PRINT SALE TO SUPPORT Capitol Hill Arts Workshop Community Programs

Here’s a selection of some of the prints. Orders must be placed by mid-night November 30.  Place orders and see the whole collection at

PRINT SALE TO SUPPORT Capitol Hill Arts Workshop  Community Programs

 By Elizabeth Eby

Posted November 25, 2022

CHAW (Capitol Hill Arts Workshop) Announces a flash sale of prints by over 20 affiliated local artists.  Bright and colorful, decorative or thoughtful, there are over 20 to choose from.  They are printed on 8×10 archival paper, unsigned editions. This is a standard size so inexpensive frames are available from art supply or craft stores.  Any one of them would make a perfect gift for someone on your list– Or maybe yourself.  All proceeds will benefit CHAW outreach workshops and tuition assistance for children. Prints are $50 each and will be delivered by December 30.

Orders must be placed by mid-night November 30.  Place orders and see the whole collection at

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H Street El Sol’s Liquor License Threatened as ANC Committee Votes to Recommend Protesting Renewal

El Sol Mexican Grill at 1251 H Street, NE, is the target of a liquor license protest by ANC6A’s Alcohol Licensing Committee.

Neighbors cited a long litany of complaints about multiple quality of life and safety issues about the alley behind El Sol, Pow-Pow, and the expected arrival of a new restaurant, Bronze, in the space formerly occupied by Milk & Honey.

H Street El Sol’s Liquor License Threatened as ANC Committee Votes to Recommend Protesting Renewal

by Larry Janezich

Posted November 23, 2022

Last night, ANC6A Alcohol Beverage Licensing Committee rose up and voted unanimously to protest the renewal of the liquor license for El Sol Mexican Grill at 1251 H Street, NE.  Neighbors whose homes back up the restaurant cited on-going issues regarding rodents, trash, noise, delivery trucks, and sanitation, as well and gatherings which sometimes result in criminal activity in the alley behind the restaurant.  Residents say that restaurant owner Fernando Postigo pays them lip service affirming his concern about the issues but never takes action to address them.

Postigo presented his application for El Sol’s liquor license renewal.  He addressed complaints which he said neighbors had raised about trash, noise from the 2nd floor bar District Daiquiri, and security in the alley.  He asserted that a long-idle trash compactor would begin operating within a month, that he had committed to installing lights and security cameras in the alley, and that he hadn’t had any recent complaints about noise from the 2nd floor bar’s rear balcony.  He admitted to several DOH citations on trash and to an upcoming ABRA hearing whether District Daiquiri was a second business operating on El Sol’s liquor license.  He also admitted that the security camera in the alley had not been operational for 45 days. 

Mike Velasquez, current resident member of the Alcohol Beverage Licensing Committee and Commissioner-elect for the Single Member District where El Sol resides, said that neighbors’ concerns are widely shared in the nearby community.  Velasquez:  “When I scheduled a listening session on this I had to schedule a second meeting to accommodate the number of people who wanted o register their concerns.  Frankly the public outcry is overwhelming….Neighbors have engaged directly with the establishment and its management.  For years they have been proactive and attempted to be constructive and for years their concerns have gone unheeded by the management.  My duty… is to stand up for them and say we are done with the poor practices of this establishment.  If this establishment can’t be a good neighbor they can close down their operation on H Street and focus their efforts on operating their other establishments.”

Velasquez pointed out that the restaurant had never been in compliance with the 2016 Settlement Agreement governing operations for El Sol regarding sanitation after garbage pickup, prohibiting dumpsters on public space, and physically identifying trash containers used by El Sol.  He submitted recent photos which substantiated the claim. 

Given the opportunity to respond, Postigo apologized and said there are a lot of things going on in alley but that he has no control of the alley – “people can go there.” 

Committee Chair Erin Sullivan pointed out that things which Postigo can control are apparently not being done – such as the provisions of the 2016 Settlement Agreement.  She said, “It is very unusual to have this level of years and years and years of complains being raised without a resolution.”

A Wednesday afternoon visit to the alley behind El Sol brought out Marie, El Sol’s manager.  She said she had had a call from management this morning stressing that greater effort needed to be made on the alley.   She said she had ordered the installation of a light and camera on the cement block pillar overlooking the alley behind El Sol and went to some lengths to demonstrate the cleanliness of the trash containers, the closed grease barrel, and the absence of rodents.  As Postigo did last night, she reiterated that she couldn’t control the alley, but pledged to keep the gate to the area holding the trash compactor (pictured above) locked. She said she had instructed trucks delivering to El Sol twice a week to not use the alley.  Finally, she pointed to trash cans of neighbors down the alley as being part of the problem which she can’t control. 

She said that starting immediately access to the balcony used by patrons of District Daiquiri would be locked.  She has ordered removal of the red cooler and accumulated old furniture from the landing below the balcony and ordered power washing of the alley.  She said the area below the below the landing holding the old furniture and the alley fence does not belong to El Sol. 

This image shows El Sol’s trash cans – which are supposed to be labeled – and the broken lights an cameras on the rear wall of the former Milk & Honey/Smith Commons, suggesting other near by business will need to be engaged in the effort. Marie says the blue trash containers will be removed once the compactor is operational. 

Some committee members sought a middle ground, suggesting a conditional protest based on resolutions of issues raised during the meeting.  Discussion suggested that was impractical and Commissioner-elect Velasquez made a motion to recommend the full ANC protest the license renewal at it’s meeting in December 8.  The motion passed unanimously. 

A protest to a liquor license triggers a set of ABRA protest procedures.  A protest letter filed before the petition deadline results in a Roll Call Hearing where an ABRA agent determines if the protesting parties have standing (ANC’s automatically have status).  Dates are set for 1) Mediation to seek dispute resolution, 2) a Status Hearing where parties come before the board to discuss the status of the protest, and 3) a Protest Hearing – a formal hearing conducted by ABRA where both parties present arguments and witnesses.  The Board issues a written order within 90 days.  Many protest cases are resolved by mediation overseen by ABRA. 

