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The Week Ahead…& Some Photos from the Past Week – Plus Friday Night Jazz Returns

The Week Ahead…& Some Photos from the Past Week

By Larry Janezich

Posted August 28, 2022


CVS at 7th and Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, reopened last week after being closed for more than a month owing to water damage. 

Next door at the former Li’l Pub, Triple Candie finished installing their latest “curatorial riddle” – 655 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.  For more, go here:

Continuing:  The Capitol Hill Art League member show, entitled “Labor of Love” runs through October 1 at the Frame of Mine Gallery, located at 545 8th Street, SE, on Barracks Row.  The following artists are featured in the show: Anne Albright, Tara Hamilton, Steve Kunin, Karin Edgett, Carol Williams, Carolyn Rondthaler, Karen Van Allen, Elin Whitney-Smith, and Karen Zens. The Art League invites you to visit the gallery when shopping at Frame of Mine as well as viewing it online at the Capitol Hill Art League website at:  The Capitol Hill Art League is a visual arts program of The Capitol Hill Arts Workshop.  For more information about the organization, visit the website at

And speaking of the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, CHC is chagrined at not noting before the upgrade to the façade at 545 7th Street, SE.

The week ahead is the last week for Biker Barre, one of the earliest barre studios on Capitol Hill, as the owner pursues other opportunities. 

A close call for SE Library. Friday, the behemoth Linden tree at the corner of 7th and D Street, SE, lost one of its major branches – most of the limb is lying on the grounds of SE Library.  The city’s Ward 8 Arborist, Carlson Klapthor happened by on Sunday afternoon and said the tree had been hollowed out – evidenced by the cavity inside the fallen branch.  He thought the tree would have to be removed.  “The tree was likely killed by sidewalk work,” he said, noting that the adjoining sidewalk was “flat as a pancake,” and alluding to the removal of roots.  Surveying the tree, Klapthor said it had had a history of failure – the top was “blown out” and many dead or diseased branches had been pruned.  The tree’s presumptive and preemptive removal would be in keeping with its fate; construction on the $23 million renovation of SE Library is scheduled to start next year and anticipates the tree’s removal.  For more on DC Urban Forestry, go here:

The Week Ahead…

Tuesday, August 30

ANC6B’s Executive Committee will hold a virtual meeting to set the agenda for the September 13 meeting of the full ANC. 

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:  (TBA)

Friday, September 2

Friday Night Live Jazz at Eastern Market Metro, 5:00pm – 6:30pm.  Artist TBA. 

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Update on Wheel Thieves

Amy Arellano, a GWU doctoral student in occupational therapy with her Toyota Corolla and its new wheels on Friday afternoon. Thieves stole the wheels Wednesday night on the unit block of 7th Street, SE.  She reported the crime to the police and said a detective told her they would do everything they could for her. 

Update on Wheel Thieves

By Larry Janezich

Posted August 26, 2022

A resident of the unit block of 7th Street where the wheels were stolen from a vehicle Wednesday night, alerted CM Charles Allen to the theft and to two other thefts nearby. 

 Allen responded as follows: 

Thanks for sharing with me. Do you know if the owner has reported to MPD? I’m finding frequently, folks haven’t reported these thefts to MPD and they definitely need to know when and where it happens. I was speaking with 1st District leadership about this the other day and they said it’s happening all over DC and the region, but that they have look-outs among officers for what they think are two separate crews doing this. They obviously move very quickly… but MPD … feels like they have a good sense of a few look-outs they’re on the watch for.  In addition, if any neighbors’ security cameras happened to catch video of the thefts, please share that we need that video sent to MPD to help with their investigations.

A visit to the scene on Friday afternoon found Arellano’s vehicle in the final stages wheel replacement.  John Slacum said that he has done three wheel replacements recently – “They come into a neighborhood and get what they’re after and you never see them again.”  He said a set of wheels cost $3,000 from a dealership and the thieves sell them on the street for $500.  They target popular cars like Toyotas and Hondas because demand for wheels is high, rather than more expensive cars.  
Just across East Capitol in the unit block of 7th Street, SE, a second vehicle – this one a Honda Civic – was still unattended while its owner is out of town.  Police had just arrived to begin an investigation.  A neighbor was overheard saying that a resident has security camera videotape of the theft. 

