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The Week Ahead…& Photo Essay of US Capitol Security

The Week Ahead…& Photo Essay of US Capitol Security

Monday, January 18

Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday.  DC Government closed. No trash or recycling.

Wednessday, January 20

Inaugural Day.  DC Government closed. No trash or recycling.

ANC 6A Economic Development & Zoning Committee holds a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

For information on joining the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:

  • 1637 D Street, NE.  Zoning Adjustment Application for special exception to construct a two-story with basement addition to an existing, nonconforming, two-story with basement, principal dwelling unit.
  • 1300 I Street, NE,  Zoning Adjustment Application for a special exception under the residential  to construct a third story, with rear and side additions, and to construct six residential units to an existing, two-story, detached building. 

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Vaccination/Inaugural Safety Update

This map from the Washington post shows where the 7+ foot non-scaleable fencing was up. Since then, additional fences hav been erected around the House Office Buildings and the US Capitol Police HQ and parking losts north of the Hart Senate Office Building.

Vaccination/Inaugural Safety Update

by Larry Janezich

Posted January 17, 2021

The District government is closed on Monday for MLK, Jr. Day and on Wednesday for Inauguration Day.  No trash/recycling pick up.  


DC’s vaccination appointment portal will open at 9:00am Monday for DC residents over 65 and health care workers.  There are 1,436 appointments available.  Here’s the link:


For public safety alerts related to the Inaugural, text INAUG2021 to 888777.

For crime and emergency alerts from public safety officials, sign up for DC Alerts here:          

To send an anonymous tip, text 50411.

On January 11, Mayor Bowser extended the order pausing Phase 2 activities – including indoor restaurant dining – until 5am on Jan 22. Here’s a link to the order.

On January 11, Mayor Bowser extended the Public Emergency and Public Health Emergency through March 31. Here’s a link to the order.


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Mayor Bowser’s Wednesday Briefing on COVID-19 Vaccinations & Inaugural Security

Mayor Bowser’s Wednesday Briefing on COVID-19 Vaccinations & Inaugural Security

by Larry Janezich

Posted January 14, 2021

Mayor Bowser held a briefing on Wednesday along with Director of the DC Health Department Nesbitt and Acting Chief of Police Contee.

Here are some of the highlights from the briefing:


  • The 6700 appointments available on Monday were gone by mid-day. A new round of appointments will be made available as soon as DC receives more vaccine from the federal government.
  • The office of the Chief Information Officer is working to correct glitches in the rollout of the vaccination program.
  • The system should have shut down access to registration for an appointment once no appointments were available. It did not and that is being addressed.
  • If you filled out the registration form on line and did not get an appointment you have to re-register.
  • DC Health has doubled the number of operators in call centers to help register those who do not have access to the internet. Those call centers access the registration portal and fill out registration documents for those who call in.
  • The decision to vaccinate those over 65 instead of the CDC recommended 75 plus was made locally because of the disproportionate number of cases in racial and ethnic groups.
  • Health care systems like Kaiser, George Washington, Johns Hopkins, and Sibley are distributing the vaccine to their members within those health care system.
  • It will not be possible to deliver vaccine to individuals who are home bound owning to storage requirements.
  • Vaccine can be delivered to those homebound in large venues.
  • It’s premature to say that last week’s public gathering and insurrection at the Capitol contributed to the record number of new cases announced on January 11. That elevated figure may be related to holiday travel. 
  • Maryland has reported two cases of the variant strain of the COVID – 19 virus. It has a higher rate of transmission; it is not a question of if it will get to DC, but when.  New restrictions may have to be imposed to control spread of the variant. 
  • Nesbitt knocked down the perception that those vaccinated can stop wearing masks after completing the vaccination regimen. She said, “We don’t know a lot about an individual’s ability to acquire or transmit in a post-vaccination situation“.   


  • Acting Chief Contee said the main security concern is through this weekend and beyond. (There have been press reports of a march of militants on Sunday, a protest demonstration on Inaugural day, and a demonstration in support of the female insurrectionist who was shot while storming the Capitol on January 6.)
  • There are two additional demonstration planned for this month. A March for Reparations is being planned for January 20 – 21, and a Right to Life March on January 29. 
  • The final number of National Guard in DC will be determined by the Secret Service, but will be “upwards of 20,000”.
  • There will be signification impacts to travel including closure of Metro stations, roads, and hotels. There will be a lot of security personnel in the city and officials are trying to balance their housing needs with the need to discourage people from travelling to DC for the Inaugural. 
  • Air B&B has cancelled reservations for Inaugural week.
  • DC can refuse to issue permits for public gatherings based on a health emergency, but can’t stop public gatherings. Bowser said that permits were not issued for the BLM demonstrations last summer.
  • The Inaugural falls into a National Special Event category and that brings in an entirely different command and control operation.