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The Week Ahead…& Update on RFK

EventsDC has installed a live construction camera on the roof of the DC Armory to record the demolition of RFK Stadium.  Photo: EventsDC.  See here:

Update on RFK Demolition

Last Monday night, EventsDC held its virtual quarterly public meeting to discuss of the status of the demolition of RFK and the Farewell RFK Stadium Campaign. 

Structural demolition of RFK is on track to start next year and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2023. 

Lower bowl seats are being removed and prepared for sale.  Photo: EventsDC.

EventsDC has received its Selective Demolition permit.  Smoot Construction has begun demolition of the non-structural elements of RFK such as restrooms, windows, and seats.  Smoot will continue abatement of asbestos through the fall and winter of 2022.  As deconstruction continues, a comprehensive rodent control plan for the site and the perimeter will be implemented.  Once trucks become active around the site, a traffic control plan will be imposed.  Noise, dust and vibration levels around the site are monitored regularly.

Inside the stadium, construction crews are working from the top of the stadium down to the service level.  Smoots has been removing the iconic orange seats from the lower bowl.  As part of EventsDC’s Farewell RFK Stadium campaign, these seats and other commemorative merchandise (TBA) such as turnstiles will be available for sale on line.  See here:  Purchased seats may be picked up December 14 – 16 on the RFK Festival Grounds, Lot 8. 

An RFK construction camera live feed of stadium from the roof of the Armory is up and will not only record the events but provide a future time lapse video of the demolition.

See here for more information and demolition updates

The Week Ahead…

Monday, November 21

ANC 6A Transportation & Public Space Committee Meeting will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:

  • DDOT updates on 1300 block of North Carolina Avenue, NE, Lincoln Park, 11th Street NE plan, and other pending TSIs.
  • Update on DDOT’s Electric Vehicle curbside charging program.
  • Constituent concerns re: speed tables on 1300 block of D Street, NE.
  • Chik-Fil-A Public Space Permit Application. Consideration of two proposed motions relating to the restaurant’s application to DDOT for a fence higher than 42 inches. 
    1. Recommend that ANC 6A send a letter to DDOT opposing Chik-Fil-A’s application for a taller fence, because the DC code does not allow fences greater than the current 42 inches in public space, and exceptions are only for high-security sites such as embassies.
    2. Recommend that ANC 6A send a letter to DDOT requesting that ANCs receive more than 23 days to review public space applications because ANCs meet only once a month.
  • Washington Gas contractor obstruction of bike lanes at Florida Avenue, NE, between 10th and 11th Streets, NE.
  • Request for support for an Art Block Party event and mural painting on H Street NE by community group Our Climate.
  • Consideration of traffic safety improvements at 16th and East Capitol Streets, NE/SE, and 16th and A Streets, NE.
  • Consideration of traffic safety improvements on the 300-600 block of 19th Street, NE.
  • Discussion of improving curbside signage and/or requesting loading zone for a portion of the 1500 block of East Capitol Street, NE, (the north side).

Tuesday, November 22

ANC6A Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Committee will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:

Renewal Applications:

  • Daru at 1451 Maryland Avenue, NE, for renewal of its Class C Tavern License.
  • Hill Prince at 1337 H Street, NE, for renewal of its Class C Tavern License.
  • Nomad Hookah Bar at 1200 H Street, NE, for renewal of its Class C Tavern License.
  • Ocean Lounge at 1220 H Street, NE, for renewal of its Class C Tavern License.
  • The Pug/Toki Underground at 1234 H Street, NE, for renewal of its Class C Tavern License.
  • The Haymaker Bar at 1015 H Street, NE, renewal of its Class C Tavern License.
  • The Elroy at 1423 H Street, NE, for renewal of its Class C Tavern License.
  • Sol Mexican Grill at 1251 H Street, NE, for renewal of its Class C Tavern License.

New License Applications: 

  • Application by Cru Lounge at 1360 H Street, NE, for a Class C Restaurant License.
  • Application of Noble Convenience and Tobacco at 1305 H Street, NE, for a Retailer’s Class A Liquor Store License.

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Capitol Hill ANC Election Returns as of Sunday, November 13 & Some Observations

Capitol Hill ANC Election Returns as of Sunday, November 13 & Some Observations

by Larry Janezich

Posted November 14, 2022

Here are the results of the election in the 43 ANC Single Member Districts on or near Capitol Hill, including those Single Member Districts of Hill East now in Ward 7 (including 7D05 Kingman Park in Ward 7 formerly in Ward 7) and those in Navy Yard now in Ward 8.  Winning candidates are marked with an asterisk.  The five contested elections are in BOLD.


  • Amber Gove won reelection in ANC6A after overcoming a recall effort.
  • Also in ANC6A, Commissioner Chatterjee prevailed in a challenge by Christina Goodlander.
  • Only two incumbents sought reelection in ANC6B which lost decades of experience because long time incumbents decided not to run.
  • ANC6B has a gender bias favoring men.
  • Former Commissioner, ANC6B Chair, and city council candidate Chander Jararaman returns to the ANC as commissioner.
  • ANC6C will miss the evenhandedness of Chair Karen Wirt who did not seek reelection.
  • Former Commissioner and ANC6D Chair Gail Fast returns to the ANC as commissioner.
  • ANC7D will have the majority of its Single Member Districts on the west side of the Anacostia River.
  • Commissioner and ANC6D Chair Edward Daniels who was redistricted out of ANC6D was elected as a new commissioner for ANC 8F.
  • Write in votes in races with no candidate on the ballot are counted as regular votes and presumably winners will be announced.
  • Apparently, regulations require a special election in ANC7D10 because Alison Horn’s name appeared on the ballot despite the fact she had withdrawn from the election on October 18.  Horn garnered 570 votes.

