the error.)

See the WSJ Story here:

For CHC posting on the sale of the restaurant group to Boston Equity Firm in April of 2013, see here:


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My Report from Colorado on Marijuana Legalization – Number 2


Marijuana Edibles - Marisol's House Produced Grape Flavored Hard Candy "Gems"

Marijuana Edibles – Marisol’s House Produced Grape Flavored Hard Candy “Gems”

What Is Known In the Trade as "Smoking Paraphernalia"

What Is Known In the Trade as “Smoking Paraphernalia”

"64" Refers to Amendment 64, Which Legalized Recreational Marijuana and Marks the Doors of Retail Outlets

“64” Refers to Amendment 64, Which Legalized Recreational Marijuana and Marks the Doors of Retail Outlets

My Report from Colorado on Marijuana Legalization – Number 2

by Larry Janezich

Recent visits to state recreational marijuana stores in Pueblo, Colorado, reveal that they vary widely in professionalism and business plans.

The largest, friendliest, and most transparent was Marisol Therapeutics.  A talk with Michael Tapia, Bud Manager and Kitchen Manager, showed much had changed since a previous visit (See: in January, when recreational marijuana supplies were limited.  Tapia said that the state has licensed more growers and producers of edibles and supplies of smokeables and edibles were currently plentiful.  The customer base continues to be older and well off –  the dozen or so customers encountered at noon time last Thursday appeared to range in age from 30 to 60.

Marisol’s sales are comprised of about 60% smokeables (marijuana in dozens of strains and hash), and 40% edibles (hard candies, chocolate bars, sodas, and cookies).  Prices have remained stable since January 1 – Tapia said that Marisol wants to maintain a predictable price so customers will know what to expect while the store builds a customer base.  Current prices are $56.35 per 1/8th ounce (about 7 or 8 joints) and $468 for an ounce – although almost no one buys an ounce.

Asked about effective dosage on edibles, Tapia says Marisol follows the state’s “Best Practices” regulations.  The recommended starting dose for recreational use is 10 milligrams of THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) – the same as the starting dose for medical marijuana, with 100 milligrams the maximum dose for the latter.  Marisol carries nothing in its recreational product line of edibles containing more than 100 milligrams of THC per package.

For example, the chocolate caramel bars and the pretzel peanut butter bars contain 62.5 milligrams in four squares (recommended starting dose is ½ of one square) which sells for $15.

The sodas, with 30 milligrams sell for $20.  The chocolate bars and the hard candies produced by Edipure are the store’s bestselling edibles.  The state requires that edible products leaving the store must be in a child proof bag, which the store charges $2.00 for.  Customers can reuse the bag for future purchases.

Because of lack of regulation and oversight, quality control is currently an industry problem.  The Denver Post recently had a series of edibles tested.  The results for some products showed a wide disparity between the amount of THC in a product as stated on the package and the amount actually contained in the product – usually, considerably less.  Edipure candies had the most consistently reliable product.  Marisol produces its own line of edibles and has its products tested by Phylatech Metrics and Solutions (no website) to monitor product quality.  Regulations require that all products be tested and labelled for THC content by October 1.

Banking and credit cards continue to hamper the industry.  Some marijuana retailers are reported to be taking credit cards using second and third parties, but despite federal government approval allowing banks to engage in business with marijuana sellers, banks are so far reluctant to do so.  Colorado has recently sanctioned those in the legal profession to accept marijuana retailers as clients.

State budget officials expect sales of recreational marijuana to be volatile for some months as additional stores open, supplies increase, prices drop, and the market shakes out.  In January, only two stores were open in Pueblo County – in February, there were five.  Sales of recreational marijuana in the County dropped from $931,877 in January to $820,000 in February.  County sales tax receipts from the 3.5% sales tax for February were 28,724 compared to 32,643 in January.  That tally does not include a 1% county sales tax on all items sold in the county, or the county’s share of the state’s marijuana-specific 10% sales tax.  Additional taxes include a 2.9% state sales tax and a 15 % excise taxes paid on the wholesale price when marijuana is transferred between grower and seller.  $40 million from the excise tax are designated by law for school construction.