(A reader reports that another vehicle was hit Wednesday night as well – a Lexus RX parked on Constitution in the 1200 or 1300 block.  Another reader reports that four wheels were stolen from a new Honda Pilot on C Street, SE between 11th and 12th.  CHC has not confirmed these thefts independently.) 


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Wheel Thieves Were Busy on Capitol Hill Wednesday Night

by Larry Janezich

Posted August 26, 2022

A resident of the unit block on 7th Street, NE, had all four wheels stolen from their car Wednesday night.  Another resident reported being told that two other cars in the neighborhood near 7th and A Street, SE, and on A Street, NE, also had wheels stolen the same night. It’s not clear if this is a trend, but neighbors should be aware.

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The Week Ahead…& Some Photos from the Past Week

The Week Ahead … & Some Photos from the Past Week

by Larry Janezich

Posted August 21, 2022

Florida Avenue Bike Lanes. ANC6A Transportation Committee, chaired by Maura Dundon, met last Monday.  They heard Will Handsfield, Bicycle Program Specialist at District Department of Transportation give an update on the Florida Avenue, NE, traffic calming and protected bike lanes project.  Hansfield said the contract is ready to be let – the two-year project will reduce space for vehicles and add protected bike lanes to both sides of the corridor between 2nd and 14th Streets, NE.  For more:

Hill East Burgers. Word is from Eat DC that Hill East Burger – the smoked burger saloon coming to 1432 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE – hopes to open next month.  Here’s a peek inside Saturday morning.  I don’t know.  Maybe. 

PA Avenue CVS remains closed. CVS at 7th and Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, has been closed for several weeks.  Water damage.  Here a photo from a few weeks ago when they were drying out inside.  Early last week, CVS staff said remediation is still ongoing and it could be another couple of weeks before the store reopens.

Eastern Market Flea Vendor. Blind Date With A Book sets you up for a bind date with a newspaper-wrapped mystery volume from “a curation of highly rated, award winning, bestselling books.  We tell you the genre, year published, quote from a stranger on line review.”  Paperbacks are $9 – hardbacks $12. 

Here are the genres.

Eastern Market Vendor. Need a gift?  Here’s an idea from Zach Ammerman of Wild Places Prints.  He has 165+ hand-designed prints of maps including DC neighborhoods, Parks, Campuses, Gayborhoods, Queer Washington DC, DC Wards, Cherry Blossoms, and Farmers Markets.  Some of his best sellers include a map of Capitol Hill and a map of coffee Shops.  Here’s what he Tweeted recently:  “Here it is! 5 months of work drawing every structure, bridge, path, park, museum, rec center, or school (or damn well near it) in DC. Every single object on this map was painstakingly and individually drawn by me using no GIS or automation of any kind.”

This is the Wild Places artist – Zach – featured in a selfie at the Eastern Market Flea posted today on Twitter. He says he’ll be at Dupont Circle next Saturday.

The Week Ahead…

The week ahead looks quiet as the city empties of residents and fills with tourists.

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The Week Ahead…& Some Photos from the Past Week

The Week Ahead…& Some Photos from the Past Week

by Larry Janezich

Posted August 14, 2022

Last Friday Night Live Jazz on Eastern Market Metro Plaza featured Herb Scott.  Here he is early in the performance playing Sam Cooke’s “Bring It on Home to Me.”  After Friday’s night’s performance, Friday Night Live Jazz at Eastern Market Metro takes a break and returns on Friday, September 2. 
Milesanna White (at left) who works for the National League of Cities engages CM Charles Allen on violence prevention efforts and how programs are integrated into childhood years.  White later said, “It was great hearing about efforts to provide a more integrated approach, especially in our neighborhood.”  Allen held community office hours last Friday morning on the sidewalk in front of The Roost on Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.

Swimmers who frequent Rumsey Pool next to Eastern Market have been frustrated by the closures (plural) of the pool over the last month or so. 

