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The Week Ahead & Some Photos from Last Week (Bittergrace Boutique Is Coming to Barracks Row)

The fine print announces the coming to Barracks Row of Bittergrace Clothing Boutique at 526 8th Street, between Nooshi and Jeni’s Ice Cream.  Timing uncertain. Go here for more information:

The ground floor of the National Gallery’s West Building is open for visitors with timed entry tickets.  Here’s where your get them:  When you go, the entrance in on the ground level on the Constitution Avenue (north) side of the building.  The exhibitions are limited – a couple of rooms of paintings, the small sculpture gallery and the American furniture gallery.  But the café and the gift shop/bookstore on the concourse between the West and the (closed) East wing is open.

The Degas at the Opera Exhibit.

and the True to Nature Exhibit.

On the Concourse, the cafe and the bookstore are open.  The tables are spaced according to generous social distensing requirements.  The waterfall is dry.

In nearby Southeast, the reconstruction of the Arthur Capper Senior Residence Building at 900 5th Street, SE, nears completion.  On September 19th, 2018, a major fire destroyed the 162 unit building, displacing dozens of residents. There were no fatalities, and only minor injuries.

The Week Ahead …

by Larry Janezich

August 9, 2020

Tuesday, August 11

ANC6B holds a virtual Special Call Meeting to consider ANC 6B’s Grant Applications, 7:00pm. 

The agenda:

  • Capital Community Partners request for $15,000
  • Capitol Hill United Methodist Church request for $9,000
  • Eastern Market Main Street request for $5,000
  • Light House DC request for $15,000

For log in information to join the meeting, go here:

For more information, go here:


A Celebration of Women’s Suffrage continues through August 26th the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment.  For on-line exhibits and events, go here:

Wednesday, August 12

ANC6B 1333 M Street SE PUD Subcommittee will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm. 

Agenda forthcoming.  WebEx link to join the meeting will be posted the day of the meeting.

Southeast Safeway, 14th and D Streets, SE, reopens.  Details to follow



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The Barracks Row Street Clock Is Back

The Barracks Row Street Clock, Thursday evening, August 6.  

Thursday morning, Barracks Row, circa 7:45am.

The Barracks Row Street Clock Is Back

by Larry Janezich

Barracks Row’s early 20th Century-style street clock – the victim of an early morning car crash in December, 2019 – has been restored to its original position in front of 520 8th Street, formerly Orchid, and before that, Senart’s Oyster House.

The clock was a gift to Barracks Row Main Street in 2011 by 9th Street residents Karl and Carrol Kindel and former Barracks Row restaurateur Xavier Cerveras.  The idea originated with the Kindels according to Sharon Bosworth, Marketing Manager, Barracks Row Main Street; “Karl loves clocks and simply wanted to have one in his neighborhood.” The Hill Restaurant group inherited the responsibility for maintenance when Cervera’s restaurants changed hands.

Karl Kindel says, “Carrol and I bought the original clock, the Hill Restaurant Group paid for the (extensive) construction of the base and the electrical hook-up.   Barracks Row Mainstreet had the foresight to insure the clock as part of its signage package with the insurance company.  That insurance paid for the new clock.  There is a new plaque installed that indicates that.”

Bosworth said at the time of the original installation, “As a nonprofit, BRMS could not afford to have it installed and to pay for maintenance and insurance.  Xavier Cervera, … volunteered to do the installation and to cover the maintenance and liability.”

Manufactured by the Verdin Co of Cincinnati, Ohio, founded in 1842, the clock is made of aluminum, finished in black with touches of gold detailing.  Roman numerals represent the hours and the hands of the clock have traditional spade-shaped tips.


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Hill Restaurant Group Gives Up Leases on Two Barracks Row Venues

Finn McCool’s at 713 8th Street, SE

The space formerly housing Orchid at 520 8th Street, SE

Hill Restaurant Group Gives Up Leases on Two Barracks Row Venues

August 7, 2020

By Larry Janezich

Tom Johnson, managing partner of The Hill Restaurant Group, told Capitol Hill Corner that he is giving up the leases on two of Group’s seven restaurants – Finn McCool’s and the space formerly occupied by Orchid.  Both buildings are owned by the Quillian family, and Johnson has been unable to negotiate a way forward for use of the spaces in the current economic climate.   A clause in the lease allowed him to make an exit, and he will turn over the keys this weekend.

