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Dirty Water Is H Street’s First Sport Gambling Applicant – Duffy’s Not Far Behind

Dirty Water Sports Bar, 816 H Street, NE.  Photo:  Google Maps

Members of the ANC6A Alcohol Beverage Licensing Committee:  From left, Resident Member Mark Samburg, ANC6A Commissioner Jay Williams, Chair; and Resident Member Justin Rzepka.   The Committee meets at the Sherwood Recreation Center.  

Dirty Water Is H Street’s First Sports Betting Applicant – Duffy’s Not Far Behind

by Larry Janezich

Last week, ANC6A’s alcohol beverage committee considered Dirty Water’s sports gambling application, then took a wait and see approach, referring the Boston-oriented H Street sports bar to the full ANC6A meeting on September 12.   The matter before the committee was a request for a “substantial change” in the establishment’s liquor license.  If a substantial change is granted to the liquor license, it would come up for review every three years with the renewal of the liquor license.

The process of establishing sports betting in DC – authorized in December, 2018 by the city council – is “uncharted water,” according to Dirty Water owner Ted Luongo, but the discussion at the meeting revealed some details on how it will work, and potential problems.

Luongo, told the committee that he was trying to figure out the process as he goes along, “like everybody else.”  He said Dirty Water has to have sports betting to be competitive.   City officials are still working out the regulations, restrictions on advertising, licensing details, and a ban on betting on local college sports.  Luongo said that having ABRA involved was a new wrinkle that added an additional level of bureaucracy to the process.

DC’s sports gambling industry will be overseen by DC Lottery which has no process for public review.  Committee chair Jay Williams explained that requiring applicants to amend their liquor license to allow for a “substantial change,” gives the public an opportunity to weigh in on the process.

Luongo’s application says he intends to have three kiosks – which look like ATM machines – in his third floor bar as 816 H Street.  He also said that a mobile app is being worked out that would work only inside a venue’s physical location.  The app is unlikely to launch before January.

Getting a sports betting license for small players will take three to six months, not in time for the beginning of this year’s football season.  Luongo says that for him, a January start date is more realistic.

Asked how the pay out to winners would be handled, Luongo said “We don’t want to be in the casino business.  No one uses cash any more.  Details haven’t been worked out yet, but the goal is to pay out directly to a winner’s account by mobile phone.”  He says, if it ends up being a cash payout on site, “we’re not going to do it.”

The ANC voted 3-0 to take no action, which will bring it up before the full ANC in September.  Duffy’s Irish Pub at 1016 H Street, is expected to file an application for sports wagering in September and on lower Barracks Row, The Brig is expected to follow suit.

Asked for comment on the committee action, Chair Jay Williams said, “It’s hard to be proactive on an issue so unknown. The sports betting industry is heavily regulated.  The committee’s approach was wait and see – avoid imposing new regulations when we’re not sure how it will work out.  We don’t want to solve problems when it’s not clear that there are problems. We should wait and see how others react others – how other ANCs respond, including ANC 6A, and address problems as they come up.  Both Dirty Water and Duffy’s have been responsive to ANC concerns and are good neighbors.  I’m confident that if concerns arise they will address them.”

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Upscale Southern Style Cuisine – KitchenCray Aims for Late October Soft Opening

1301 H Street. KitchenCray will occupy the first floor retail space.  Photo:  Google Maps. 

Here’s a look at the menu.

And here’s the signature Lobster Mac.

Upscale Southern Style Cuisine on H Street – KitchenCray Looks for Late October Soft Opening

by Larry Janezich

ANC6A’s alcohol beverage committee endorsed Kitchencray’s restaurant liquor license application last week, clearing the way for full ANC6A approval in September.  The restaurant hopes to have a soft opening in late October, depending on permits.  The fine dining with full bar restaurant is at 1301 H Street, NE.

KitchenCray will serve southern-style cuisine under the direction of Chef JR Robinson, formerly of the Blue Duck Tavern and Indulj on U Street.  A sister restaurant in Lanham, Maryland features a popular Lobster Mac, shown above.

The venue’s occupancy load will be 120 with seating for 110 inside, plus an additional 30 seats on the sidewalk café.   Hours are Sunday, 10am – 9pm; Monday – Friday, 4pm – 2am; Saturday 10am – 2am.  The sidewalk café will shut down at 9pm on Sunday and 12 midnight the rest of the week.