Rumsey, which was closed for a month to repair a ceiling in danger of collapse, reopened for a week and closed again because of an issue with the pool’s HVAC system.  Repairs were scheduled for last week, but didn’t happen and the pool remained closed on Saturday.  Planning and design work for a major renovation of Rumsey is scheduled to begin this fall.
ICYMI – Last week Washingtonian reported that Newland restaurant which opened four months ago in the space formerly occupied by Montmartre, served its last dinner on July 30.  Elliot Williams of the DCist reported rising food costs, labor shortages, and economic uncertainty as among the reasons.  Chef Andrew Market’s Beuchert’s Saloon and Fight Club, around the corner on Pennsylvania Avenue remain open. You can read Markert’s letter announcing the closure on Instagram, here:  

These vintage cars lined up outside of Rumsey Center last Friday were part of a scene for the Netflix film Rustin currently under production in the city.  According to Wiki, “[t]he story revolves around gay civil rights activist Bayard Rustin, who organized the 1963 March on Washington. The film is produced by Barack Obama and Michelle Obama’s production company Higher Ground Productions.” Photo: Hilary Russell.

The Week Ahead…

The week ahead remains pretty quiet, with ANC6A being the outlier.

Monday, August, 15

ANC 6A Transportation & Public Space Committee will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

For info on joining the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda: 

  • Public Space Permit Application. Proposed six foot tall security fence at Brown Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church (130 14th Street at North Carolina Avenue, NE).
  • DDOT Notice of Intent to install multimodal safety enhancements along C Street from 11th to 15th Streets, NE.
  • DDOT plans for Low Impact Development (LID) to improve pedestrian safety and incorporate Green Infrastructure Retrofits at several intersections in ANC 6A. Patrice Brooks from DDOT will present on the proposed concepts, which include closing off West Virginia, NE, between 8th Street, NE, and K Street, NE, and installing a bike share station that incorporates community art and green space. Additionally, DDOT is also proposing to close off the northwest side of West Virginia Avenue, NE, to prevent southbound traffic on 9th Street, NE, and eastbound traffic on L Street, NE, from entering the intersection and to reserve unused impervious areas for green space.
  • Update on Florida Avenue, NE, traffic calming and protected bike lanes.

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First Public Art Piece Is Installed at Eastern Market Metro Plaza Park

First Public Art Piece Is Installed at Eastern Market Metro Plaza Park

By Larry Janezich

Posted August 14, 2022

Saturday afternoon found sculptor/artist Beth Nybeck personally installing her public art creation in the playground quadrangle of the Eastern Market Metro Park Plaza.  She said that the piece, entitled “Found You,” was a long time coming and she was “excited to see them here where people can interact with them.”  It’s comprised of three 5 and 7 foot stainless steel sculptures of rabbits playing hide and seek.

Nybeck says this piece is all about finding one another.  This whimsical portrayal of a game of hide and seek is about finding “the goodness and light that exists in each other and the willingness to seek that.” 

The title “Found You,” she says, refers to the experience the piece is meant to encourage:  “I see you.  I found you.  I’m excited that I found you.”

And here’s the piece in its entirety.
Saturday night, the pieces were lit from within for that night only.  It will take the Keystone Plus contractor who did the plaza’s renovation a couple of weeks to hardwire the lighting for the piece which will come on automatically at dusk. Photo: Steve Holtzman

The pieces activate the park after dark as visitors are drawn to the light within the sculptures.   Photo: Steve Holtzman.

Beth Nybeck is based in Kansas City.  She works with metal to create installatons which promote community engagement.  For more go here:

Mayor Bowser cut the ribbon to officially open the $14.5 million renovation of the plaza in June of 2021 – a project sponsored and shepherded through the city bureaucracy by CM Charles Allen.  There are two more pieces of public art scheduled for installation on the plaza.  For more on that go here:

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Lincoln Park Statues Are Connected to Huge Celebrities and So Much Else

Lincoln Park Statues Are Connected to Huge Celebrities and So Much Else

This is the second in a series of articles that looks back on the history of Capitol Hill.  

by Hilary Russell

Posted August 13, 2022

The Emancipation Memorial and the Mary McLeod Bethune Memorial in Lincoln Park share several features which make their relationship unique.  One is their little-known connections to two of America’s most beloved and famous civil-rights icons.  Harry Belafonte’s daughter, Shari, was the 8-year-old model for the statue of the young girl in the Bethune Memorial, according to Dorothy Height’s memoir, Open Wide the Freedom Gates.  And DNA evidence recently established that Muhammad Ali was the direct descendant of Archer Alexander, whose portrait provided the model for the head of the statue of the emancipated man kneeling below Lincoln.

