Opening Reception Tonight, April 1, at 5:30pm for Art League Exhibit  “Free for All”

“Woodhenge” by Ragnar Thoresen  – photography

“Untitled—1” by Tom Chabolla – acrylic painting

“The Old Frederick Douglas’s Bridge” by Roderick Turner – oil painting

Opening Reception Tonight, April 1, at 5:30pm for Art League Exhibit  “Free for All”

The Capitol Hill Art League Presents its 12th Annual Open Call Juried Exhibition March 28-April 28, 2023 At Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, 545 7th Street, SE.

Juror Priya Vadhyar, who has selected pieces by 30 artists, will provide remarks and present awards at the opening reception on April 1, 2023 from 5:30-7:00, pm at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop.

The theme of this exhibit left it up to artists to explore, to work in new ways or experiment in their usual medium through their own personal process and any 2D and 3D media, including photography.

Juror Priya Vadhyar is a visual artist based in Ellicott City, Maryland. In her current work, Priya explores the manifestation of what Loren Eiseley calls one’s “interior geography,” and the self’s relationship with the sum of things

The Capitol Hill Art League invited artists in the District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia to enter this annual open call.

In addition to viewing the show in person, the exhibit may be viewed and art purchased through the “Exhibitions” section, on the Capitol Hill Art League website at:

The Capitol Hill Art League is a visual arts program of The Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW).

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Capitol Hill Institution Distad’s Has Been Sold

Capitol Hill Institution Distad’s Has Been Sold

by Larry Janezich

Posted March 30, 2023

A week ago today, MetroMotor closed the deal on the sale of neighborhood institution, Distad’s Auto Clinic, at 823 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.  It came as a shock to the Capitol Hill community and their loyal customer base since the new owners wanted to hold off on an announcement until the sale was complete.  The new owners will continue operating the auto clinic business.  

According to Amanda Distad, the owners – brothers Rick, John, and Roy (her father) – decided last year that they wanted to retire.  (Their sister, Donna Jean (Distad) Crawford, who John said was “key to the operation,” passed away suddenly, January 19, 2021 from covid.) 

Amanda said her grandfather – Harold Distad – opened the service station seventy-five years ago in 1959.  She’s the third generation of Distad’s to work in the station. 

The public face of Distad’s – the faces behind the counter – were John and Amanda Distad and Abby Astatke.  John’s last day was yesterday. Amanda says the first thing he’s doing is leaving for South Carolina on an 8 day camping trip.  Amanda and Abby will continue dealing with clients in the front office. 

The new owners wanted to retain the name “Distad’s,” but the brothers would not agree to that condition.

The station’s new service manager is Dana Novosel, who has been with MetroMoters for 12 years.  He said all employees are being retained for as long as they want.  He said, “Nothing’s changed except the ownership.  No one is going anywhere.  We don’t want them to leave.  We need all the familiar faces.”

MetroMoters has two more outlets on Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, Capitol Hill Exxon and Pennsylvania Avenue Exxon and 12 other outlets in and around the District.  


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Update on Demolition of RFK – Phase 3 Structural Demolition To Begin

Update on Demolition of RFK – Phase 3 Structural Demolition To Begin

by Larry Janezich

Posted March 30, 2023

Last Monday night, Ryan Conway, Senior Director of Events DC and his team, briefed the community on the status of demolition of RFK during the RFK Campus Quarterly Stakeholders Meeting. 

He recounted that the project generally consists of four phases: 1. hazmat materials abatement, 2. selective (non-structural) demolition, 3. structural demolition, and 4. back filling and grading. 

Conway said that the contractor has completed the first two phases and Events DC is in the process of securing approvals in order to proceed with structural demolition.  Though the demolition is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2023, Conway team members say they don’t have a firm time line as they work through regulatory approvals.  So far, they have received sign off from DOE, Historic Preservation, Zoning and DDOT. 

The stadium will be demolished mechanically in sections, working clockwise on the inside, from top to bottom, and starting on the C Street, NE, side of the structure.  Once the contractor begins demolition on the outside and the walls are breached permitting a view into the interior, the demolition will be more apparent.  Again, the time line for that part of Phase 3 is uncertain.