The Cray part of the restaurant’s name stands for Creative Revolutionary Artistic Youth – referencing Chef JR’s commitment to teach underprivileged youth about healthy eating and inspire them to pursue a career in culinary arts.  Here’s a link to the home page and the menus featured at the Lanham, Maryland outlet.


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The Week Ahead… Mayor Bowser in Hill East on Monday & Helipad(s) on Capitol Hill?

A new name at Eastern Market – Richard Glasgow, owner of Southern Maryland Seafood Company says he will change the name of the 80 year old business “sooner rather than later” to Eastern Market Fish and Shellfish Company. The change was prompted by the difficulty customers have finding the outlet on the internet. The sign featuring the company name which hangs over the fish stall, Glasgow says, came from a 1939 fish truck. 

The Week Ahead… Mayor Bowser in Hill East on Monday & Helipad(s) on Capitol Hill?

by Larry Janezich

Monday, August 26

Community Meeting on Proposed Helipad(s) – The DC City Administrator is considering putting up to two helipads to a site at 11th and Water Street, SE.  ANC6B Commissioners Oldenburg, Holman, and Waud have organized a community meeting at 6:30pm at Southeast Library, lower level, to hear community feedback about the proposal.  Commissioners have concerns about noise pollution, impeded  access to the Anacostia River Trail, and ecological dangers presented by a helicopter refueling station. A map of the location of the proposed site is below, courtesy of  ANC6B Commissioner Kelly Waud.

Mayor Mayor Muriel Bowser and community members rally from 8:00am to 9:00am in Lincoln Park remind motorists to #SlowDown and adhere to the speed limits in all school zones across the District.

Mayor Muriel Bowser and Chancellor Lewis Ferebee celebrate the modernization of Maury Elementary School with a ribbon cutting.  9:00am, Maury Elementary School – 1250 Constitution Avenue NE



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The Week Ahead… ANC6A Alcohol Licensing Committee Considers Gambling on H Street

The Fridge Art Gallery on Barracks Row.  

The Week Ahead…ANC6A Alcohol Licensing Committee Considers Sports Wagering on H Street, NE

by Larry Janezich

Monday, August 19

ANC 6A Transportation & Public Space Committee Meets at 7:00pm at Capitol Hill Towers, 900 G Street, N.E.

Among items on the draft agenda:

If filed before the meeting date, consideration of application made by owner of 1519 Constitution Avenue, NE #301, who wishes to add a gate in the rear to access parking spaces.

Consideration of proposal to close a portion of, East Capitol Street west of Lincoln Park on the evening of October 31, 2019 – to improve safety for Halloween revelers.

Discussion of Revel’s plans to add electric shared-mopeds to the transportation mix.

Tuesday, August 20

ANC6A Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Committee meets at 7:00pm, Sherwood Recreation Center, 10th and G Streets, NE. 

Among items on the draft agenda:

Discussion of application of Kitchen Cray at 1301 H Street, NE, for a new restaurant CR license.

Discussion of substantial change application of Mythology & Lore/Dirty Water at 816 H Street, NE for addition of Sports Wagering to operations.

General discussion of addition of Sports Wagering to liquor licenses in ANC 6A.

Discussion of upcoming relocation of Montana Liquor Store to 710 H Street, NE, (previous location: 1801 Montana Avenue, NE).

Discussion of request for relocation of license by Smokin’ Pig from 1123 H Street, NE, to 1208 H Street, NE.

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Eastern Market Metro’s Temporary Playground Opens

The playground opened Saturday morning, August 17.

Equipment is aimed at a 2 – 5 age group under adult supervision.  (Click to enlarge) 

Thomas O’Neill of Keystone Plus Construction, Superintendent, oversaw the installation in what he says was record time – two weeks.

Eastern Market Metro’s Temporary Playground Opens

by Larry Janezich

After city safety inspectors signed off on the installation of the new equipment on Thursday, the temporary playground on Parcel 1 (between 8th and 9th Streets) of the Eastern Market Metro Plaza opened today.  It will be open dawn to dusk and managed by DC’s Department of Parks and Recreation.

The temporary playground will be incorporated into a larger permanent playground on the north side of Parcel 1 after construction begins in December 2019 or January 2020.

Funds for the playground came from the developers of the Hine Project as part of the benefits for the community negotiated by ANC6B in exchange for the impact of the Hine project’s increased height and density beyond what zoning would otherwise allow.

Here’s a link to a survey where readers can weigh in with their ideas regarding the options under consideration for the permanent playground:

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Orchid – Barracks Row’s Gay Bar – Closes

Orchid, at 520 8th Street, SE. Photo credit: Orchid


Here’s the notice from the restaurant’s website.