Who was Archer Alexander and how did he come to be featured in the Emancipation Memorial?  His experience escaping slavery and risking his life assisting Union forces was chronicled in a book by T.S. Eliot’s grandfather, for whom he worked in St. Louis.  Eliot reportedly chose the design of the Emancipation Memorial commissioned by the Western Sanitary Commission of Saint Louis and sent a photo of Alexander to sculptor Thomas Ball.

What else do both memorials have in common?  The Emancipation Memorial incorporated the first life-sized statue of an African American man on public land in the United States, while the imposing Bethune statue represented two firsts: the first statue of an American woman of any race erected in DC and the first freestanding statue of an African American woman erected on public land in this country.

Both memorials were initiated by African American women.  Charlotte Scott proposed the construction of a memorial to the martyred president and donated the first $5 she earned as a free woman to the cause.  The National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) often cited Scott’s example during their 14-year campaign to raise $400,000 for the Bethune Memorial.

The two memorials, dedicated a century apart, are engaged in dialogue.  The emancipation proclamation that Lincoln grasps and his extended arm are mirrored in Bethune’s handheld “legacy” scroll and in her outstretched hands.  Both memorials conjure better lives for African Americans.  The kneeling figure is about to rise, and vines circle the Emancipation Memorial’s obsolete whipping post.  McLeod Bethune lifts her eyes toward the horizon and a brighter future for the generations who fulfill her legacy.

Granted, the Emancipation Memorial does not hold up its end.  It exudes condescension and manifests the clichéd, passive image widely disseminated by the anti-slavery movement, though slightly amended with a doubled fist and broken manacle, instead of two shackled, beseeching hands.  Notwithstanding, Lincoln Park (sometimes called Freedom Park) became an important site for DC emancipation celebrations and civil rights rallies.  This history was reflected in an initial NCNW plan to incorporate a meeting place beneath the Bethune memorial, a scheme abandoned due to fund-raising challenges and National Park Service disapproval.

The dedications of both memorials attracted unique and enormous interracial crowds.  At the 1876 dedication, President Ulysses Grant, most of his cabinet, and Supreme Court justices were among the 20,000 in attendance and were likely shocked by Frederick Douglass’s bold speech on Lincoln, the white man’s president.  According to historian David Blight, it was one the greatest speeches of Douglass’s life: “No African American speaker had ever faced this kind of captive audience of the full government, and none would do so again until Barack Obama’s inauguration as president in 2009.”  About 18,000 attended the 1974 dedication of the Bethune Memorial and heard movie stars Cicely Tyson read Bethune’s last will and testament and Roscoe Lee Brown recite resonant statements from Douglass’s 1876 speech, including, “We stand here today at the national center, to perform something like a national act.”

The memorials differ significantly with respect to the levels of public controversy they inspire.  In 2020, a small group vowed to pull down and burn the Emancipation Memorial, and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton introduced legislation to put it in a museum.  Within days of its 1876 dedication, Douglass wrote to a newspaper castigating the statue that, “though rising, is still on his knees and nude” and called for an additional statue in Lincoln Park that was “erect on his feet like a man.”  Some writers endorsed this plea in 2020.  Does this mean that the 17-foot-tall statue of an extraordinary African American woman doesn’t count?

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August 12 Friday Night Jazz at EM Metro Features Saxophonist Herb Scott

Herb Scott Jazz Saxophonist. Photo: Herb Scott

August 12 Friday Night Jazz at EM Metro Features Saxophonist Herb Scott

D.C. Native and jazz saxophonist Herb Scott will perform Friday night, August 8, at Eastern Market Metro Plaza from 5:00pm until 6:30pm. 