Statewide, in January, sales from 59 recreational marijuana stores amounted to about $14 million and the state collected some $2 million in taxes.  The figures fell below what will be necessary to hit legislative and budget analysts’ predictions – which projected $190 million in sales for the first six months of 2014.  At the current pace, sales will amount to $84 million in that period which would mean some $12 million in revenue.  A broader customer base as marijuana becomes more available and increased sales during the tourist season could boost those numbers.

By the end of February, 108 additional stores had received state approval to sell recreational marijuana, though many are still in the process of receiving county and or city approval to open.  Pueblo has a moratorium on sales within city limits until January 1, 2015 – if then.  The city council is currently considering whether to allow recreational marijuana to be grown inside the city limits.




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The Week Ahead….and Goodbye to Hello Cupcake – and Kraze Burger?

The Week Ahead….and Goodbye to Hello Cupcake – and Kraze Burger?

by Larry Janezich

Alia Khan posts on Newhilleast that the owner of Hello Cupcake is pulling the plug on the Barracks Row shop because “the numbers weren’t working out for them.”  The shop opened in May of 2011.  On Twitter, ANC6b Commissioner Phil Peisch, responding to a query from JD Land,  speculates that Kraze Burger on Barracks Row is going out of business. The restaurant’s door features a “Closed Until Further Notice” sign.  The restaurant opened its doors October 17, 2013.

Monday, March 24 – Saturday, March 29

Early voting.  For Ward 6, Sherwood Recreation Center at 640 10th Street, NE, will be open from 8:30am through 7:00pm Monday, March 24, through Saturday, March 29. On Primary Election Day, Tuesday, April 1, all 143 precinct polling places will be open from 7:00am until 8:00pm.

Tuesday, March 25

ANC6b Executive Committee meets at 7:00pm in Hill Center to set the agenda for next month’s full ANC6b meeting.

Wednesday, March 26

Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee meets at 7:00pm, North Hall, Eastern Markket

Thursday, March 27

CHRS spring members’ forum – “Boating and Preserving the Anacostia” with guest presenters from the Anacostia Watershed Society and the Anacostia Community Boathouse.  6:45pm membership meeting.  7:00pm – 8:30pm, Forum.  Northeast Library, 330 7th Street, NE.  This event is open to the public.

Host Families Needed for English/Spanish Language Emersion Program in July

USA Connection, a family-run student exchange program focused on English/Spanish language emersion programs, is currently seeking host families in the DC Metro region who are willing to house students, ages 13 – 17, during the month of July. Students do not need to be enrolled in school, but rather need to be treated as part of your family. For more details, please visit our website at:, or contact Christine McCoy, Program Coordintor, USA Connection,, or 202.246.0163.

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When ANC Commissioners Endorse Political Candidates….

When ANC Commissioners Endorse Political Candidates….

Editorial by Larry Janezich

Non-partisan, elected ANC commissioners are exempt from the Hatch Act – the federal law proscribing the political activity of civil servants – which means they are NOT prohibited from posting “a comment to a blog or a social media site that advocates for or against a partisan political party, candidate for partisan political office, or partisan political group.”

Still, the guiding principle of the Hatch Act is an important one: the normal offices and services of government should not be politicized.  There are good reasons why neighborhood representatives should refrain from turning components of their formal office – especially their email lists – into political agents.  While their email lists are private and to some degree personal, their subscription and audience would not be what they are were it not for their position as an ANC Commissioner.  Those lists have the reach they do because of the office any given commissioner holds.