ANC6A – 7 seats – 4 new commissioners

  • ANC6A01 Christina Goodlander  155  25.12 %
  • *ANC6A01 Keya Chatterjee   452  73.26%
  • *ANC6A02 Mike Velasquez  672  96.69%
  • *ANC6A03 Roberta Shapiro  404 52.81%
  • ANC6A03 Nicole “Nikki” Delcasale  347  45.36%
  • *ANC6A04 Amber Gove  643  69.44%
  • ANC6A04 Alexandra Kelly  274  25.59%
  • *ANC6A05 Laura Gentile  728  97.59%
  • *ANC6A06 Robb Dooling  633  95.48%
  • *AND6A07 Stephen Moilanen  578  93.98%

ANC6B – 9 seats – 7 new commissioners

  • *ANC6B01 Frank Avery  561  94.76%
  • *ANC6B02 Gerald “Jerry” Sroufe  590  96.09%
  • *ANC6B03 David Sobelsohn 547  94.15%
  • *ANC6B04 Francis “Frank” D’Andrea  517  95.39%
  • *ANC6B05 Kasie Durkit  592  97.05%
  • *ANC6B06 Chander Jayaraman – 741  94.88%
  • *ANC6B07 Vince Mareino  751 96. 9%
  • *ANC6B08 Edward Ryder 426  97.71%
  • *ANC6B09 Matt LaFortune 710  97.39%

ANC6C – 7 seats – 4 new commissioners

  • *ANC6C01 Christy Kwan 432  77.98%
  • ANC6C01 Lauren Kuritz  111  20.04%
  • *ANC6C02 Leslie Merkle  502  91.11%
  • *ANC6C03 Jay Adelstein  642  94.69%
  • *ANC6C04 Mark Eckenweiler  497  96.69%
  • *ANC6C05 Joel Kelty  624  95.85%
  • *ANC6C06 Patricia Eguino  554  95.68%
  • *ANC6C07 Tony Goodman  504   97.39%

ANC6D – 8 seats – 4 new commissioners

  • *ANC6D01 Bob Link  377  96.42%
  • ANC6D02 Tom Seidman  180  32.49%
  • *ANC6D02 Ron Collins  353  63.72%
  • *ANC6D03 Gail Fast  517  94.34%
  • ANC6D04 (No candidate on ballot)  Write ins:  77  100%
  • *ANC6D05 Ashton Rohmer  380  96.2%
  • *ANC6D06 Bruce Levine  657  95.91%
  • *ANC6D07 Fredrica “Rikki” Kramer  662  96.%
  • *ANC6D08 Rhonda Natalie Hamilton 477  97.75%

ANC7D – 6 seats – 5 new commissioners

  • *ANC7D05 Ebony Payne  580  97.64%
  • *ANC7D06 Marc Friend  324  95.29%
  • ANC7D07 No Candidate on ballot.  Write ins:  271 100% 
  • *ANC7D08 Brian Alcorn  477  95.95%
  •   ANC7D09 Shane Seger  317  43.66%
  • *ANC7D09 Ashley Schapitl   394  54.27%
  • ANC7D10 Alison Horn (Still on ballot after withdrawing on 10/18)  570  85.59%  (Special election necessary)

ANC8F (Navy Yard) – 5 seats – 4 new commissioners

  • *ANC8F01 Nic Wilson 417  93.92%
  • *ANC8F02 Rick Murphree  672  92.43%
  • *ANC8F03 Brian Strege  493  85.89%
  • ANC8F04 Jena Kamzol 180  24.79%
  • *ANC8F04 Edward Daniel  521  71.9%
  • ANC8F05 Write In 125  100%

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The Week Ahead…& Some Photos from the Past Week

Ginza Karaoke opens this week.  The so-far unmarked entrance to Ginza Karaoke and Barbeque Lounge is situated between Bitter Grace and Bombay Street Food on Barracks Row at 526 8th Street.  Eat DC reports the entertainment/restaurant venue is hosting a soft opening at 6:00pm on Thursday, November 16th.  The Japanese BBQ restaurant ill be on the roof top while the karaoke will be confined to the second floor where there will be 8 private rooms and a dance floor.  Total capacity is set at 157 people plus 49 at the rooftop restaurant.  

Here’s a shot of the glittery fun-promising view you see as you step inside Ginza. 

Wednesday night, ANC6B met under the gavel of newly elected Vice Chair, Commissioner Jennifer Samolyk, who stepped up to the leadership to fill the seat left vacant when former Vice Chair Alison Horn resigned from the ANC because of relocation.  The committee voted to send letters to DDOT regarding their concerns about the 30% design for the I-695 11th Street Off-Ramp and giving the ANC’s conditional support of a plan for an Open Street Event on 8th Street SE/NE listing numerous potential issues. 

Also from the Wednesday night ANC6B meeting, a Navy Yard Land Swap:  The Navy Yard, citing security concerns, wants to swap land on their east end (yellow) to a developer who has the rights to develop Federal Center land on M Street (blue).  This is an image of the plan the Navy prefers.  The proposed use of the land on M Street (blue) would be to site a new Naval Museum.  The proposed use of the east end of the Navy Yard (yellow) would potentially be 2 million s.f. of residential, retail, office and parking.  There will be community meetings next week on the Environmental Impact Study to receive comments.  See below, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

807 Maine Avenue, SW.  ANC6D held a Special Meeting last Thursday, chaired by Commissioner Edward Daniels, and continued to hold Mill Creek Development’s feet to the fire, listing the community benefits the ANC wants in exchange for their conditional support of the residential/retail development at 807 Maine Avenue, SW.