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ANC6B Beats Back Attempt to Defund Protest of Handle-19 Sports Book Liquor License

ANC6B Beats Back Attempt to Defund Protest of Handle-19 Sports Book Liquor License

by Larry Janezich

Last night, ANC6B voted 6 – 4 to defeat a motion by Commissioner Corey Holman to rescind a previous ANC decision to authorize spending $14,000 for lawyer’s fees to represent the ANC in its protest of a liquor license for Handle – 19 – a sports betting establishment trying to open at 319 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.

As reported earlier on CHC, ANC6B is joining nearby residents to protest a liquor license before ABRA for the gambling venue which the neighbors view as an existential threat to their neighborhood and quality of life.  Handle – 19 has the right to open up in the 300 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, but neighbors are gambling they won’t if a liquor license is denied. 

Holman said that the ANC represents itself on a regular basis and has the ability to represent itself before ABRA.  He said” the money seems too much and not enough at the same time” and amounted to one half of the ANC’s annual budget allocation.  He added that if the motion was agreed to, he would move to use the funding to reestablish ANC6B COVID relief programs. 

Former commissioner Chander Jayraman said that rescinding the funding “would be like going to a gunfight with blanks.  The ANC will be going up against a giant corporation with lots of money.  If we do vote to defund, why bother to protest?” Jayaraman, following his unsuccessful run for city council, remains an active participant in community affairs, especially on matters related to liquor licenses.  In addition to chairing the Commission, he chaired the 6B Alcohol Beverage Control Committee during his tenure.

Commissioner Kirsten Oldenburg, agreed with Jayaraman, saying that if the ANC goes in front of ABRA to protest without a lawyer it sends the message that we’re caving on this.  She added, “we can’t go to a protest hearing without legal expertise.”  She later said that she would prefer to have an absolute cap on the amount of money the ANC could spend in legal fees. 

Late in the debate, Holman seemed resigned to seeing his motion defeated, saying that he could see which way this was going, and concluded his remarks observing that “the ANC did not make a good faith effort to reach a settlement agreement” limiting Handle-19’s operations.

The breakdown of the vote is as follows:

Those opposed to the motion to rescind funding:  Commissioners Samolyk, Sroufe, Ready, Holtzman, Wright, and Krepp.

Those in support of the motion to rescind funding:  Oldenburg, Holman, Ryder, and Horn. 

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Operation Warp Speed Changes Vaccine Release and Allocation

Operation Warp Speed Changes Vaccine Release and Allocation

by Larry Janezich

Posted January 12, 2021

HHS Secretary Azar and other top officials from Operation Warp Speed held a noon briefing Tuesday on the  transition to the next phase of vaccinations  (DC has already effectively moved to its next phase but Azar’s briefing provided additional details and answered some questions left hanging out there by local officials.)

Azar said that the supply of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines has expanded and that doses allocated exceed the demand for those in Phase 1 A – Long Term Care Residents, Healthcare Personnel (including Veterinary medicine), Fire & Emergency Medical Personnel, and Frontline Public Health Workers. 

There are four components to the next phase:

  • Expand groups eligible to include those most vulnerable – 65 plus or those under 65 with comorbidity. (DC has done this.)
  • Expand channels for vaccinations to include pharmacies, community health centers and mass vaccination sites. (DC has done this.)
  • Release of the entire vaccine supply rather than holding back doses for the second vaccination.
  • HHS gives two weeks’ notice of allocation changes – from an allocation based on per capita to a model based on states’ pace of administering first doses and the size of 65 plus population. If states are not using the vaccine, allocation will be rebalanced to states that are using the vaccine. 

With respect to whether distributing the entire supply as it becomes available could delay administering the second dose, Azar said that supplies would be distributed in a way that assures those eligible for a second dose would receive that dose before the vaccines available for eligible individuals to get the first dose.  He said officials are not comfortable with extending the time frame after either the 21 or 28 day optimal time period for the second dose other than “a day or two on either side.”

Azar advised those at high risk who have been diagnosed with COVID to ask doctors for the widely available antibody therapies.  Currently, 700,000 doses are being administered per day, and within 10 days that number will rise to one million. 