Also worth nothing is the fact that the political unit in question is so small – some 2,000 residents in a commissioner’s constituency.  It is understandable how residents who support one candidate can be made uncomfortable when their commissioner endorses another, especially if a resident places a sign or becomes vocal about their support. These things will be noticed, and perhaps noted.  Have some neighbors refrained from being more vocal about their political views because they do not want to tarnish their relationship with their commissioner?  How can a politically active resident have confidence that his/her concerns will be addressed if their political views differ from those of a commissioner?  If a commissioner has shown a willingness to politicize one component of their formal office, how can a resident have confidence that they will not do so in other areas, even if that “politicization” takes the form of a slow or lazy response to a resident’s concerns?

As a commissioner, it is tempting to endorse a candidate who one has worked with, or with whom one has a personal relationship – or even to curry favor with a likely winner.  Yet is also important to keep in mind that ANCs have been criticized throughout the city as being nothing more than cogs in the local neighborhood political machine.  When commissioners use the influence of their office to advance a partisan agenda, they validate that criticism.  ANC commissioners are our neighborhood representatives, not our political agents.


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Barracks Row Main Street Celebrates Success in Attracting New Businesses


Martin Smith, Executive Director of BRMS, recaps the group's 2013 accomplishments

Martin Smith, Executive Director of BRMS, recaps the group’s 2013 accomplishments

Barracks Row Main Street Celebrates Success in Attracting New Businesses

CSX Continues Major Financial Support of BRMS

by Larry Janezich

Last Wednesday, Barracks Row Main Street (BRMS) held its annual meeting celebration to highlight the 13 new businesses on 8th Street in 2013 and four new arrivals so far in 2014.  One of those new 2014 arrivals, the soon to open Capital Teas, at 731 8th Street, hosted the event.

The majority of businesses which opened on Barracks Row in 2013 were food and beverage and service providers, including the restaurants Ambar, Kraze Burger, Nooshi, Tash, and Rose’s Luxury.  Service providers included Capitol Hill Fitness (now defunct), Metropolitan Wellness Medical Marijuana Dispensary, Momentum Dance & Fitness, The Nails Spa, Optimus Website Design, and End to End Strategies.  The oil industry environmental advocacy group, Oil Change International also set up shop on Barracks Row last year, as did the lone retail operation, DCanter, purveyor of artisan wines and craft beers from around the world.

Martin Smith, Executive Director of BRMS also touted four early-2014 new business arrivals, including the prix fixe steak house Medium Rare and the vintage donut shop, District Donuts (opening soon in the former Sneed’s Barber Shop), Capitol Frame (formerly Capitol Hill Fitness), and lastly, Capitol Teas.

A Spot of Tea

A Spot of Tea

Capital Teas is especially welcome as a of one-of-a-kind retail outlet which brings a different product line to the corridor.  The company is headquartered in Annapolis, and has an outlet there as well as Bethesda Row, Dupont Circle, Bethesda Wildwood, Fairfax, and National Harbor.  In addition to Capitol Hill, the company will open up in Charlottesville this year. The company is family-owned and operated by fifth generation tea merchants and traces its tea heritage to co- founder Manellle Martino’s great-great grandfather, Francis Van Reyk.  See:

Manelle Martino, co-founder of Capital Teas.  BRMS Martin Smith (center) confers with BRMS President David Perry in background.

Manelle Martino, co-founder of Capital Teas. BRMS Martin Smith (center) confers with BRMS President David Perry in background.

The BRMS board of directors is made up of representatives of business interests in the broader Capitol Hill retail corridors.  According to Martin Smith, the board recently broadened its membership to bring in more retailers and property owners.  BRMS oversees efforts to recruit and retain small businesses, enhancement projects for public spaces, the Barracks Row façade improvement program, and a series of annual Barracks Row events.

Day to day operations of BRMS depend upon contributions and support from the corporations, DC Government agencies, foundations, businesses interests, and the broader Capitol Hill community.  For the second year in a row, the major cash and in kind donors contributing $10,000 or more included CSX Transportation, DC Department of Housing and Community Development, DC Department of Small & Local Business Development, and the National Capital Bank Foundation.