Once the stadium is down and demolition complete, the site will transform to a compacted pervious lawn area.  After demolition, Events DC doesn’t know what will be done.  Land use has to be established before anything else.  A lot of ideas have been put out there but Events DC has not endorsed any of them.  One such idea was recently presented to ANC6B by a representative of the Capitol Riverside Youth Group Capitol Riverside Youth Sports Park (CRYSP).  This plan, an Events DC representative noted, is coming from an outside organization; as Events DC formulates a vision it will keep the community informed.

During the Q&A, the question of what will happen to the RFK bust arose.  Events DC said they would work with the Kennedy family and the community regarding a permanent location.  For the time being, the bust remains outside of the construction fence and available for public viewing. 

EventsDC has installed a live construction camera on the roof of the DC Armory to record the demolition of RFK Stadium.  See here:

See here for more information and demolition updates

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Demolition at 639 A ST SE – a “tragic and unfortunate development “– Gets Stop Work Order

The front wall of 639 A Street, SE is all that remains after the developer exceeded the scope of work for construction on the property.  The blue tarp makes assessing the degree of the demolition difficult. 

Here’s a view of the rear of the property from the alley. 

Demolition at 639 A ST SE – a “tragic and unfortunate development “– Gets Stop Work Order

by Larry Janezich

Posted:  March 28, 2023

In May of 2022, the Historic Preservation Review Board approved an application to build a two-story rear addition and a new cellar under the house at 639 A Street, SE, in the Capitol Hill Historic District.

According to Beth Purcell, chair of the Capitol Hill Restoration Society’s Historic Preservation Committee, “The plans called for demolition of some exterior walls, but retaining the front wall, party wall, and part of the dogleg wall.  In March 2023 an alert neighbor noticed that only the front wall was left and contacted HPO.  On March 17, 2023 a Department of Buildings inspector found that the work exceeded the scope of the building permit and issued a stop work order.  No further work can be done until the property owner corrects the violations and obtains a new building permit, which will require HPO sign off.”

Bruce Yarnall, Historic Preservation Operations Manager at the DC Office of Planning called it a “tragic and unfortunate development.”

Moira Nadal, Architectural Historian, DC Office of Planning says, “The property owner will need to follow the instructions provided with their Stop Work Order and file a response with the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH).

To amend the building permit for the new scope of work – in essence, to apply for after-the-fact approval of the demolition and for new construction on the site – the property owner would need to file for review by the HPRB.  The HPRB review process gives great weight to resolutions from the ANC, and will include an opportunity for the public to provide testimony or to submit letters in advance.

The Stop Work Order will remain in place until the HPRB has completed its review and the new permit is issued, and no work is permitted at the property while the Stop Work Order is in place.”

The path forward seems to be one that involves a matter of months and is not without peril regarding the preservation of the remaining portion of the structure or the comfort level of the adjoining neighbors.  Excavation for the new cellar has begum. 

As mentioned above, a new HPRB review will come back before ANC6B.  In the meantime, the developer might be subject to fines and penalties for infractions.  These, however, seem paltry compared to what might be a potential doubling in value of the property beyond the original cost of purchase and redevelopment, and that could be an incentive for the same thing happening again.  Here are some of the consequences facing the developer: 

From the DC Office of Planning Website:

Historic Preservation Violations and Fines

It is illegal to violate the DC preservation law, just as it is illegal to violate building codes or traffic laws. Historic Preservation Office (HPO) inspectors are authorized to stop illegal construction and may also issue citations and fines for violations of the DC building and property maintenance codes.

Violations of the preservation law and DC building code include:

  • Working without a required construction permit
  • Exceeding the scope of a permit
  • Failure to comply with the conditions of a permit
  • Failure to maintain historic property in good repair
  • Demolition by neglect

Fines and Penalties

Violators of the preservation law and building code are subject to a $4,068 civil infraction fine for failure to obtain or stay within the scope and conditions of a building permit.  Fines may double for a second infraction.

If you get a Stop Work Order for illegal construction, you may be liable for a fine of 50 percent of the cost of the permit you should have obtained. DCRA will not release the Stop Work Order until you pay the permit fee and any fine assessed.

Capitol Hill Corner reached out for comment to real estate agent Jessica Bachay who is listed as the contact for 639A LLC, the applicant for DOB permits for the property, but as of press time has not received a reply. 