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Rocky Roll Out for Phase 1B Tier 1 Vaccination Appointments

Rocky Roll Out for Phase 1B Tier 1 Vaccination Appointments

by Larry Janezich

Posted January 11, 2021

A lot of people were disappointed when they tried to register and make an appointment to be vaccinated against COVID-19 yesterday.

On Monday morning – before the expected noon launch time – DC opened up its second phase of vaccinations for the next round of eligible groups.  Included in this Phase 1B Tier 1: 

DC Residents age 65 years and older

Congregate Settings (Intermediate care facilities, community residential facilities, group homes, homeless shelters)

Correctional Officers

Staff working in Congregate Settings

Non-healthcare personnel supporting operations of COVID-19 vaccination clinics

Those signing on to the website at noon to register and make an appointment found that no appointments were available at some vaccination centers.  By 2:15pm, there were no appointments left at all.  During the Mayor’s situational briefing on Monday, DOH Director LaQuandra Nesbitt said that 4,000 appointments would be available this week, and that the weekly deliveries of vaccine of 8,300 had not substantially changed. 

Some attempting to register complained that the website was not friendly – perhaps overwhelmed by the number of requests.

(Update:  In an early morning email to constituents, Holtzman said that the office of the DC Chief Technology Officer is trying to correct problems with the website and registration process.  The vaccine portal is being modified in the next couple of days with the intent of showing all the vaccine sites and showing how many appointments are still available.)  The Mayor will undoubtedly have a situational briefing this week with additional information.  

Those eligible today, joined those in the Phase 1A groups previously declared eligible but who have not yet been vaccinated.  Those groups include:

Long Term Care Residents

Healthcare Personnel (including Veterinary medicine)

Fie & Emergency Medical Personnel

Frontline Public Health Workers. 

Following complaints from constituents, ANC6B Commissioner Steve Holtzman emailed the Mayor’s office and CM Charles Allen to urge making the system user friendly, to find a way to inform applicants when no more appointments are available, and when the next round of appointments will be available through the website. 

As of 11:00am on Monday:

26,672 doses have been administered

45,425 doses have been delivered (and spoken for)

8,300 doses become available this week

The vaccination registration website is here:


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The Week Ahead…& Some Photos from the Week Past

The Week Ahead…& Some Photos from the Week Past

by Larry Janezich

Posted January 10, 2021

Monday, January 11

ANC6D holds a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

For information on joining the meeting go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:

  • Public Safety Report with Captain Dorrough and Lt. Donigan.
  • Briefing on Vulcan Concrete Plant Permit from DOEE Air Quality Division.
  • Briefing on VCap for 100 V Street, SE by DOEE.
  • Appointment of the ABC Committee.
  • 33 District Square – Surfside.  Amended Community Agreement for breakfast hours.
  • 749 Whart Street, SE.  Kirwans.  Class C Tavern Liquor License renewal.
  • 280 12th Street, SE.  Zoning Appliction for design redevelopment exception.
  • Election of 2021 ANC6D Officers.

ANC6C Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Committee holds a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

For information on joining the meeting go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:

  • The Boiling Crab Restaurant, 400 H Street, NE,  Amended hours.
  • Uncle Kenny’s Smokehouse, 732 Maryland Avenue, NE.  New application for retailer’s Class C restaurant liquor license.
  • Undercurrent Collective, 26 K Street, NE. New application for retailer’s Class A Liquor License Internet.

Tuesday, January 12

ANC6B will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

For information on joining the meeting go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:

  • Presentation:  Director Trueblood – Director of the DC Office of Planning.
  • Presentation:  Commander Morgan Kane, First District MPD.
  • Fine Wine & Spirits, 801 Virginia Avenue, S.E.. Application for a New Retailer’s Class A Liquor License. 
  • Update on Boys and Girls Club Term Sheet extension and modification. DGS Representative Erica Dukes and Sarosh Olpadwala
  • 514 Archibald Walk SE, Zoning Adjustment Appliction.  Special exceptions to convert an existing residential parking garage to a two-story, attached, principal dwelling unit.
  • 1507 E Street SE, Zoning Adjustment Application.  Special Exception to construct a three-story rear addition and a third floor addition to an existing principal dwelling unit.
  • 514 9th Sttreet, SE, Zoning Adjustment Application.   Special Exception to construct a second story addition to an existing one-story principal dwelling unit.
  • 314 10th St SE, Zoning Adjustment Application.  Special Exception to construct a two-story addition, with cellar, to an existing two-story principal dwelling unit.
  • 921 G Street SE, Historic Preservation Application – concept review for dogleg infill and partial one-story rooftop addition.
  • Request to Rename Ellen Wilson Street, SE.
  • Proposed ANC6B Traffic Calming Inventory.
  • Discussion of Evaluation Process in 4 Experimental Advisory Bike Lane Projects Undertaken or Planned by DDOT in ANC6B.
  • Election of Officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Parliamentarian.