Orchid – Barracks Row’s Gay Bar – Closes

By Larry Janezich

Orchid is permanently closed according to a notice on the bar’s website.  The LBGT community welcomed the new outlet after Phase 1, Barracks Row’s iconic lesbian bar and nightclub, closed in the summer of 2016.  Orchid opened on May 18, 1918, in the space formerly occupied by Senart’s Oyster and Grille Room.

Orchid is owned by Bill Sport of the Hill Restaurant Group and managed by Tom Johnson.  The building is owned by Mary Quillian of Mr. Henry’s.


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City and Businesses Attack Barracks Row Safety/Aesthetic/Cleanliness Problems

DDOT begins the repair work on Barracks Row Sidewalks

New planters on the 400 Block of Barracks Row.  (photo credit Capitol Hill BID)

City and Businesses Attack Barracks Row Safety/Aesthetic/Cleanliness Problems

by Larry Janezich

DDOT began the repair of Barracks Row sidewalk yesterday, starting near the 7-11 on the 400 Block of 8th Street.  The broken and uneven slate pavers set into dirt have been an annoying pedestrian hazard for years.  (CHC first reported this in August, 2013.)  The work will progress down the west side of 8th Street to M Street, SE, and then back up the east side of 8th Street to Pennsylvania Avenue.  Barracks Row Main Street (BRMS) lead the effort to get DDOT to remedy the sidewalk issues on the street.  The work is expected to take 34 days.

Some sidewalk cafes will be temporarily affected as crews work on the space directly adjacent to them. Brickwork will be repaired where needed, but the majority of the work will focus on the slate section of the tree box line adjacent to the curb.

Martin Smith, Executive Director of BRMS says, I’m very excited about the sidewalk repair – BRMS has been lobbying DDOT for three or four years on this.  Since its complete reconstruction in 2004, the street scape has been a victim of its own success as increased traffic has taken a toll on the infrastructure.”

The sidewalk repair comes in the middle of a new pilot program aimed at the problematic 400 block of 8th.  The program, undertaken and funded by BRMS, the Capitol Hill Business Improvement (BID) and a collection of Barracks Row property owners, was given impetus by ANC6B Chair Chander Jayaraman who established the ANC6B Barracks Row Working Group chaired by ANC Commissioner Brian Ready, with business co-chairs Tom Johnson (District Restaurant Group) and Gaynor Jablonski (The Ugly Mug).

The components of the pilot project include installation of planters and rose bushes, the assignment of two BID Clean Team members to the 400 block for 8 hours a day, seven days a week, and a BID social worker who will focus efforts on assisting some of the individuals who frequent the block.

Capitol Hill BID President Patty Brosmer said, “This block of 8th Street is busy and has been a challenge for some time. With the extra funding dedicated to address the challenges we are already seeing a difference in the way the block looks and feels.”

After the pilot project concludes in mid-September, BRMS will assess which elements were successful and work to implement longer term funding and partnerships.

Smith said that he was glad to see the two projects overlap – especially in light of the upcoming redesign of the Eastern Market Metro Plaza [scheduled to begin in December].  The fact that these projects are coming together should have a positive impact on pedestrians in the neighborhood.”


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Fridge Mural Commemorates 5 Lives Lost to Gun Violence in School Year 2017-18

Hundreds of roses on the mural signify other victims of gun violence. 

Fridge Mural Commemorates 5 Lives Lost to Gun Violence in School Year 2017 – 18

by Larry Janezich

Lauryn Renford’s grief over the death of her boyfriend Zaire Kelly – shot during an attempted robbery in 2017 – inspired her to seek a way to memorialize him.  That idea became a larger project to help call attention to the gun violence visited upon the city’s youths and to spur the community to do something about it.  She co-founded the student advocacy group – Pathways 2 Power – based in Thurgood Marshall High School – that unveiled the mural on the wall of The Fridge, Barracks Row’s art space at 516 8th Street, SE, rear alley last Friday evening.

Dubbed “The Limestone of Lost Legacies Mural Project,” the mural is an effort to make sure the community remembers these lost lives, envisions the potential these kids had, and urges people to take action.

Pathways 2 Power raised nearly $13,000 to fund the project.  Alex Goldstein, owner of The Fridge, provided the wall space.  Local artist Martin Swift painted the mural.  Attorney General Karl Racine lent his presence and his praise for Renford to the unveiling.