Back in 2021, a similar case occurred a few blocks west at 326 A Street, SE.  Here’s a link:


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The Week Ahead and Some Photos from the Past Week

Blossoms at Eastern Market.  Cherry blossoms filled the North Hall today as part of the months – long celebration of the 150th year anniversary of Eastern Market. 

CHAMPS sponsored a series of events at the Market throughout the day.  One of them was a life-drawing demonstration in the North Hall. 

Friday, March 31, will be the last day for the Covid Centers throughout the city, including the one on Barracks Row. 

For anyone in need of the services provided by the COVID Centers, including COVID-19 vaccine, booster, or test kits, including through:

Local retailers and pharmacies; offers free at-home COVID-19 tests directs people to a local free testing location directs people to a local free vaccination site

The ANC6B Task Force on Public Safety met last Monday to hammer out a statement of purpose:

  • Identify and raise public safety issues to ANC6B, draft resolutions for their consideration, and call for timely action to respond to community concerns, preentcriime, and preserve public safety in 6B.
  • Promote community engagement and offer greater transparency and agency to community members regarding public safety.
  • Identify the scope and drivers of crime in the community and recommend strategies to improve public safety.
  • Amplify the voices and recommendations from residents most directly impacted by crime, and leverage expertise of community resources.
  • Improve communication and coordination between the community and law enforcement, judicial, and social service, mental health and non-governmental entities.

And today, Sunday afternoon, the ANC6B SE Library Task Force met to continue its search for interim service library space during the two years plus the SE Library will close for renovation.  Representatives of the group have scheduled a meeting with CM Charles Allen on March 31 to appeal for his assistance, since the DC Public Library’s position is that residents can use the NE Library in the interim.  Task Force Chair Commissioner David Sobelsohn is emphatic in his assertion that this is not acceptable.  In addition, on April 13, members of the Task Force will testify before the DC Council Library Committee Budget Hearing to request funding for interim services.  The next meeting of the Task Force is scheduled for Monday, April 10th at 7:00pm. 

The Week Ahead 

by Larry Janezich

Posted:  March 26

Monday March 27

ANC 6A Community Outreach Committee will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm. 

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:


  • Christopher Wade, 1D Community Outreach Specialist, Community Engagement Section, United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia


Events DC is hosting its quarterly community meeting on FRK Fields and Campus at 6:00pm.Register to receive a link here.

Tuesday, March 28

ANC6B Executive Committee will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:

  • The Committee will set the agenda for the April meeting of the full ANC.


ANC6B will hold its April meeting on Tuesday, April 11 at 7:00pm.  The agenda and information on how to join the virtual meeting will be posted on Capitol Hill Corner on Sunday, April 9. 

ANC6A Alcohol Beverage Licensing Committee will host a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:

  • Discussion of application by Hiraya Kapamilya at 1250 H Street, NE, for a Class C Tavern License.
  • Discussion of application by Old City 1 Café at 1307 H Street. NE, for a Class C Restaurant License.


Saturday, April 1

Community Cleanups. Join neighbors in cleaning up our neighborhood at multiple locations next Saturday. Bags and gloves will be available, but bring your own if you have them.  Information can be found at

Here are sites you can join on April 1 (start time is 10 am, unless otherwise noted):

Eastern Market Metro Park (hosted by CM Allen’s Office)

  • Meet near metro entrance; will cover Barracks Row, as well

H Street NE (hosted by CM Allen’s Office and 6A02 Commissioner Mike Velasquez)

  • Meet at 8th and H, NE

King Greenleaf Rec Center (hosted by CM Allen’s Office):

Anacostia River Trail (hosted by Bozzuto)

  • Meet at the trail entrance

Barney Circle (hosted by 6B08 Commissioner Edward Ryder):

  • Meet at 17th and Barney Circle

Navy Yard (hosted by neighbor Tori Collins):

  • Meet in front of the AC Hotel (867 New Jersey Ave, SE)
  • Tyler Elementary School (hosted by Tyler PTO)

Sherwood Rec Center & School-Within-a-School (hosted by SWS PTO):

Maury Elementary School (hosted by 6A04 Commissioner Amber Gove and Maury ES PTO)

  • JO Wilson (hosted by JO Wilson PTO)

C St, NE (hosted by neighbor Maggie Edwards)

  • Meet at North Carolina Avenue and 15th St, NE

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Kingman Park Among First in Line for Smart Street Lighting

The Smart Street Lighting project will install new LED light bulbs city wide but won’t alter light-pole placement or the design of historic globes and shades.