He says he hopes someone else will come along and fix the two spaces up – especially, Finn McCool’s. Johnson said he hated to let Orchid go, “but the risk is too high”.  He had planned to turn the former LBGT bar – which closed in August of 2019 – into a high end steakhouse named 8th Street Butcher.

The Group’s remaining restaurants on or near Capitol Hill include Hawk ‘n’ Dove, Lola’s, Tortuga, Willie’s and Ophelia’s Fish House.

Johnson cited some changes coming to some of the remaining restaurants.  Willie’s near Nats Stadium will be transformed into  the Stadium Sports Bar and Smoke House – an upscale casual dining sports bar.  Willie’s will continue operating as a BBQ catering company from the same location.  He also plans on putting a kitchen in Lola’s – which previously shared a kitchen with Finn McCool’s.

Johnson says he anticipates a lot of spaces becoming available in the next few months and expects to pick up a couple more and expand.


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Jeni’s Ice Cream on Barracks Row Opened Today

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream on Barracks Row opened today.

Awaiting its first customers….

Flavors and prices – click to enlarge.  

Jeni’s Ice Cream Opened Today – Thursday –  on Barracks Row

by Larry Janezich

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream opened today Barrack Row, at 526 8th Street, SE.

Featuring 19 of the company’s 35 artisan flavors, dairy from grass-pastured cows, and whole – as opposed to synthetic -flavorings, the product has won applause from customers in 13 cities across the country, including Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC.  Locally, Jeni’s has outlets at 1925 14th Street, NW, and in Bethesda and Old Town, Alexandria.  For more information, see here:

The Capitol Hill location is open Monday – Sunday, 12:00noon until 10:00pm.

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ANC6B To Hold Special Call Meeting on COV Grants for Four Community Organizations

ANC6B To Hold Special Call Meeting on COV Grants for Four Community Organizations

by Larry Janezich

August 6, 2020

Yesterday, ANC6B Chair Brian Ready announced an ANC6B  Special Call Meeting to consider COV related humanitarian grants for four Ward Six organizations:

Capital Community Partners: Founded in 2013 as Near Southeast Community Partners (now Capital Community Partners) works to improve the environment and strengthen schools. They are asking for $15,000 to provide equipment and Wi-Fi services to students and teachers of Ward Six.  Applicant: Bruce Darconte

Capitol Hill United Methodist Church: They are asking for $9,000 to support their program that provides food delivery to the homeless.  Applicant: Rev. Sam Marullo

Eastern Market Main Street: They are asking for $5,000 to continue a variety of on-going services such as one-one small business counseling for Capitol Hill merchants.   Applicant: Charles McCaffrey

Light House DC:  Light House DC launched its COVID Relief Program in early June to address the most immediate needs of the community during the COVID-19 health emergency. They are asking for $15,000 to help fund their COVID-19 Relief Program in Ward Six.  Applicant: Jingwen Sun

The total amount of request ($44,000) exceeds the $25,000 out of the $45,000 originally available.  Last June, with encouragement from the city council, many ANCs decided to use a portion of their operating funds to support organizations providing humanitarian relief during the pandemic.  ANC6B allocated $45,000 of its administrative reserve for grants to organizations in Ward 6.

At its July 14 monthly meeting, ANC6B approved a grant of $15,000 to Serve Your City for PEP, cleaning supplies, bath tissue, computer equipment and support, Wi Fi access, etc.  The Commission also approved a grant of $5,000 to Shirley’s Place for winter clothing for the homeless.

The Special Call Meeting to approve Grant Applications will be held Tuesday, August 11th at 7:00pm.  See hear for WebEx Log-In Information:

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Hill East’s St. Cyprian’s Pastor Tests Positive for COV-19

Hill East’s St. Cyprian’s Pastor Tests Positive for COV-19

by Larry Janezich

August 3, 2020

Monsignor Charles Pope of Holy Comforter St. Cyprian Catholic Church in Hill East tested positive for the virus and was hospitalized on July 27, according to an article by Rebecca Tan published last night in the Washington Post.

Pope had urged parishioners and others not to “cower in fear” of the virus and had held services in the church and distributed communion.  D.C. Health officials advised some 250 staff and others to quarantine for two weeks.

Here’s a link to the WaPo article.