  • A commitment to provide 42 below market rate units (27 proffered by the developer at 50/60% AMI) plus 27 units at 60/80% equally divided.
  • Reduced FAR Floor Area Ratio
  • Not to be construed as altering Small Area Plan in SW or elsewhere in DC
  • Financial support of $150,000 in supplemental educational activites to PTO of Jefferson Academy Middle School
  • $100,000 equally divided between PTOs of Amidon-Bowen Elementary School and Richard Wright Public Charter School
  • $75,000 for public art under direction of minority and women owned business in consultation with group to be selected by the ANC.
  • Approved construction management plan and a plan for dog waste management stations

ANC6A, chaired by Commissioner Amber Gove, met last Thursday night and announced an ANC6A Multi-Agency Community Outreach Walk on WEDNESDAY November 16:  Meet at 9:30am, 600 8th Street, NE.  Presumably this will include MPD and DOH and DPW as well as representatives from the Mayor’s office.   

The Week Ahead…

By Larry Janezich

Posted November 13, 2022

The Week Ahead…

Monday, November 14

ANC6D will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm. 

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:   

Among the items on the draft agenda:

  • Not available at press time. (6D – less transparent than other ANCs in Ward 6, does not release its agenda early)

Tuesday, November 15

Virtual Community Meeting on Navy Yard Land Swap:  6:00pm – 7:00pm.  The Navy Yard hosts the first of two virtual meetings to receive verbal comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Study of land transfers at Washington Navy Yard. The Concept plan is to create potential for 2 million square feet of residential, retail, office, and parking use ~1300 at 11th and O Street SE (Background Info and how to join the meeting here:  EIS:

Wednesday, November 16

ANC6A Economic Development and Zoning Committee will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:  

Among items of the draft agenda:

  • 1717 E Street, NE. Zoning Adjustment Application.  Request for Special Exception zoning relief to construct two new, semi-detached, four-story, 4-unit, apartment houses.
  • 1022 Maryland Avenue, NE. Zoning Adjustment Application.   Request for Special Exception zoning relief to permit a Health care facility for up to 15 persons in an existing, three-story detached building.

ANC6A Multi-Agency Community Outreach Walk:  Meet at 9:30am, 600 8th Street, NE. 

Virtual community Meeting on Navy Yard Land Swap:  1:00pm – 2:00pm.  The Navy Yard hosts the second of two virtual meetings to receive verbal comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Study of land transfers at Washington Navy Yard. The Concept plan is to create potential for 2 million square feet of residential, retail, office, and parking use ~1300 at 11th and O Street, SE.  Background Info and how to join the meeting here:  EIS:

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Lady Bird Johnson, Buchanan School & Peter Bug Matthews

The Peter Bug Shoe Academy at 1320 E Street, SE.  In the background, the former Buchanan School, now the Buchanan Condos.  The large stele on the left – a public art project – is the last of three sculptures remaining on the site after the renovation of the school’s plaza and playground in 1968.

This 15 foot concrete public art stele created by sculptor William Tarr is one of three pieces commissioned for the site.  The piece is patterned with geometrical shapes and symbols and is slowly disintegrating from abrasions of weather and time. 

A former sunken basketball court was part of the renovation of Buchanan’s Plaza/Playground in 1968. Today it’s overseen by the Peter Bug Academy and used for local performances and community festivals.

Lady Bird Johnson, Buchanan School & Peter Bug Matthews

by Larry Janezich

Posted November 12, 2022

After the 1968 reality of Lady Bird Johnson’s beautification of the playground at Buchanan School faltered in the 1970s, Capitol Hill resident Peter Bug Matthews picked up the pieces and founded the Peter Bug Shoe Academy.  Now it’s on the way to being designated as a DC Historic Landmark.

Last Tuesday night, ANC6B voted unanimously to support the designation of the Peter Bug Shoe Academy as a DC Historic Landmark.  Earlier this month, Todd Jones of the DC Historic Preservation Office presented the nomination to the ANC’s Planning and Zoning Committee which recommended the nomination to the full ANC.  Mr. Matthews initiated the proceedings for the designation, filing a petition and application with the Historic Preservation Office.  (For more on the process, see below.)

The site’s history dates to the mid-1960s and Lady Bird Johnson’s Beautification Project which had made addressing urban decay part of its mission.  DC became a “template city” according to Jones in his remarks to the Committee.       

Buchanan School was built in 1895 but by the 1960’s the school, playground and plaza had become dilapidated and rundown.  Under the First Lady’s Beautification Project, federal assistance provided $300,000 and the Vincent Astor Foundation (owing to the interest in the project of NYC socialite, philanthropist and LBJ friend Brooke Astor) kicked in another $428,940 to create a new play area for the school, including a sunken basketball court, chess tables, climbing equipment, a water feature, public art, and a building with restrooms, snacks, and an office.

Post LBJ Beautification renovation project, the playground was one of the best in the city.  It was meant to be a 24 hour community living space without fences.  Photo:  LBJ Presidential Library

The First Lady spoke at the opening of the new facility in May of 1968 attended by future first home-rule mayor Walter Washington and Brooke Astor.  Photo:  LBJ Presidential Library

In her remarks, the First Lady said, “School yards must not be locked at 3:00 pm.  They must not have forbidding fences that shut the community out and shut the children in. Outdoor time is learning time, just as much as the hours spent in the classroom.  Play facilities must offer wide variety, and lots of challenges, so that young people stretch and grow – emotionally, as well as physically.  They must be attuned to the tempo of our times – and how fortunate we are to have the people who see this need and are filling it.  This kind of round-the-clock community playground is a new and constructive answer to the urban problem.”  See LBJ Library video here.: The section on Buchanan School starts at 8:50:00 minutes into the video: 

As soon as the early 1970s, however, the renovated playground and building again fell into disrepair.  Maintenance was the responsibility of the Department of Parks and Recreation which did not have the resources to provide the necessary upkeep.  It was then, according to Jones, Capitol Hill resident John Matthews (known by his nickname of “Peter Bug” after the customized souped-up gold Volkswagen he drove) sold the idea of opening a shoe repair shop in the now closed play area building to the Department of Parks and Recreation.  Matthews’ training was in education and his specialty was shoes – and he founded the Peter Bug Shoe Academy there which opened in 1977.  Jones told the committee, “He established a safe place to learn job skills and continues doing that today.”  The sunken basketball court became a venue for local performances and community festivals.  Jones said, “The nomination recognizes and remembers the long legacy of community engagement and public service the Academy represents for the Capitol Hill Community.” 