Kingman Park Among First in Line for Smart Street Lighting

by Hilary Russell

Posted March 22, 2023

DC’s $309-million Smart Street Lighting Project is poised to convert the city’s jumble of 72,000-plus incandescent and high-pressure-sodium street light bulbs to LED technology that is monitored and controlled remotely.  Installation will begin in the next few weeks in Wards 5, 7, and 8.  During this phase, the project will add wireless access points in underserved communities in Wards 7 and 8, thereby advancing DC’s stated goal of citywide broadband access.

When completed in May 2024, the Smart Street Lighting Project is projected to reduce the city’s greenhouse-gas emissions by 38,000 tons per year and enhance public safety, including for pedestrians and cyclists.  Its monitoring and control system will eliminate 311 calls to report broken or malfunctioning streetlights and ensure quick repairs.  The new LED bulbs are projected to reduce light pollution, though they will be brighter than those in current use (27000k versus 24000k).  Each can be dimmed on request, but not below approved public-safety levels and only once, according to DDOT.

Attendees at the March 14 meeting of the Friends of Kingman Park learned that such a request must be coordinated through Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners (ANCs).  Commissioners in ANC 7D, 7C, and 7E will among those inaugurating this service for their constituents and DDOT.


Commissioner Ebony Payne, who represents ANC7DO5, said she is pleased “the project will bring more internet access and that the new streetlights will reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions…”

Kingman Park residents will turn to Commissioner Ebony Payne if they have issues with the new lighting. Some of them have noted the need to brighten dark streets to enhance public safety, especially if they live on a block with broken streetlights. Others expressed some apprehension about the new lights being too bright and possibly disrupting sleep patterns and circadian rhythms. As Payne put it, “The real test will be once neighbors experience the new brighter lights after installation. I am reserving my judgement until then.”

Residents of Ward 6 are in Group 3. Installation of its new LED street lights won’t begin until all the work is completed in Group 1 (wards 5, 7, and 8) and Group 2 (wards 2, 3, and 4).

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The Week Ahead & Some Photos from the Past Week

Mother Blossom Cannabis Products Opens on Barracks Row.  Mother Blossom had a soft opening on Friday at its new location at 406 8th Street, SE, and was open for regular business on Saturday.  The shop is owned by Dee Martin and the general manager is Al Hagler.  It’s the latest addition to the cannabis gifting outlets on Capitol Hill and the third on the 400 block of 8th Street, SE. 

The store offers cannabis, tinctures, edibles and topicals as well as non-psychoactive cannabis products.  A couple of features which sets it apart from most gifting shops are a lounge with a bar and an open air patio. 

Here’s a still-under-construction image from last Thursday of the bar and lounge where cannabis product-infused smoothies will be served. 

Update on Auto Zone Project.  The ANC6A Planning and Zoning Committee heard an informational presentation on the proposal to develop the nearly 1 acre Auto Zone site at 1207 H Street, NE, from Ben Miller.  Miller is co-owner of the H Street development firm WestMill Capital and is also co-founder of the crowd funding platforms Popularise and Fundrise.  Miller told the committee his company hopes to be able to obtain financing to develop the project and is close to submitting a package to the Bureau of Zoning Adjustment.  He anticipates a 240 unit project with up to 40 off them being affordable units.  Above is a preliminary architectural rendering of the north elevation of the building. 

Update on 1000 – 1016 H Street, NE.  The ANC6A Planning and Zoning Committee also recommended that the full ANC support local developer Sanjay Bajaj’s plan to put up a $30 million, 78 unit, five story residential project at this location after the developer conceded to the committee’s demand for more retail space on the ground floor.  Originally, the developer had offered only 1223 square feet, but under pressure from the Committee raised that to 3261 square feet – the maximum feasible for the site he claimed.  Committee Chair Brad Greenfield said that thought the desire was for something closer to 100%, this was probably the best they could get.  The Committee agreed and voted 6 – 1 with one abstention to forward the proposal to the full ANC. 

