Highlights from Mayor Bowser’s January 19 Situational Update

Highlights from Mayor Bowser’s January 19 Situational Update

by Larry Janezich

Mayor Bowsers held a situational update in the middle of the median on Pennsylvania Avenue, at 7th Street, SE, this afternoon, along with Council Members Charles Allen and Brook Pinto, MPD Chief Contee, HLS Director Chris Rodriquez, Deputy Mayor Mitchell, and others.

She said she wanted to check in ahead of the Inaugural and discuss what’s in the future for DC.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Sousa, 11th Street, and South Capitol Bridges, originally scheduled to be completely shut down inbound, will remain partially open with traffic reduced to one lane inbound.
  • Every MPD Police District has contingency plans and resources for any demonstrations which spill into residential neighborhoods.
  • DC’s overall need for COVID-19 vaccine is much greater than supply. With the intense scarcity, the distribution will be imperfect until we get more vaccine.  The allocation by ward was meant to address issues concerning those who were underrepresented in the number of vaccinations administered and over represented in the numbers of those infected.  Creation of a central registry to administer the vaccine would still involve a question of how to select people for vaccinations.
  • The city is looking into whether there are any additional federal funds to compensate business adversely affected by the security lockdown.
  • Bowser said DC doesn’t want fences or armed troops longer in the city than they have to be – “but we want to be smart. We want to see the best approach to hardening our security posture without looking like were hardening.”
  • There are no indications of specific or credible threats to any building outside the federal enclave.
  • The Mayor has nothing to announce regarding the end of the ban on indoor dining at restaurants now in place until 5:00am on January 22.
  • The majority of those arrested under the Inaugural security restrictions have been charged at the federal level and will appear in District Court.

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