Wednesday, January 13

ANC6C will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm. 

For information on joining the meeting go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:

  • Introduction of the Mayor’s new Ward 6 representative—Isamar Vaquero.
  • Introduction of the New president of NoMa—Maura Brophy.
  • Discussion:  Public bathrooms.
  • Presentation:  School Without Walls, firing of principal Trogisch—Maria Helena Carey.
  • The Boiling Crab Restaurant, 400 H Street, NE,  Amended hours.
  • Uncle Kenny’s Smokehouse, 732 Maryland Avenue, NE.  New application for retailer’s Class C restaurant liquor license.
  • Undercurrent Collective, 26 K Street, NE. New application for retailer’s Class A Liquor License Internet.
  • NoMa benches, Public Space Application. 
  • Press House Artwork, 301-331 N Street NE, Public Space Application.
  • Boiling Crab sidewalk café, 400 H Street NE, Public Space Application.
  • 1165 Third Street NE, Zoning Adjustment Application.  Revised application.
  • Public hearing, proposed zoning amendments, penthouses.

Thursday, January 14

ANC6A will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

For information on joining the meeting go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:

  • Election of officers for 2021.
  • Election of committee members and chairs.
  • Presentation:  Eastern Senior High School – Sah Brown, Principal; Regina McClure, NAF Director, Eastern Academy of Health Sciences; and Elizabeth Braganza, IB Coordinator.
  • Presentation:  Capitol BIKESHARE – Lester Wallace.
  • Consideration of a proposal that ANC 6A determine whether to remove from template settlement agreements language requiring establishments to ask loiterers to move away from premises and authorize the co-chairs of the ABL to make any corresponding changes required.
  • Goding Elementary School  – Public Space Application in support of modernization. 
  • 1608 East Capitol Street, NE.  Zoning Adjustment Application for a special exception re parking requirements to convert an existing detached two-story carriage house to a principal dwelling unit.
  • 229 8th Street, NE.  Historic Preservation Application for concept review of a new two-story accessory structure/garage with a green roof.
  • Eliot-Hine Middle School.  Request for support for construction team for permission to work on the following holidays MLK Day, Inauguration Day, Presidents’ Day and Emancipation Day, in order to meet the construction schedule.
  • Establishment of the ANC6A Ad Hoc By Laws Committee.

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Seniors 65+ Can Register for Moderna COV-19 Vaccinations Starting Noon Monday, Jan 11

Seniors 65+ Can Register for Moderna COV-19 Vaccinations Starting Noon Monday, Jan 11

by Larry Janezich

Yesterday, ANC3B Commissioner Ann Lane Mladinov distributed information on COV-19 vaccination plans for seniors.  The email was forwarded to other ANC commissioners, including ANC6B Commissioner Steve Holtzman who shared it with his constituents.

The original email from Mladinov is below.  (Underlines/bold added by CHC.)

From: Mladinov, Ann Lane (SMD 3B01) <>

Sent: Saturday, January 9, 2021 10:23 PM

Subject: DACL info on COVID-19 Vaccination Plans for Seniors – more details TBA Mon. Jan. 11 at 11 am

On Friday, January 8, Laura Newland, Director of the DC Department of Aging and Community Living, gave a presentation for the Northwest Neighbors Village about “Getting to the Other Side of the Pandemic.,” including important information and answers to questions about the DC plan for providing COVID-19 vaccines to residents who are 65 and over.  Director Newland added more answers after a meeting of top city officials on Friday afternoon:

  • Mayor Muriel Bowser plans to announce detailed information on how adults 65 and over can register and sign up to schedule the vaccine at her Press Conference on Monday, January 11, scheduled for 11:00 am. (Sometimes these events start late but they never start early; if you tune in to watch and you don’t yet see any presentation beginning, try to allow a little more time.)
  • To watch the Mayor’s press conference, tune into DC TV Channel 16, or watch live online at, Twitter or Facebook. The press release will also be available on the website. Click on “News” to find updates.
  • On Monday, January 11, at 12:00 noon, adults 65 and over may begin registering to get the vaccine at or can call the DC Call Center at 1-855-363-0333, if they cannot or do not want to use the web portal.
  • Although some non-healthcare workers were able to complete a form on the website during the past two weeks, all seniors who want a vaccine MUST register with the city’s vaccination program on or after Monday, January 11, or you will not be able to schedule an appointment right now, even if you got confirmation that you registered before. Again, you can register online or by phone (see above).
  • During this phase of the District’s vaccination program, vaccines will be administered to seniors at locations in every ward around the city, including at Safeway and Giant pharmacies, some independent pharmacies, and some recreation centers and senior wellness centers. More information about specific locations will be shared by the Mayor and other city officials in and after the morning press conference on Monday, January 11.
  • Private physicians will not yet be administering the vaccine. For now, hospitals as well as CVS and Walgreen’s are continuing to vaccinate health care workers and are also not being scheduled to vaccinate seniors at this time.
  • The District’s program to vaccinate seniors will only serve residents of the District. That will include permanent residents and others who can show a residential address in Washington, DC, even if they are not U.S. citizens, including “undocumented aliens” who are living in the District.
  • Vaccines will be free, and you do not need to provide a Medicare card or proof of health insurance. The key requirements are to wear a mask/face covering to the appointment, bring an ID that shows your date of birth or age 65 or over; and have loose-fitting sleeves to allow an injection in your upper arm.
  • Do NOT arrive far in advance of your appointment for the vaccine; arrive on time. That is because specific time slots are assigned to help avoid crowding and maintain safe social distancing. If you are not able to stand comfortably for any extended time, the vaccination centers are also supposed to provide a place for you to sit down as you wait.
  • The vaccines administered to seniors during this phase will be the Moderna vaccine. You must get two doses. When you get the first dose, you will be given a reminder card that shows what vaccine you received, the date and location of the first dose, and the provider’s contact information. That is to help you make sure that when it is time for you to get the required second dose (about 4 weeks after the first dose), you will get the right vaccine at the right place and time. You should also receive a callback reminder.

Councilmember Mary Cheh has provided important additional information for seniors signing up using the District’s <> portal to schedule a vaccine:

  • The portal includes a questionnaire that takes about 5 minutes to complete
  • You will be asked to provide demographic information (i.e., race, gender, age), medical history, COVID-19 history and contact information
  • Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will receive a confirmation code that you should take with you to your vaccine appointment, along with your photo ID.


Northwest Neighbors Village will share the Mayor’s January 11 announcement once it is made available. To sign up to get on the email list, visit the website at and click on “Add me to your mailing list” in the upper left-hand corner.

Are you Interested in learning more about the COVID-19 vaccines?

  • The Friday, January 8, forum with Director Newland was recorded. If you’d like to watch the program or share it with a neighbor, use this link:

Northwest Neighbors Village

Through a centrally-coordinated, local network of screened volunteers and vetted professional providers, Northwest Neighbors Village offers its members transportation…

  • On Thursday. January 14, at 11:00 am, Northwest Neighbors Village will host an informative program on “Understanding the COVID-19 Vaccines.” Ruth Karron, M.D., Director of the Center for Immunization Research and the Johns Hopkins Vaccine Initiative will provide a brief overview and answer your questions. See:

Virtual Speaker Series – Understanding the COVID-19 Vaccines – Ruth Karron – Northwest Neighbors Village event

Understanding the COVID-19 Vaccines. Join Northwest Neighbors Village for an up-to-date discussion on the COVID-19 vaccines. Ruth Karron, M.D. will provide a brief overview and answer your questions. You won’t want to miss this interactive program!

For more information on COVID-19, see

I hope that’s helpful. So many of us have constituents 65 and over who are eager to get information on the vaccine.

Ann Mladinov

Commissioner, ANC3B01 North Glover Park-Cathedral Heights

For the latest information on the District Government’s response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), please visit .


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Bowser Holds Late Night Briefing – Extends Public Emergency 15 Days

Bowser Holds Late Night Briefing – Extends Public Emergency 15 Days

by Larry Janezich

Posted Jan 7, 2021

Mayor Bowser called today’s insurrection at the US Capitol Building “an affront on American Democracy and DC values”.  She said MPD immediately answered a call to support federal partners and helped to quickly restore order to the US Capitol.  Bowser said, “…we saw an unprecedented attack on American Democracy incited by the United States President and he must be held accountable”. 

The statements came at a 10:30pm Situational Briefing Wednesday night.