Regarding the vehicle from which Peter Bug got his nickname, Mr. Matthews told the committee he is in the process of restoring the 1966 Volkswagen and he hopes to park it in front of the Peter Bug Academy by Thanksgiving as an attraction and legacy marker in its own right.  He says, “It’s not gold anymore – it’s maroon.  And we’ve renamed the Volkswagen.  It’s now called Bugszilla.” 

In the spring of 2016, Insight Development purchased the school site began the conversion of Buchanan School and the nearby townhouses into luxury residences – Buchanan School Condos and Buchanan Park Town Houses.  The project did not incorporate the southwest corner of the site comprised of the remnants of the playground, the sunken basketball court, and the Peter Bug Academy. 

DC property owners and community groups can help to preserve local history through historic designation.  Getting a property or area recognized as historic requires a successful application to the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB).  The Board designates historic landmarks and districts for listing in the DC Inventory of Historic Sites, working with the staff of the Historic Preservation Office (HPO).

When HPRB evaluates an application for listing in the DC Inventory, it also decides whether to recommend the property for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. This advice is forwarded to the District’s State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO), who nominates properties for National Register listing.  See here:

Peter Bug Matthews’ oral history interview with the Ruth Ann Overbeck Capitol Hill History Project can be found here:

For more on what happened in the aftermath of the 1968 dedication, see article by Jim Myers here:


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Capitol Hill Art League Reception Saturday 5:30pm-7pm Presents: “What Brings Me Joy.”

Capitol Hill Art League Presents: “What Brings Me Joy.”  Reception Saturday 5:30pm-7pm

by Larry Janezich

Posted November 11, 2022

The Capitol Hill Art League will host a reception on Saturday evening, November 12, for a new exhibit at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, 545 7th Street, SE, from 5:30-7:00 pm.  Those attending the show will be able to vote for the winning “People’s Choice” art work.  The show will run until December 9.

The Art League says:  “The theme of this show “What Brings Me Joy” opens so many doors for art interpretation. Art itself brings us joy, as do the people and places that inspire it. This non-juried show will display a wide range of interpretations of joy.”

Featured artists in the show are: Ken Bachman, Julie Byrne, Tom Chabolla, Tara Hamilton, Deborah Hurtt, Jim Huttinger, Steve Kunin, Elisabeth Lacayo, Rindy Obrien, Carolyn Rondthaler, Elin Whitney-Smith and Karen Zens.

In addition to viewing the show in person, the exhibit may be viewed later this month, on the Capitol Hill Art League website at:

The Capitol Hill Arts Workshop and its Gallery operates in compliance with the District of Columbia’s Coronavirus directives.

The Capitol Hill Art League is a visual arts program of The Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW). For more information about the Art League, visit the website at

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The Week Ahead…& Some Photos from the Past Week

Redesign of the 11th Street Freeway Off Ramp. Last Wednesday, the ANC6B Transportation heard a presentation from DDOT on the 30% design stage of the proposal to alter the SE/SW Freeway east bound exit ramp to 11th Street, SE.  DDOT says safety is the number one consideration but stresses the plan balances the needs of motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians.  This was the first time DDOT came back to the committee since April of 2021, when Committee Chair Corey Holman lambasted the presenters for favoring motorists over pedestrians and bicyclists.  The committee followed up with a letter detailing the changes they wanted to the intersection.  See here:  Last week the DDOT returned to the committee with the 30% complete re-design in hand.  The details showed that DDOT had tinkered around the margins of the recommendations, but did not change the major concern – widening the off ramp and making more concessions to cyclists and pedestrians.  Unhappy attendees at the meeting pushed back, voicing their opposition and disappointment.   The final design will be finished next summer and construction will begin as funds are available.  The committee voted to send a letter to DDOT summarizing attendee’s concerns expressing the committee’s major concerns about widening the ramp and the impact on cyclist and pedestrian safety.  The letter goes to the full ANC for its meeting next Wednesday. 

Open Street Event for 8th Street SE/NE.  Also on Wednesday, after some wrangling over language, the ANC6B Transportation Committee agreed unanimously to recommend the full ANC send a conditional letter of support for an Open Street Event on 8th Street, SE/NE some Saturday next spring.  Concerns have been raised by the Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee about the impact on Eastern Market and customer (not to mention residents) access to parking at 700 Pennsylvania Avenue which houses Trader Joe’s.  Working out the details regarding these issues – including closing of cross streets, (H Street NE, East Capitol Street, Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Maryland Avenue) – would fall to those event planners at DDOT.  The event is being pushed by Open Streets advocate Mark Sussman.  ANC6A and ANC6C have already given their conditional support.  Go here for more on DC Open Streets

Historic Landmark Status for Peter Bug Academy.  On Tuesday, the ANC6B Planning and Zoning Committee gave its endorsement to a proposal to grant Historic Landmark status to the Peter Bug Shoe Academy at 1320 E Street, SE.  Matthews was in attendance at the virtual meeting when Todd Jones of the DC Historic Preservation Office presented the case for the designation to the committee.  More later on this.  Peter Bug Matthews has achieved icon status for long service to the community and the recommendation will go to the full ANC’s consent calendar for their meeting next Wednesday (a day later than usual owing to the election).  

Renovation of Folget Library.  Here’s a work in progress photo on the Folger Library.   The Library is closed for major renovation under a time line that would see it reopen in 2023.  But…I don’t know.  We’ll see.

Here’s a rendering of what it will look like. 