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The Week Ahead…Wednesday Deadline to File Petition to Run for ANC & Photos from Last Week

On Tuesday, the body of Rep. John Lewis lay in repose on the center portico of the U.S. Capitol. Mourners paid their respects by filing past the base of the center steps. Click to enlarge.

Rep. John Lewis lived in this townhouse on Capitol Hill. His family asked mourners to place a blue or purple ribbon on the door as a sign of respect and loss.

The television news media pool their resources to cover Lyings in State. This overhead shot of the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol  from the top of the dome during the invitation only ceremony on Monday was part of the coverage.

In other news last week,the new Capitol Hill Southeast Safeway got new signage in advance of its August 12 grand opening.

And over at 1401 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, new signage appeared designating the “Culinary Clubhouse” in “Blackbird” – the mixed use complex.

Pacci’s Trattoria – located in Forest Glen – says it’s opening up on 13th Street, across from Lincoln Park in the old Park Café space. The build out is just starting, so it looks like it will be a while.  Here’s a link to their website:

The Week Ahead…Wednesday Deadline to File Petition to Run for ANC & Photos from Last Week

By Larry Janezich

August 2, 2020

As per usual, August brings quiet to the ANCs and other civic organizations.  There are a few meetings later on, but for now, the most significant date in the coming week is Wednesday, when by the close of business, candidates for ANC seats must file their petitions to qualify for listing on the ballot for the November 3 election.

It’s pretty late in the game to be picking up a petition, but there’s still time.  Here’s a link to the process:

Currently, there are four seats for which candidates have not picked up petitions:

ANC6B01 – current commissioner is Jennifer Samolyk

ANC6B 07 – current commissioner is Kelly Waud who has announced she is not seeking re-election.

ANC6D02 – current commissioner Anna Forgie

ANC6D05 – current commissioner Fredrica Kramer

Not sure what your ANC is?  See here:

If a seat is declared vacant in January when the ANCs convene for the first meeting of 2021, a special election ensues, with a new opportunity for candidates to file petitions.







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Mayor Bowser Announces All Virtual Public School Classes Begin August 31

Mayor Bowser at today’s briefing on the plan for reopening DC public schools.

Mayor Bowser Announces All Virtual Public School Classes Begin August 31

by Larry Janezich

Today, Mayor Bowser, prioritizing health and safety, announced that no in-person classes will be held for this fall’s first term in DC public schools –  August 31 – November 6.  The city continues to plan for in-person options for the second term, beginning November 9.  Charter and private schools may be offering in-person classes or a hybrid option during the first term.

Asked what health metrics were the determining factor leading to the all virtual decision, Bowser cited other factors including staffing, parental confidence in in-person classes, facility availability, and the safety/health infrastructure.

Asked what will trigger the decision to proceed with in-person classes in the second term, Bowser refused to be pinned down to specifics, and reiterated the previously listed factors and said “we’ll make the decision we think is right for our kids.”

With respect to DCPS personnel who are not directly involved in teaching, Bowser said the school system is evaluating personnel to see how best they can be utilized or reassigned, and that laying off teachers “is not our plan.”

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Mayor Appoints Working Group to Recommend Changing Names of DC Facilities

Mayor Appoints Working Group to Recommend Changing Names of DC Facilities

By Larry Janezich

July 29, 2020

Wednesday, Mayor Bowser announced the establishment of the DC Facilities and Commemorative Expressions (DCFACES) Working Group.  DCFACES is charged with evaluating DC Government-owned facilities and “make recommendations as to what, if any, actions need to be taken if the person the facility is named for is inconsistent with DC values and in some way encouraged the oppression of African Americans and other communities of color or contributed to our long history of systemic racism.” The focus will be on DC Government-owned streets, DC Government-owned buildings (libraries, schools, rec centers, etc.), statues in DC Government–owned parks, and other named public spaces.

DCFACES is co-chaired by Beverly Perry, Bowser’s Senior Advisor, and Richard Reyes-Gavilan, Executive Director, DC Public Library.  A complete list of the membership is on the group’s  website (link below).

The mayor is encouraging input about what should be considered from residents who are asked to take a survey available on the DCFACES website, see here:

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Here’s a List of Restaurants Warned or Fined For COV-19 Violations as of July 23

Here’s a List of Restaurants Warned or Fined For COV-19 Violations as of July 23

by Larry Janezich

July 27, 2020

Phase Two warnings and violations imposed by the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board or Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) investigators. Click to enlarge.

Here’s the link to the original post on the coronavirus website:

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