Bowser announced she had extended the state of emergency ordered today by 15 days to assure peace and security through the Inaugural.   The order gives the Mayor authority over business operations and to restrict the movements of residents.  The extension will allow the Mayor to organize the operation of government and provides notice that some action by government restricting activities may be necessary.  Curfews will be announced as necessary to assist police, especially at night.  Residents can expect about 4 hours’ notice of curfews.

Bowser was asked if she considered what happened at the Capitol a failure on the part of the US Capitol Policeband about video which seemed to show US Capitol Police letting people through the barricades.  Bowser said she was unaware of that instance but would be spending a lot of time working law enforcement partners regarding the security of the building, and that the focus would be on making sure members of Congress can do their work.  She said, “Clearly we will have more events at the Capitol and we want to make sure every lesson learned is implemented. 

Asked if the Inaugural will be secure, Bowser said the city will regroup with the Presidential Inaugural Committee and the Joint Committee on the Inaugural Ceremony so that the best situational plan can be in place. 

Acting Chief of Police Contee provided an update on police activities.

MPD received a call for assistance from US Capitol Police shortly before 1:00pm on Wednesday.  The call reported significant activity at the Capitol where insurrectionists were trying to breach a fence and invoked an mutual support agreement.  MPD deployed platoons to assist US Capitol Police.  Contee said MPD and US Capitol Police regained control of the US Capitol by removing trespassers and conducted a sweep of the building. By 7:15pm, US Capitol Police, MPD, assisted by law enforcement officers from local jurisdictions in Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey as well as the National Guard established a secure perimeter around the Capitol.   

During the insurrectionist’s invasion of the Capitol Building, they were confronted by plain clothes officers.  Contee said one Capitol Police Officer discharged their weapon, striking a female who was transported to a hospital where she was pronounced dead.  MPD Internal Affairs will conduct an investigation, as it does for all officer related deaths.  There were three other deaths on or near the Capitol Grounds – one adult female and two adult males – all of whom apparently suffered a health emergency.  MPD is awaiting reports from the DC Medical Examiner regarding the causes of death.

As of 9:30pm on Wednesday, 52+ individuals had been arrested, including four for carrying a pistol without a license, 1 for carrying a prohibited weapon, and 47 for curfew and unlawful entry violations.   Six firearms were recovered today and three last night.  26 of the 52 arrests took place on the US Capitol Grounds. 

Two pipe bombs were found – one at the DNC and one at the RNC.  A cooler containing Molotov cocktails was recovered from a vehicle which also contained a long gun. 

14 officers suffered injuries, at least one which required hospitalization. 

Contee was asked about the perception that there was restraint on the part of MPD showing restraint on arresting people after curfew, the reporter citing the 194 arrests which took place in June during the BLM protests.  Contee said the comparison was not appropriate.  MPD had to “make sure we have a safe situation, and then start effecting arrests.”  He said initially MPD started making arrests at the Capitol and then moved out from there and that arrests were ongoing “as we speak.”  Bower added that “Be On The Look Out” (BOLO) alerts will be going out for people who breached the Capitol or who were in the building. 

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Bowser Announces Target Dates for Vaccinations for Next 3 Eligible Population Groups

Bowser Announces Target Dates for Vaccinations for Next 3 Eligible Population Groups

By Larry Janezich

Posted January 4, 2020

Mayor Bowser held a Situational Briefing today and announced target dates for vaccinations for DC residents 65 and older, specific categories of essential workers, and DC residents with chronic medical conditions/all other essential workers. 

Currently, vaccinations are being provided to the Phase 1a population – workers in health care settings who are directly or indirectly exposed to infectious materials and unable to telework – including:

Workforce in acute care hospitals, specialty care hospitals, long-term care facilities, intermediate care facilities, emergency medical services, frontline public health settings, home health aides, outpatient settings, dental settings, and pharmacy settings.

DC Health has launched  to provide a portal to make it easier for healthcare workers to get vaccinated.  As other population groups become eligible for vaccinations, the portal will be available to them.  

Other takeaways from the briefing:

  • 16,989 people have received the COVIC-19 vaccine in DC, with 58% of providers reporting
  • Total doses delivered to DC: 40,075
  • Additional doses to be delivered per week: 4,200
  • There are two vaccines available. A key difference is when you receive the second dose.
  • Pfizer: 21 days after the first dose
  • Moderna: 28 days after the first dose.
  • After the second dose, it takes up to 14 days for the vaccine to become effective.
  • Washingtonians are encouraged to take the first vaccine that becomes available. Those vaccinated should continue to wear masks, social distance and practice good hygiene.


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