Triple Candie Again.  Here are some parts of Triple Candie’s latest abstruse installation at the Li’l Pub at 655 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Triple Candie takes conceptualism in a new direction, eliminating the museum, the gallery, the art market, and in some respects, the art. 

The Week Ahead…& Some Photos from the Past Week

by Larry Janezich

Posted November 6, 2022

Tuesday, November 8

*Election Day.  No ANC meetings.*

Wednesday, November 9

ANC6B will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:

Appointment of Vice Chair (Vice Chair Horn resigned from the ANC in October due to relocation)

  • 1320 E Street, SE. Historic Preservation Application.  Peter Bug Shoe Academy Landmark Nomination.
  • 1322 Independence Avenue SE. Historic Preservation Application.  Concept review – three-story rear addition. 
  • as you are, 500 8th Street, SE. Class “C” Tavern License: ENDORSEMENT(S): Live Entertainment & Sidewalk Café.
  • Kaiju Ramen Bar, 525 8th SE. Class “C” Tavern License: ENDORSEMENT(S): Summer Garden.
  • Rose’s at Home, 721 8th Street, SE. Class “C” Restaurant License: ENDORSEMENT(S): Sidewalk Cafe Applicate. 
  • Trusty’s Bar, 1420 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE. Class “C” Tavern License: ENDORSEMENT(S): Summer Garden, Live Entertainment & Sidewalk Café.
  • Extreme Pizza, 520 8th Street, SE. Class “C” Tavern License: ENDORSEMENT(S): Sidewalk Café.
  • Lola’s, 711 8TH Street, SE. Class “C” Tavern License: ENDORSEMENT(S): Sidewalk Café.
  • Crazy Aunt Helen’s, 713 8th Street, SE. Class “C” Tavern License: ENDORSEMENT(S): Cover Charge Dancing Entertainment & Sidewalk Café.
  • Tune Inn Restaurant, 331 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE. Class “C” Tavern License: ENDORSEMENT(S): Sidewalk Café.
  • Hawk N’ Dove, 329 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE. Class “C” Tavern License: ENDORSEMENT(S): Cover Charge Dancing Entertainment & Sidewalk Café.
  • Hill East Burger, 1432 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE. Class “C” Tavern License: ENDORSEMENT(S): Entertainment. 
  • Fight Club Restaurant, 633 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE: Class “C” Restaurant License: ENDORSEMENT(S): Entertainment.
  • Comments on Draft Environmental Impact Study of land transfers at Washington Navy Yard. Concept plan to create potential for 2 million square feet of residential, retail, office, and parking use ~1300 at 11th and O Streets, SE.
  • Letter to DDOT on 11th Street 695 Ramp Study 30% Design.
  • Letters to DDOT for Transportation Safety Impact studies: 11th & G Streets SE Intersection and 9th & I Streets, SE, Intersection. 
  • Letter to DDOT on proposal to hold an Open Streets Event along 8th Street SE/NE in Spring of 2023.


ANC 6C will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm. 

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:

ABC Committee renewal applications:

  • Kelly’s Irish Times, 14 F Street, NE; Buffalo and Bergen, 240 Massachusetts Avenue, NE; Red Bear Brewing Company, 1140-100 Third Street, NE, Suite B; The Dubliner, 4 F Street, NW; Hamilton’s Bar & Grill, 233 2nd Street, NE; Solid State Books, 600 H Street, NE; Allure Lounge, 711 H Street, NE; Bar Elena, 414 H Street, NE; The Big Board, 421 H Street, NE.

Transportation and Public Space Committee

  • GWU Survey, electric vehicle (EV) charging sites
  • Two Rivers Public Charter School, request for School Parking Zone at 1227 4th Street, NE
  • FedEx, 300 Maryland Avenue, NE, existing curb cut, public space permit

Planning, Zoning, and Economic Development Committee

  • 601 Massachusetts, NE. Historic Preservation Application.  Concept approval, raze one-story noncontributing  building (dry cleaner) to construct a three-story residential building.
  • 616 Lexington Place, NE. Historic Preservation Application – Amended application, concept approval for rear and attic addition to a two-story row dwelling with attic and cellar.
  • 663 Maryland Avenue, NE. Bureau of Zoning Adjustment Application.  Special exception from lot occupancy requirements to construct a two-story rear addition to a three-story dwelling with basement. 

Thursday, November 10

ANC6A will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:

Community Presentations

  • Capitol Hill Village – Mary Bloodworth, Director of Operations
  • Rosedale Recreation Center – Henry Moton, Recreation Manager, Department of Parks and Recreation

Consent Agenda

  • Alcohol Beverage Licensing (ABL)
  • Letter of support in favor of Biergarten Haus at 1355 H Street, NE, for renewal of its Class C Tavern License.
  • Letter of support in favor of Brine at 1357-1359 H Street, NE, for renewal of its Class C Tavern License.
  • Letter of support in favor of Sospeso at 1344 H Street, NE, for renewal of its Class C Tavern License.
  • Letter of support in favor of H Street Country Club at 1335 H Street, NE, for renewal of its Class CC Tavern License.
  • Letter of support in favor of the Pie Shop at 1339 H Street, NE, for renewal of its Class C Tavern License.
  • Recommendation: ANC 6A oppose the license renewal application of Copycat Co. at 1110 H Street, NE, unless a new settlement agreement is entered into prior to the protest date.
  • Letter of support in favor of Capitol Square Bar & Grill at 1500 East Capitol Street, NE, for renewal of its Class C Restaurant License.
  • Letter of support in favor of Langston Bar & Grille, at 1831 Benning Road, NE, for renewal of its Class C Tavern License.
  • 223 8th Street, NE. Letter of support to HPRB for a plan to construct a rear three-story addition; add a partial third floor on the existing house, and renovate the existing house for a home
  • Letter of support to the city with recommendations to assist the tenants at the Havana Building at 1219 K Street, NE. (Because of the pending auction, two letters will be drafted and ANC 6A will select the appropriate one to submit.)
  • ANC 6A send a letter of support to the DC council for the Green New Deal for Housing Act Green New Deal for Housing Act with recommended changes to the Act.
  • Motion: ANC6A provide EDZ with a mandate to further investigate ANC6A support to sponsor a text amendment for zoning districts NC-9, NC-10, NC-11, NC12, NC-13, NC-14, NC-15, NC-16 and NC-17 to actively encourage use forthe arts.
  • Motion: ANC6A send a letter to Councilmembers Vincent Gray and Robert White and Department of General Services (DGS) Director Keith Anderson to request urgent support for repairs and improvements to Eastern High School Athletic Facilities.