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The Week Ahead…..

Last week, posters created by elusive graffiti artist Banksy, began appearing on Capitol Hill.  The posters created to show solidarity with the rebels against the Syrian government, commemorate the third anniversary of the beginning of the Syrian conflict – March 15, 2011.

Last week, posters created by elusive graffiti artist Banksy, began appearing on Capitol Hill. The posters created to show solidarity with the rebels against the Syrian government, commemorate the third anniversary of the beginning of the Syrian conflict – March 15, 2011.

The Week Ahead…..

by Larry Janezich

Monday, March 17

Rescheduled for March 24.  ANC6A Transportation and Public Space Committee meets at 7:00pm in Maury Elementary School, 1250 Constitution Avenue, NE, (enter from 13th Street, NE)

ANC6A Community Outreach Committee meeting CANCELLED

Tuesday, March 18

CHRS Board of Directors meets at 6:30pm, Capitol Hill Townhomes, 750 6th Street, SE

ANC6A ABC Committee meeting CANCELLED

Wednesday, March 19

ANC 6B Outreach & Constituent Services Task Force meets at 7:00pm in Hill Center.  Chair Brian Pate has announced that a representative from DC Department of Tax and Revenue will be present to take questions.

Wednesday, March 19

ANC6A Economic Development & Zoning Committee meets at 7:00pm in Sherwood Recreation Center (640 10th Street, NE), 2nd Floor Community Room

Among items on the agenda:

Murry’s Redevelopment (616 H Street, N.E.) – Trent Smith of Insight Property Group will give a brief presentation on the current status of this project.

R.L. Christian Library Site (1300 H Street, NE) – Developer will present regarding efforts to address parking issues arising out of changed plans for development of the site.

Wednesday, March 19

CHRS Preservation Café – 6:30pm to 7:15 pm, Ebenezers Coffee house, 2nd and F Streets, NE.  Money saving preventive house maintenance.

Thursday, March 20

PSA 108 meets at 7:00pm, Liberty Baptist Church, 527 Kentucky Avenue, SE.  Meeting will feture MPD Lt. J.B. Dykes.

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&pizza Looks Again to Barracks Row for New Gourmet Pizza Outlet

&pizza Looks Again to Barracks Row for New Gourmet Pizza Outlet

by Larry Janezich

Last Tuesday night at Hill Center, &pizza chain owner Steve Salis told ANC6B that he hopes to open a sixth location at 405 8th Street, SE, the current location of OXXO cleaners.  Veteran readers of Capitol Hill Corner will remember that Salis flirted with Barracks Row in 2011/2012, when he announced plans to open in the space at 415 8th Street, currently occupied by Chipotle/Kraze Burger.

Salis is again reaching out to engage ANC6B, Barracks Row Main Street, and the community, saying he will apply for a fast food exception which will allow him to open up on Barracks Row.

Barracks Row zoning requires a special exception for fast food restaurants.  &pizza falls into the fast food category because you have to pay for the food in advance, even though inside seating will be provided.  Zoning regulations provide some 15 or requirements an applicant must meet in order to qualify for an exception.  The request will come before ANC6B, likely next summer and approval by that body will send the request to the Board of Zoning Adjustment for final approval.

The issue is a sensitive one for nearby neighbors who have been vigilant in policing food venues on the 400 block of 8th Street because of operational issues contributing to rodent and odor problems.  Salis said he is aware of these concerns and is prepared to address them.

In February of 2012, Salis said he pulled the plug on the Barracks Row project after it became clear to him that he could not launch the business according to schedule in spring of that year.  He cited the uncertainty involved in getting a fast food exception – even though the Capitol Hill Restoration Society had already signed off on it – and uncertainty as to when Streetsense could deliver the store space.  In addition, Streetsense had asked Salis to “put down a substantial amount of capital as a deposit in order to hold the space.”  He said he found his position untenable being faced with “a bad use of my capital and no guarantees” on how the process would be resolved.