Update on New Residential Project at 1 K Street, SW – Last Monday night, ANC6D voted 8 – 0 to oppose the Historic Preservation Review Board  design review of the W.C. Smith Development plan to construct a 13 story 352 unit entirely residential building at 1 K Street, SE, adjacent to the long-time South Capitol fixture, the Skyline Inn.  The committee found that the project’s design is inconsistent with the context of the surrounding neighborhood due to design elements, that the uses are not in context with the surrounding neighborhood given the mixed use requirements of construction in the D5 Zone, that vehicular traffic caused by the building will not minimize contacts between pedestrians and vehicles or the environment, and that congestion caused by the building will not be in context with surrounding neighborhoods or street patterns.  Here’s a view of the building looking southeast with the smaller Skyline building in front of it.   

The Week Ahead & Some Photos from the Past Week

by Larry Janezich

Posted March 19, 2023

Monday, March 20

ANC6A Transportation and Public Space Committee will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

For info on joining the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda: 

  • Automated Traffic Enforcement (ATE) camera request for westbound H Street NE. Commissioner Dooling has requested an update from DDOT on this specific request.
  • Traffic on the 1400-block of G Street NE. Commissioner Dooling requested a discussion of ongoing traffic issues on the 1400-block of G Street NE.
  • Illegal parking within the H Street, NE, corridor. Commissioner Dooling will lead a discussion about longstanding issues with local business employees and visitors parking in front of residents’ garages within the H Street NE neighborhood.
  • FOIA request for TSIs closed as a result of TSI 2.0 implementation. Commissioner Shapiro will lead a discussion about a FOIA request to DDOT for a listing of all TSIs closed out as a result of the January 6, 2023 implementation of TSI 2.0, to include TSI #, location, problem cited and resolution requested, and any subsequent action.
  • FOIA request for all ANC 6A TSIs Filed after TSI 2.0 Implementation. Commissioner Shapiro will lead a discussion about a FOIA request to DDOT for a listing of all ANC 6A TSIs Filed after the January 6, 2023 implementation of TSI 2.0, to include TSI #, date filed, location, problem cited, resolution requested, current TSI dashboard category, detailed data and scoring used to select of defer the TSI, and specific data sources used in scoring the TSIs.
  • FOIA request for Sidewalk Risk Management Data. Commissioner Shapiro will lead a discussion about a FOIA request for Sidewalk Risk Management Data for DC by ward for the last three years, to include the dollar amount and number of claims paid by the District related to sidewalk conditions.
  • Sidewalk Experience Survey. Commissioner Shapiro will introduce a Sidewalk Experience Survey she has drafted to collect input from ANC 6A residents on overall sidewalk conditions in the neighborhood.
  • Florida Avenue NE Streetscape Project Permit Enforcement. Commissioner Chatterjee and TPS Committee Co-Chair Lynch will discuss conditions of the Florida Avenue NE bike lanes during construction related to the Florida Avenue, NE, Streetscape Project, specifically ongoing permit enforcement challenges with Washington Gas contractors performing work on PROJECT pipes main and service pipe replacement program.

ANC6B Special Committee On Public Safety will hold a virtual meeting at 8:00pm.

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:

  • Review and Comment on Draft Statement of Purpose
  • Open Discussion of Committee Priorities and Set Meeting Schedule for the Year
  • Identify Topics of Interest and Potential Expert/Guest Speakers
  • Identify Agenda Items for Next Meeting

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Library of Congress Concert at 8:00pm. 

Sunday, March 26

ANC6B Library Taskforce will hold an in-person meeting at 2:30pn at SE Library, lower level. 

Agenda not available at press time.

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City Council Chair Mendelson Briefs ANC7D at March Meeting

City Council Chair Phil Mendelson made the final redistricting decisions which kept Hill East together as a part of Ward 7’s newly ANC7D. An alternative plan would have made Hill East part of two Ward 7 ANCs.