ANC6D will hold a virtual Special Meeting at 7:00pm

For info on joining the meeting, go here:


  • 807 Maine Avenue, SW, Zoning Application. PUD Modification. 

Saturday, November 12

  • Friends of Southeast Library will hold a Book Sale on from 10am to 3pm.  

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Renovation of “Spielberg Park” in Hill East To Begin Next Spring

Renovation of “Spielberg Park” in Hill East To Begin Next Spring

by Hilary Russell

Posted November 5, 2022

Landscape architect David Wooden of DC’s Department of Parks and Recreation shared details at a Zoom community meeting on November 2 on plans to renovate the triangular park at 17th and C, SE.  He acknowledged that he had “heard from neighbors” that it’s “sometimes referred to as Spielberg Park,” but didn’t explain why.  Steven Spielberg’s movie studio donated the current playground equipment after this small park served as a shooting location for his 2002 movie Minority Report.

This Hollywood gift will disappear by next summer, replaced by up-to-date play equipment installed by AMT and Konstructure, the design-build team that won the $750,000 contract last June.  The design/permitting phase continues until next February; construction managed by the DC Department of General Services begins in the spring.  The new playground, in the same location, is the main feature of this project.  Work outside its wrap-around fencing will improve turf, add shade trees, benches, a picnic table, a bike rack, and fencing along a portion of Massachusetts Avenue.  Comments at the meeting prompted information on features not listed in the presentation, including a drain system for the playground and a water fountain with a bottle- filler.

Attendees were invited to chime in on two options, both for the model and colors of the Sparks@Play playground equipment and the location of an ADA-compliant ramp.

They preferred Option 2: “Hedra” equipment, and in earth-tones, not bright blue and purple.  Option 1, the Tree Tops model, would duplicate the equipment in the playground at Pennsylvania and 8th Street, SE.

Attendees also preferred a gentler ramp between Massachusetts Avenue and the playground, rather than a steeper ramp from C Street that requires handrails.  Attendees brought up a few concerns, including the need for fencing along C Street, given its large volume of traffic, and the potential for disturbing close-by neighbors if the equipment includes musical toys.

You can find the presentation and a recording of the community meeting at  Submit any additional comments and questions to David Wooden at

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Hill East’s Ward 7 ANC Election – The List of Candidates

Map showing the new west of the river Ward 7 Hill East Single Member District boundaries post 2022 redistricting. The new ANC and SMD boundaries will take effect on January 1, 2023 

Map showing current ANC6A and ANC6B Hill East Single Member District boundaries 6.  

Hill East’s Ward 7 ANC Election – The List of Candidates

by Larry Janezich

Posted November 3, 2022

DC’s 2022 redistricting process extended the Ward 7 boundary across the Anacostia River west to 19th Street, SE, moving that Hill East area (along with the Rosedale neighborhood to the north) into Ward 7. 

This leaves the new Ward ANC7D Single Member Districts (SMDs) west of the river with something of an identity crisis.  These SMDs fought long and hard to remain a cohesive and independent Ward 7 ANC west of the river, first making the case for a new Ward 7 ANC including Reservation 13, and then falling back to a Ward 7 ANC which did not include Reservation 13.  Neither proposal garnered enough support to become a reality.  This ultimately left an ANC7D comprised of 5 Single Member District which were formerly part of Ward 6, plus the Ward 7D01 SMD (Kingman Park) on the west side of the river, and four ANC7D Single Member Districts on the east side of the river.  Some critics of the cross river division say such a large ANC separated by such a distinct geographic boundary can’t work effectively to serve its residents – which is why how ANC7D responds to this inherent challenge will be so important and so interesting to watch.   

Among the five SMDs formerly in Ward 6, two seats are being contested:  7D07 (two declared write in candidates) and 7D09 (two candidates listed on ballot); two seats have only one candidate – 7D06 and 7D08, and one seat is up for grabs by any undeclared write in candidate – 7D10.  Among all of the five current commissioners for these SMDs, only Brian Alcorn in 7D08 (formerly 6A08) is seeking re-election. 

Here’s the lineup of the new SMDs formerly in Ward 6:

  • 7D06 (formerly SMD 6A07) – current Commissioner Sondra Phillips-Gilbert
  • 7D07 (a new SMD created between the former ANC6A07 and ANC 6A08)
  • 7D08 (formerly 6A08) – current Commissioner Brian Alcorn
  • 7D09 (formerly 6B10) – current Commissioner Denise Krepp
  • 7D10 (former SMD 6B09) – current Commissioner Alison Horn [resigned – relocated]

 (If you are not sure if redistricting changed which single member district you’re in, go here: )

Here are the candidate profiles for the SMDs formerly in Ward 6:

7D06 MARC FRIEND.  My name is Marc Friend and I would like to be your Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for 7D06.  My wife and I have lived in the Rosedale Community since 2017 and recently welcomed a new baby to our family.  My priorities serving as your Commissioner are to be an advocate for the community to the District Government, to advocate and support more youth programming, and to organize more community events to bring us together.  I have been a community member of ANC 6A (our ANC prior to redistricting) Community Outreach Committee, where I organized a number of forums including one that highlighted local non-profits and one looking at the root causes of gun-violence.  I also am the treasurer of the Rosedale Library Friends group and volunteer with a few local non-profits including Serve Your City.  Overall, I am here to listen to you – especially our community members who have been here for decades, if not for generations.  I hope to learn from this strong community and lift up my neighbors voices.  What makes the Rosedale community so special is the history, the vibrancy, and the people – and I hope to be your voice on the ANC.