&pizza’s website and menu can be found here:


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Armed Robbery at 10th and South Carolina Avenue, SE, Monday Night, 10:30pm.


10th and South Carolina, Monday night, 10:50pm

10th and South Carolina, Monday night, 10:50pm

Armed Robbery at 10th and South Carolina Avenue, SE, Monday Night, 10:30 pm

by Larry Janezich

A woman was the victim of an armed robbery involving a gun-wielding assailant at about 10:30pm on Monday night.  The victim was unharmed, but lost personal property.  The assailant, described by police as a black male dressed in black, fled the scene traveling north on 10th Street.  Two police cruisers and an unmarked vehicle with at four officers responded to check out nearby streets and alleys.  The woman was unharmed, and police were reluctant to release additional details.

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The Week Ahead….. (plus the good and the ugly)

Last Saturday’s dog adoption at Howl to the Chief on Barracks Row

Last Saturday’s dog adoption at Howl to the Chief on Barracks Row

On Saturdays from 12 – 3 Howl to the Chief has dog adoptions from Rural Dog Rescue  and Sundays from 12 -3 we have cat adoptions through Capitol Cats –  Howl to the Chief is at 733 8th St SE, Washington, DC 20003  (202) 544-8710

Ugly conditions in the trash dumpster area at Starbucks at 3rd and Pennsylvania, SE, on Saturday afternoon.

Ugly conditions in the trash dumpster area at Starbucks at 3rd and Pennsylvania, SE, on Saturday afternoon.

The Week Ahead……

by Larry Janezich

Monday, March 10

ANC6D meets for its monthly meeting at 7:00pm, DCRA Meeting Room, 1100 4th Street SW, 2nd Floor

Among items on the agenda:

DC SEU Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Services DC

DDOE Anacostia River Sediment Toxins Project

ABC Committee Update

Monday, March 10

Southeast Neighborhood Library reopens to the public at 9:30am.

Tuesday, March 11

ANC6B meets for its monthly meeting at 7:00pm in Hill Center.

Among items on the agenda:

Public Space application for unenclosed sidewalk café for Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar

Update:  This presentation will occur at the April 2 meeting of the Planning and Zoning Committee)  Presentation (no action required) on phase one of a Cohen Companies proposal for a 673 residential unit building at 1333 M Street, SE.  The first phase will be a 10-story, 218 unit residential building.

Projects for Performance Parking Zone Community Benefits Program

Letter to Mayor Gray regarding 6B’s September 2013 comments on Virginia Avenue Tunnel Reconstruction Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Letter to Department of General Services Regarding Request for offers for Eastern Branch Building

Wednesday, March 12

ANC6C will meet for its regular monthly meeting at 7:00pm, Heritage Foundation,

214 Massachusetts Avenue NE

Update:  Among items on the agenda:

H Street truck loading zones

H Street performance parking community benefits

Discussion of Douglas Development plans for 501 H Street, N.E.

Wednesday, March 12

Barracks Row Main Street’s Annual Meeting celebration, 6:00pm, at Capital Teas, 731 8th Street, SE, will highlight the arrival of spring as well as the 13 new businesses to the corridor in 2013. The party will include tasting samples from many Barracks Row restaurants.  (Barracks Row MainStreet invites all to attend)

Thursday, March 13

ANC6A meets for its regular monthly meeting at 7:00pm, Miner Elementary, 601 15th St., NE.

Restaurant liquor license application for Halftime Sports Bar at 1427 H Street NE

Retailer liquor license application for Andy Lee Liquor, Inc. at 914 H Street NE

Historic Preservation Application for conversion of the Way of the Cross Church of Christ at 819 D Street, NE and two adjoining row houses into a 30 unit residential development,

Friday, March 14

Concert- Joe Craven on fiddle, mandolin, saz, cuatro , and percussion instruments, 8:00pm, The Corner Store.  $20 Advance/$25 Walk-in

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