City Council Chair Mendelson Briefs ANC7D at March Meeting

by Hilary Russell and Larry Janezich

Posted March 15, 2023

A rare ANC appearance by Council Chair Phil Mendelson kicked off a full agenda for the March 14 meeting of Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 7D, formed in 2022 as part of the redistricting process.  He highlighted several issues of interest to the commissioners and many Capitol Hill residents:

  • His priorities are restoring proposed cuts in school funding and ensuring funding for free bus service scheduled to start in July.
  • Following Congress’ vote to overturn the Council’s Criminal Reform Bill the next steps are unclear. Whether there is another hearing will be up to Councilmember Brooke Pinto, who now chairs the Judiciary Committee. The Council may wait until there’s a Democrat majority in the House before re-passing the bill and sending it back.
  • The Fraternal Order of Police opposed the Council’s Criminal Reform Bill and the Policing Reform Bill (now before Congress) and hired a lobbyist to work against them.
  • The Police Force requires at least 500 new officers. The Council funded the Mayor’s request for new hires but there aren’t enough applicants. The DC Police Academy is only half filled with trainees.
  • Though a 2022 Council bill outlawed school-funding cuts, reduced funding is projected for schools, including for some with growing enrollment.
  • The comment period on the City’s 2024 budget, to be released on March 22, will end the last week of April.

Regarding other agenda items, Commissioners welcomed and asked pointed questions of DC Government representatives. These included Francis Campbell, new Constituent Services Coordinator of Ward 7 Councilmember Vincent Gray, along with high-ranking Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers in two of the three police districts within ANC 7D’s boundaries.  Other meeting participants updated commissioners on the DC Department of Transportation’s (DDOT) plans for an Arboretum bridge and trail, the new lottery system for DPR summer camps, the renovation of the Triangle Park at 17th and C Streets, and the upcoming Events DC quarterly meeting about the RFK campus on March 27.

Single-member district reports, allocated one minute each, included Commissioner Brett Astman’s announcement of a $1.25 million grant to renovate the Kingman Field Dog Park at 14th Street and Tennessee Avenue, NE; concern expressed by Commissioner Brian Alcorn about deferred maintenance at Eastern High School; and Commissioner Siraaj Hasan’s opposition to DDOT’s planned replacement of the Lane Place Pedestrian Bridge over DC 295, which he characterized as “a bridge to nowhere” and “fiscally irresponsible.”

ANC 7D’s commitment to diving deep into big issues and engaging constituents in those they deem to be most important was captured by a presentation by Commissioner Marc Friend.  He outlined five committees that will meet monthly (starting in late April), each co-chaired by an ANC 7D resident and a commissioner, which will discuss, analyze, and recommend resolutions, letters of support, and grants to the ANC, and organize neighborhood events


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As SE Library Prepares to Close, Taskforce Mobilizes for Interim Services

The ANC6B SE Library Taskforce met Sunday afternoon to organize support for interim library services during the renovation of SE Library.

As SE Library Prepares to Close, Taskforce Mobilizes for Interim Services

by Larry Janezich

Posted March 31, 2003

ANC6B’s Taskforce on the Southeast Library met on Sunday afternoon, to continue organizing support for interim library services during the two years + that Southeast Library will be closed for renovation, likely begin this summer. The group is chaired by ANC6B Commissioner David Sobelsohn.  Michelle Leporatti is vice chair and Ana Unruh Cohen has agreed to serve as taskforce secretary,

So far, outreach efforts by Taskforce volunteers have produced no plausible locations to site a temporary facility.  A preliminary list of needs includes a 300 – 400 s.f. room with a library staffer where books can be picked up and dropped off, access to the catalogue, a scanner, a copier, a few computers, and a selection of books. 

Other libraries such as the West End and the Southwest were accommodated with space in the Watergate and a mobile library respectively during their construction periods.  So far, DC Public Library’s response to the needs of residents using SE Library is the suggestion that they use the Northeast Library. 

Members of the ANC6B Taskforce find this unacceptable and are discussed mobilizing to seek support for interim services in the following ways: 

  • A meeting with CM Charles Allen to appeal for his assistance.
  • Sobelsohn is circulating a draft letter to all members of the DC City Council and the Mayor which he will take to ANC6B next Tuesday seeking their imprimatur before sending it to city officials.
  • Sobelsohn is also circulating a draft letter inviting Executive Director of DC Public Libraries Richard Reyes Gavilan to the next meeting of the Taskforce on March 26 to ask for treatment similar to that accorded residents of Southwest and the West End Libraries and to emphasize the Taskforce’s concern about the effects of construction on residents who live near the library.
  • Testify at the upcoming DC Budget Hearings to support additional funding for interim services.
  • Organize an email and petition campaign directed at DC Councilmembers.