Scott is a star on the Washington, D.C. Jazz scene. While studying at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts under the award-winning educator Davey Yarborough, he performed with renowned trumpeter Wynton Marsalis and Jazz pianist Herbie Hancock.  For more, go here:

According to Brian Ready, Executive Director of Barracks Row MainStreet, Live Jazz on Friday Night at EM Metro Plaza will take a vacation for the rest of August and resume on September 2.  The concert series will continue through the end of October and comes to Eastern Market Metro Plaza through the efforts of Barracks Row Main Street and the Department of Parks and Recreation.  CM Charles Allen secured funding in the current FY DC Budget to program the performance space at the Plaza.

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The Week Ahead…& Past Week Photos (Arrest Made In Lincoln Park Emporium Robbery)

The Week Ahead…& Past Week Photos (Arrest Made In Lincoln Park Emporium Robbery)

by Larry Janezich

Posted August 7, 2022

The Capitol Hill Cleaning Emporium. Photo: Hilary Russell

According to CM Charles Allen, MPD has made an arrest in the January 28 robbery of the Lincoln Park Cleaning Emporium.  Allen says DNA testing on a mask the robber dropped at the scene of the robbery led to the arrest.  He is currently being held in custody.  See CHC January story here:  

DGS readies Eastern Market Metro Plaza for Jay Coleman’s public art piece “Loveful Hands.”  Here’s the fenced and shielded area outside the Metro entrance. 
Here’s a look behind the curtain last Tuesday.
And here’s the schematic of what the Coleman’s elevated bronze sculpture will look like.
Last Tuesday evening at 5:30pm, two individuals were arrested after crashing an allegedly stolen car in front of 156 12th Street, SE – one block south of where multiple law enforcement agencies were setting up for MPD’s National Night Out.
The Ward 6 ANC candidate list portends major changes in as most current commissions in the four ANCs on or bordering Capitol Hill appear to not be seeking reelection.  There are 31 seats in those four ANCs and currently it appears that only 12 incumbents are running for reelection.  Thirty-nine potential candidates (listed below) have picked up nominating petitions from the DC Board of Elections, (including the 12 incumbents).  No one has picked up a petition for 6D04 and petitions must be filed by August 10.  There’s still time.  CM Charles Allen tells you how to jump into the race here:

The Week Ahead…

…is quiet as far as civic community meetings go. 

CM Charles Allen has moved fill the gap , announcing on August 2 that Ward 6 Week is back after a two year hiatus. 

This week-long celebration of Ward 6 sponsored by Allen features numerous events across the Ward – all free unless otherwise noted.  Some events have limited capacity so RSVPs are first come, first served.  If you RSVP for an event, but cannot attend, please email Casey Simmons on Allen’s staff to make sure your spot can go to someone else.  csimmons@DCCOUNCIL.US

Here’s the schedule of events on or nearest to Capitol Hill.  For additional info and to RSVP, go here: You can also follow the links below to go directly to the RSVP for each event. 

Monday August 8

Splash in the Six: Bring your own picnic and playdate at the Eastern Market Metro Park Splash Park. (Eastern Market Metro Park, 11am-1pm) Register here:

Tuesday August 9

ARTECHOUSE: Visit the immersive Aṣẹ: Afro Frequencies exhibit 10am – 2pm. The ARTECHOUSE team has offered Ward 6 Week attendees 200 tickets. Please see instructions to register on Allen’s website here:       

Biergarten Haus Trivia: Test your knowledge and grab a beer at one of Ward 6’s best trivia nights. (Biergarten Haus, 7-9pm)  Register here:

Wednesday August 10

Beat the Streets: Join Allen and the MPD First District for the Beat the Streets community event with music, games for kids, food, and info for residents (The Wharf, 1-7:30pm) Register here:

Thursday August 11

Help Harvest at Hopkins: Help tend to the gardens at Hopkins Apartments, harvest crops for the Building Bridges Across the River CSA and Farmers Market. Kids are welcome – snacks and water provided. (Hopkins Housing Complex, Bridge Park Plot, 10am-12pm)  Register here:

If you are bringing a child, please email Kim on Allen’s staff so they can prepare age-appropriate tasks.   Space is limited so please RSVP.  Dress for the dirt.  Wear comfortable shoes.