7D07 No one filed to run for the seat.  Two Write-In candidates have emerged, as follows: 

7D07 BRETT ASTMANN.  Neighbors – ANC7D07 does not have a candidate on the ballot.   As our neighborhood transitions to Ward 7 there will be challenges and opportunities.  I want to ensure that our ANC/SMD has a strong voice advocating for the important issues and projects that will affect us over the next several years.  I’m running as a write-in candidate on November 8th.  I’ll prioritize maximizing lines of communication with the residents, ensuring transparency and opportunities for engagement.  My top Priorities:  public safety, street and sidewalk safety, and land use.  About me:  A career civil servant and although new to local government I’ve been active in the community through the schools, Sports on the Hill (SOTH) and with non-profit organizations.  My two children, “almost” 11 and “almost” 13, attended Maury Elementary and now Eliot-Hine and Washington Latin.  I’ve been a Capitol Hill resident for the past 18+ years, and I love everything about this community and Capitol Hill.  I’m excited about the opportunity to give back. 

7D07 MICHAEL LEDERMAN:  Michael Lederman has been a resident of ANC7D, specifically, for the past 8+ years.  He is a parent of two, a former DCPS teacher, and now owns a local real estate team focused specifically on serving Rosedale, Kingman Park, and Hill East.  As such, he is intimately familiar with the issues facing 7D07 on a block-to-block basis, brings expertise in navigating land use challenges, and cares deeply about the people living here.  Michael’s priorities include traffic safety (particularly speed bumps and monitoring the impact the C Street, NE, Implementation Project will have on adjacent and cross streets), clean and well-maintained public spaces, and building a sense of community through opportunities to come together and engage: block parties, joint yard sales, neighborhood clean-ups, community gardens, etc. Michael’s business requires him to communicate constantly and solve problems quickly, and he intends to carry over these habits and skills as an ANC representative. 

7D08 BRIAN ALCORN. As a two-term ANC Commissioner in ANC 6A and a longtime Capitol Hill resident, I have seen the neighborhood benefits that can come from active community participation in outreach in the unique micro-governments that are DC’s Advisory Neighborhood Commissions.  I have been pleased to contribute to and support efforts that have improved our neighborhood transportation infrastructure and safety, encouraged development and brought our municipal government closer to citizens.  I am running for a new Single Member District created in the redistricting from the 2020 Census that is the far western end of a much expanded ANC 7D.  While I will continue to focus my day to day efforts on supporting my immediate community in Hill East I also look forward to collaborating and problem solving with all Commissioners in the new ANC7D.  As the new 7D roughly covers a geographical area equal to the size of all of Ward 1 and includes the nonresidential Fields at RFK, Kingman Island, the Pepco service yard, the Anacostia River trail and Anacostia park, and Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, the community will have a lot to focus on!  But I also plan to maintain close ties with the other, much smaller adjacent Capitol Hill ANCs such as 6A and 6B as the 7D Hill East community will also need to work on common issues closer to home.  

7D09 ASHLEY SCHAPITL. I have lived and worked on Capitol Hill – in the Senate and House – for 14 years.  This is my home, and I want to make it an even better place to live.  My top priorities would be improving public safety and combating gun violence, building more housing, improving city services, increasing pedestrian safety, restoring the reliability of public transportation, and ensuring the redevelopment of Reservation 13 meets the needs of our community.  As I have knocked on hundreds of doors in the district, the number one issue neighbors have raised with me is concerns about public safety.  As an ANC Commissioner, I think it’s critically important to focus on where I could make a tangible difference for my neighbors.  My top priorities related to public safety are to:  facilitate better communication between law enforcement and constituents;  track the status of cases in our neighborhood and write community impact statements in coordination with neighbors who are victims of crime; advocate for a more permanent MPD presence at hot spots like 15th and Independence, SE, where there were multiple shootings in October; push for additional CCTV cameras; and increase awareness of the District’s security camera rebate program.  Learn more at  

7D09 SHANE SEGER.  My passion for local government started as an LGBTQ advocate and member of the city council in Ithaca, New York.  Since then, I’ve held a number of positions in constituent service and communications.  I currently work at the George Washington University where I support communications for the university’s research community.  Prior to moving to Hill East, I served as a resident-member of the ANC 2F Alcohol Policy Committee (Logan Circle).  And I have been a longtime volunteer tax preparer with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program.  I want to create opportunities for the Hill East community to come together, share ideas, and collaborate to improve the quality of life in our neighborhood.  I am committed to safer streets and sidewalks, improving public transportation, enhanced greenspaces and neighborhood amenities, and making sure Hill East residents have a voice in the development at Reservation 13 and the RFK campus.  I am proud to have the support of former ANC 6B Commissioners Alison Horn and Francis Campbell, and neighbors Nkosi Bradley and Andria Thomas, among others.  I have also been endorsed by DC Voters for Animals and the LGBTQ Victory Fund. For more, visit

7D10 No one filed to run for the seat.  Write in if any.  (CHC has not heard of a declared write in candidate.)  See below:

From DC Board of Elections:  “Write-In Candidate is someone whose printed name does not appear on the ballot, but whose name was written in by voters. Write-In votes are counted equally as if the person was formally listed on the ballot.  If a Write-In Candidate wishes to declare their candidacy, similar to a Candidate’s Declaration of Candidacy, a Write-in Candidate must file an Affirmation of Write-In Candidacy.  This form must be filed with the Board on or before the third day after a Primary Election, or on or before the seventh day after a General or Special Election.”

Early voting began on October 31 and will continue through November 6, 2022.  Here’s a link to early voting sites:


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