New members joining the group have brought some significant assets to the table.  Susan Sedgewick representing the powerful community organization Capitol Hill Village participated in Sunday’s meeting.  And a pair of bibliophiles – Kelsey Gold and Celli Horstman – offered to lend their access to the hundreds of members of local social media communities – BookTok, Bookstagram, and BookTube and the book clubs that connect on those sites – to garner support for interim library space. 

After the meeting, Gold told Capitol Hill Corner:  “The library is so important to us. While the Southeast Branch modernization effort is really exciting, I was disappointed to hear at this meeting how much uncertainty there is regarding the provision of local interim services so close to construction.  I will definitely be reaching out to my local elected officials as a concerned resident and will advocate within my local bookish communities to do the same.”  For more, here’s a link to a WaPo article on bookstagram:

One popular event associated with the library which will be suspended during the construction period will be the monthly book sale organized by the Friends of the Southeast Library.  Without storage space and adequate adjacent space to set up a book sale, FOSEL leadership does not think it will possible to continue during construction. 

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The Week Ahead & Some Photos from the Past Week

Posh Cannabis Gifting Outlet Opens at 317 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.  Friday morning saw the grand opening of Taste Budz, a new high-end cannabis gifting outlet.  Pictured above is CMO Andrew Neal. The shop is owned by Brenda Johnson and will be the the conpany’s second outlet, following the opening of aVirginia Beach outlet two years ago.  The owner plans to open at third Taste Budz in Georgetown in six weeks. 

Neal says that his goal is to educate, advocate, and destigmatize cannabis and its non-psychoactive products.  To that end, he and his business partner have created a welcoming space where he invites people to come and hang out.  He says they provide access to everyone, pointing to the newly installed ADA compliant elevator and the entrance ramp. 

Neal says the best part of the operation is the business staff – “knowledgeable, diverse, beautiful people.”  The retail end is handled by “tellers” (Julie and Xavi pictured above) similar to those  one might encounter in a bank – Neal says that inside the shop they are the “Budz tellers” and that customer service and satisfaction are priorities.  Taste Budz is open from 7 days a week, 11:00pm – 8:00pm. 

H Street NE Residential Project Runs into ANC Problem.  Last Thursday night, ANC6A voted to 6 – 0 to request that BZA delay its hearing on local developer Sanjay Bajaj’s plan to put up a $30 million, 78 unit, five story residential project at 1010 – 1016 H Street, NE.  The ANC had conditioned its support on the developer designating residential units on the ground floor as artist space/studios with the provision that this would be written into the condominium bylaws, and that the developer would make best efforts not to include natural gas in the building, and that if these conditions were not met, ANC 6Ashould oppose the request.  It was the consensus of the committee that the developer had not met these criteria.   Commissioners want more time to negotiate with the developer, so the vote to request the delay was coupled with the provision that if a delay is not possible, the ANC will not support the proposal unless the first floor is reserved for retail or another non-residential activated usage and a construction agreement is reached with the adjacent neighbors. 

Coastline Oyster Company opens on Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.  Just next door at 319 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, the former ZOCA Mexican restaurant has morphed into the Coastline Oyster Company – the latest restaurant concept by Chef-owner Danio Somoza and Partner Donna Serafini.  Coastline Oyster Company is a raw bar, seafood house, and sports bar with live music.  Here’s a link to their website and menu.  ZOCA Mexican Restaurant opened May 3, 2022. 

One With Eternity:  Yayoi Kusama’s exhibit at the Hirshhorn will end this spring.  Here’s an image of one of her Infinity Mirror Rooms. 

And here’s an image of her iconic Pumpkin

Free next-day passes are released daily on the museum’s website via Etix starting at noon.  Book up to two timed-entry passes per person online, selecting preferred entry time for the following day as available.  Visitors are encouraged to check pass availability and reserve online in advance of their visit.  Unclaimed passes are available online and in-person at the Museum’s welcome desk during public museum hours until all have been distributed.

