Wheel Thieves Were Busy on Capitol Hill Wednesday Night

by Larry Janezich

Posted August 26, 2022

A resident of the unit block on 7th Street, NE, had all four wheels stolen from their car Wednesday night.  Another resident reported being told that two other cars in the neighborhood near 7th and A Street, SE, and on A Street, NE, also had wheels stolen the same night. It’s not clear if this is a trend, but neighbors should be aware.

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One response to “Wheel Thieves Were Busy on Capitol Hill Wednesday Night

  1. David

    It seems to be a trend. Earlier this week my partner witnessed the same thing at 4 pm in the afternoon on Pennsylvania Ave SE near 13th St. He said there was a well-coordinated crew that jumped out of a vehicle and removed all four tires within minutes. In broad daylight!