Friday August 12

Coffee at The Roost: Have coffee with CM Allen and talk about any issue, big or small. (The Roost, 10-11:30am)  Register here:

Live, On the Hill Jazz at Eastern Market Metro Plaza.  Join Allen and neighbors for a live performance in the park.  (Eastern Market Metro Plaza, 5-6pm)  Register here:

Salsa Dancing at The Wharf.   Salsa dancing on a pier overlooking the Washington Channel.  Drinks and food available for purchase nearby (Transit Pier at The Wharf, 7-9pm) Register here:

Saturday August 13

Barracks Row Firehouse Tour: Tour a firehouse and meet the firefighters of Engine 18.  SOLD OUT.  

Northeast Neighborhood Library Family Story Time:  Allen will be the guest reader for Family Story Time at the Northeast Branch Library.  Story time will be in the library garden, or in the Children’s Room on the 2nd floor in case of bad weather. (Northeast Neighborhood Library, 11-11:45am) Register here:

Southwest Community Day:  Mingle with neighbors and enjoy some fun, resources from a wide range of nonprofits and government leaders.  (Lansburgh Park, 10am-2pm)  Registration not required. 

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Out and About – Mangialardo’s 

Out and About – Mangialardo’s 

by Elizabeth Eby

Posted August 3, 2022

I couldn’t have chosen a better day for my visit to Mangialardo’s sub shop.  A schools-out kind of feeling floated around the store, even the boss, Tony Mangialardo, couldn’t stop smiling. It was Friday and the last day before the shop closed for vacation.  It was also family day, one of Tony’s six children, her husband and son stopped in for a sub and a hug.  Another Mangialardo family member took off his apron and came out from the kitchen for the family photo. And, the shop just won a RAMMY award as “hottest sandwich shop” from the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington.

Tony Mangialardo (at right) and family members show off the RAMMY Award.  

Mangialardo’s opened in its present location in 1957.  Tony is the third generation of his family to stand behind the very same counter.  His great grandfather started out as a lamplighter in New York and then worked his way through Pennsylvania selling produce from a wagon and then a truck.  At first it was a corner store and deli but soon the sandwich business took over the whole shop.  Customers included a large and regular contingent of FBI agents who invented their own sub.  Other customers saw it and started ordering “one of those Gman sandwiches.”  It is comparable to an Italian sub with extras. It’s still the best seller.

Here is the Gman sub, on a hard roll with generous amounts of lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, onions, mayo and mustard. It felt like it weighed a pound when I carried it home.  Unfortunately I wolfed down the other half before I thought about taking a photo.  It can be had on a soft roll but the top slice of hard roll makes a built-in edible napkin as it slides along the sandwich when you bite down.

Each of Tony’s six kids has worked in the shop.  Tony likes tradition, and he figures one of them will take over when he retires.  He likes that the Gman is still the best seller; they still order hard rolls from Catania Bakery on North Capitol.  Tony can’t mention Catania without bragging that his grandfather continued to chew those hard rolls without his dentures as a sign of strength and fortitude.

This is not the spot for fancy pants or no crusts.  There is not a place to sit – the room is spotless but this is a carry out.  You can order by phone, fax or walk in. You can specify a pick up time or ASAP which is usually 30-45 minutes. 

Décor is limited to a huge bulletin board entirely covered with customers’ badges, mostly law enforcement and fire crews.  Many badges are from out of state.  It’s interesting to note how many Federal agencies have their own police force with their own badge.

The menu includes 10 varieties of cold subs: cold cuts, cheese, tuna and chicken salads along with 6 hot subs: pizza, meatball, corned beef, roast beef and variations thereof.  Toppings are generous and all subs include cheese unless specified.  Chips, slaw, brownies and drinks are the rest of menu.  Most subs cost $11.  Most sandwiches cost about $11. 

Mangialardo’s is located at 1317 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.  Parking is catch as catch can but there is often an open space in front of the store.  Open M-F, 8-3. Closed Saturday and Sunday

Out and About is an occasional photo feature by artist, photographer, gardener, and Capitol Hill resident Elizabeth Eby.  She finds vignettes while out and about on or near Capitol Hill.


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