For next day timed passes, go here:

The Week Ahead & Some Photos from the Past Week

by Larry Janezich

Posted March 12, 2023

The Week Ahead & Some Photos from the Past Week

Monday, March 13

ANC6D will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

For info on how to access the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:

  • VPRA Long Bridge Program Update
  • Safeway Concerns with Manager Mike Bigelow
  • One K Street Presentation
  • 701 6th Street, SW, Mural Project

Tuesday, March 14

ANC6B will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:


  • Brandon Best, D.C. State Board of Education (SBOE)

ABC Committee

  • Application for an Entertainment Endorsement for Hill East Burgers
  • Discussion on Notice to Cure for Harvest Tide
  • Status update of working group on protocol for ABC cases

Planning and Zoning Committee

  • Election of Vice-Chair
  • Presentation from Mark-Anthony Tynes – Department of Buildings
  • 218 D St SE. Bureau of Zoning Adjustment Application.  Capitol Hill Day School; Special Exception to expand a private school use to the second story of an existing, attached, three-story commercial building
  • 718 North Carolina Ave SE. Bureau of Zoning Adjustment Application.  To construct a two-story rear deck addition, to an existing, attached, three-story with cellar, principal dwelling unit.
  • 718 North Carolina Ave SE; Historic Preservation Application. Two-story rear screened porch addition.

Transportation Committee

  • Presentation from DC Water on Ongoing Projects Causing Roadwork
  • Presentation from DPW on Parking Enforcement
  • Presentation from DDOT on Additional Speeding Cameras
  • Presentation by Mark Sussman on a Kidical Mass Chapter for Capitol Hill
  • Report of the March 2, 2023 Special Call Transportation Meeting

Southeast Library Task Force

  • Letter of Support for Budget Funding for Interim Services for the Southeast Library

Letter of Support for Councilmember Allen’s Ward 6 Budget Request #8: Garfield Park Connector Enhancements for Addition of 4 or More Pickleball Courts

Report for the Public Parks and Recreation Spaces Task Force

Report for the March 6 Special Committee on Public Safety Meeting

Report for the Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7D will hold a virtual meeting at 6:30pm. 

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:

Among items on the agenda.


  • DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson
  • Mayor’s Office of Community Relations & Services (MOCRS)
  • Office of Ward 7 Councilmember Vincent Gray
  • Metropolitan Police Department/MPD 1st, 5th & 6th Districts
  • DC State Board of Education Ward 7 Representative (TBD)
  • Stacee Hemby, DDOT, Arboretum Bridge and Trail
  • Chris Dwyer, DPR Summer Camp Registration Process

New Business Items

  • ANC 7D Committees
  • Letter to BZA Regarding Case #28021


Ward 6 Public Schools Parent Organization (W6PSPO) will host a virtual Middle School Principals Panel Discussion at 7:00pm.  Leadership from Jefferson Middle School Academy, Eliot-Hine Middle School, Stuart-Hobson Middle School, and Capitol Hill Montessori@Logan will share their ideas on what makes a good middle school, how their schools help all students reach their highest potential, what extracurricular activities they offer, and more.  Denise Forte, the President and CEO of the Education Trust, will be the moderator.  Parents whose children will be middle school next year as well as parents whose children will attend middle school in the coming years are encouraged to attend.

You can register for the Middle School Principals Panel Discussion at   

Wednesday, March 15

ANC6A Economic Development & Zoning Committee will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm. 

For info on joining the meeting, go here:

Among items on the agenda:

  • 1207 H Street, NE. Informational update on zoning and development of the property at 1207 H Street NE (currently the AutoZone).
  • Racial Equity Tool. Discussion of the revised DC Zoning Commission Racial Equity Tool, and how it will be used on zoning projects within ANC 6A.
  • 912 Maryland Avenue, NE. Request for area variance relief to construct a rear addition to an existing, attached, two-story with basement, principal dwelling unit.
  • 336 11th Street, NE. Request for special exception relief to construct a rear and side addition to an existing attached, two-story with cellar, principal dwelling unit in the RF-1 zone.
  • 214 Warren Street, NE. Request for special exception relief for a project to construct a two-story rear addition, to an existing semi-detached, two story principal dwelling unit.
  • 721 H Street, NE. Proposed map amendment to rezone the property from NC-16 to NC-17.


Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton’s will hold a Virtual Town Hall with the National Park Service and Smithsonian Zoo at 6:00pm.  (all DC residents welcome, see attachment to register)

Thursday, March 16

Friends of Kingman Park Community will hold a virtual and in-person meeting at 7:00pm at St. Benedict the Moor Catholic Church. Families and children welcome. 

Info on how to join the meeting: TBA. 

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