In her remarks, Renford remembered the five victims whose portraits adorn the wall:

Paris Brown: a creative student who enjoyed telling his story through wordplay.

Jamahri Sydnor: a college-bound young woman who was loud and proud on her cheerleading team.

Steve Slaughter: a ninth-grader who had the deepest passion for football.

Taiyania Thompson: a 16-year-old with a family that claims the sun would not shine without her.

Zaire Kelly: a twin-brother who was passionate about the inequities in our city, like gentrification.

Renford said that when she began the project in 2017, she had three goals:  first, to humanize the victims, second to have the mural live in a neighborhood with residents who live their everyday lives without gun shots in their backyards, and third, to use this work of art to rally people to action.

She hopes that every time someone walks past the mural, they will reflect on what they can do to further the conversation and end the epidemic of gun violence.

As of yesterday, there have been 101 homicides in DC.  Renford, who won a four year scholarship to George Washington University, pledges to continue her work against gun violence.

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The Week Ahead & Photos from National Night Out in Lincoln Park

The Week Ahead & Photos from National Night Out in Lincoln Park

by Larry Janezich

MPD First District celebrated National Night Out in Lincoln Park last Tuesday, the annual law enforcement community building effort.  Here are some impressions from that event.

DC MPD Chief Peter Newsham and First District Commander Morgan Kane interact with community members.

Community building.

And more community building.

Sometimes, you have to dance.

These guys couldn’t keep up with demand.


The Week Ahead….

Precious little.  No community meetings scheduled.  But…

Last chance to catch The Life of Animals in Japanese Art at the East Wing of the National Gallery of Art.  Closes August 18.  Exhibit is open until 8:00pm, daily. Click to enlarge.

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News You May Have Missed – Metro Playground, Southeast Library, Eastern Market, Folger Library

Work continues on the temporary playground on Parcel 1 of Eastern Market Metro Plaza, between 8th and 9th Streets on the north side of Pennsylvania Avenue. This week saw the placement of the first piece of equipment. The playground is scheduled to open this month. It will be incorporated into a larger permanent playground on the north side of Parcel 1 after construction begins in December 2019 or January 2020.

News you may have missed – Metro Playground, Southeast Library, Eastern Market, Folger Library

by Larry Janezich

Southeast Library – Four architectural/design firms have been selected by DC Library out of some 20 companies who want to do the $21 million renovation of Southeast Library.  The four firms will make oral presentations to the selection committee in a closed meeting and the firm finally selected will meet with members of the community over the next year before a final design is agreed upon.  Not only is the selection meeting closed to the public, but attendees must sign a non-disclosure agreement.   Construction and the 2 year closing of the Southeast Library is scheduled to begin at the end of 2021.  The community is represented on the selection committee by ANC6B Commissioner Jerry Sroufe and Friends of Southeast Library President Neal Gregory.  Other members of the committee include DC Library personnel and DC government officials.

Eastern Market – the office of Deputy Mayor for Economic Development (DMPED) has selected five applicants to conduct a $300,000 comprehensive plan to address the future of Eastern Market.  A selection committee comprised of officials from DMPED, the Department of General Services (DGS), and Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee, (EMCAC) will hear 30 minute presentations from the top two applicants (selected by DMPED) in a closed meeting and make a recommendation to the Deputy Mayor.   A meeting to hear the two candidate’s presentation was scheduled for Thursday morning, August 8.  Participants are required to sign a non-disclosure.  The community is being represented by Donna Scheeder, President of EMCAC, and Jerry Sroufe, ANC6B Commissioner in whose district Eastern Market lays.

Folger Library –  On August 1, the Historic Preservation Review Board voted 5 – 1 – 1 to adopt a Historic Preservation Office (HPO) staff report recommending that the Board NOT approve the application of the DC Preservation League to designate the 1983 Hartman Cox addition on the south side of the Folger Library as a National Historic site.  The Folger Library itself opposed the designation, claiming it would tie their hands regarding any future expansion as demand on the Library’s resources grows.  ANC6B and ANC6C supported the Library in its opposition to the application.  The Capitol Hill Restoration Society supported the application.

The HPO staff said that they felt the applicant had not made the case for Historic Preservation and that a stronger case needs to be made for it.  HPO staffer Steve Callcott said, “We are not saying the building doesn’t meet designation criteria, but think designation is premature based on the information provided.”  The effect is an invitation for the League to come back in one year and re-apply with additional information.

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