The Week Ahead…& Past Week Photos (Arrest Made In Lincoln Park Emporium Robbery)

The Week Ahead…& Past Week Photos (Arrest Made In Lincoln Park Emporium Robbery)

by Larry Janezich

Posted August 7, 2022

The Capitol Hill Cleaning Emporium. Photo: Hilary Russell

According to CM Charles Allen, MPD has made an arrest in the January 28 robbery of the Lincoln Park Cleaning Emporium.  Allen says DNA testing on a mask the robber dropped at the scene of the robbery led to the arrest.  He is currently being held in custody.  See CHC January story here:  

DGS readies Eastern Market Metro Plaza for Jay Coleman’s public art piece “Loveful Hands.”  Here’s the fenced and shielded area outside the Metro entrance. 
Here’s a look behind the curtain last Tuesday.
And here’s the schematic of what the Coleman’s elevated bronze sculpture will look like.
Last Tuesday evening at 5:30pm, two individuals were arrested after crashing an allegedly stolen car in front of 156 12th Street, SE – one block south of where multiple law enforcement agencies were setting up for MPD’s National Night Out.
The Ward 6 ANC candidate list portends major changes in as most current commissions in the four ANCs on or bordering Capitol Hill appear to not be seeking reelection.  There are 31 seats in those four ANCs and currently it appears that only 12 incumbents are running for reelection.  Thirty-nine potential candidates (listed below) have picked up nominating petitions from the DC Board of Elections, (including the 12 incumbents).  No one has picked up a petition for 6D04 and petitions must be filed by August 10.  There’s still time.  CM Charles Allen tells you how to jump into the race here:

The Week Ahead…

…is quiet as far as civic community meetings go. 

CM Charles Allen has moved fill the gap , announcing on August 2 that Ward 6 Week is back after a two year hiatus. 

This week-long celebration of Ward 6 sponsored by Allen features numerous events across the Ward – all free unless otherwise noted.  Some events have limited capacity so RSVPs are first come, first served.  If you RSVP for an event, but cannot attend, please email Casey Simmons on Allen’s staff to make sure your spot can go to someone else.  csimmons@DCCOUNCIL.US

Here’s the schedule of events on or nearest to Capitol Hill.  For additional info and to RSVP, go here: You can also follow the links below to go directly to the RSVP for each event. 

Monday August 8

Splash in the Six: Bring your own picnic and playdate at the Eastern Market Metro Park Splash Park. (Eastern Market Metro Park, 11am-1pm) Register here:

Tuesday August 9

ARTECHOUSE: Visit the immersive Aṣẹ: Afro Frequencies exhibit 10am – 2pm. The ARTECHOUSE team has offered Ward 6 Week attendees 200 tickets. Please see instructions to register on Allen’s website here:       

Biergarten Haus Trivia: Test your knowledge and grab a beer at one of Ward 6’s best trivia nights. (Biergarten Haus, 7-9pm)  Register here:

Wednesday August 10

Beat the Streets: Join Allen and the MPD First District for the Beat the Streets community event with music, games for kids, food, and info for residents (The Wharf, 1-7:30pm) Register here:

Thursday August 11

Help Harvest at Hopkins: Help tend to the gardens at Hopkins Apartments, harvest crops for the Building Bridges Across the River CSA and Farmers Market. Kids are welcome – snacks and water provided. (Hopkins Housing Complex, Bridge Park Plot, 10am-12pm)  Register here:

If you are bringing a child, please email Kim on Allen’s staff so they can prepare age-appropriate tasks.   Space is limited so please RSVP.  Dress for the dirt.  Wear comfortable shoes.

Friday August 12

Coffee at The Roost: Have coffee with CM Allen and talk about any issue, big or small. (The Roost, 10-11:30am)  Register here:

Live, On the Hill Jazz at Eastern Market Metro Plaza.  Join Allen and neighbors for a live performance in the park.  (Eastern Market Metro Plaza, 5-6pm)  Register here:

Salsa Dancing at The Wharf.   Salsa dancing on a pier overlooking the Washington Channel.  Drinks and food available for purchase nearby (Transit Pier at The Wharf, 7-9pm) Register here:

Saturday August 13

Barracks Row Firehouse Tour: Tour a firehouse and meet the firefighters of Engine 18.  SOLD OUT.  

Northeast Neighborhood Library Family Story Time:  Allen will be the guest reader for Family Story Time at the Northeast Branch Library.  Story time will be in the library garden, or in the Children’s Room on the 2nd floor in case of bad weather. (Northeast Neighborhood Library, 11-11:45am) Register here:

Southwest Community Day:  Mingle with neighbors and enjoy some fun, resources from a wide range of nonprofits and government leaders.  (Lansburgh Park, 10am-2pm)  Registration not required. 

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Out and About – Mangialardo’s 

Out and About – Mangialardo’s 

by Elizabeth Eby

Posted August 3, 2022

I couldn’t have chosen a better day for my visit to Mangialardo’s sub shop.  A schools-out kind of feeling floated around the store, even the boss, Tony Mangialardo, couldn’t stop smiling. It was Friday and the last day before the shop closed for vacation.  It was also family day, one of Tony’s six children, her husband and son stopped in for a sub and a hug.  Another Mangialardo family member took off his apron and came out from the kitchen for the family photo. And, the shop just won a RAMMY award as “hottest sandwich shop” from the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington.

Tony Mangialardo (at right) and family members show off the RAMMY Award.  

Mangialardo’s opened in its present location in 1957.  Tony is the third generation of his family to stand behind the very same counter.  His great grandfather started out as a lamplighter in New York and then worked his way through Pennsylvania selling produce from a wagon and then a truck.  At first it was a corner store and deli but soon the sandwich business took over the whole shop.  Customers included a large and regular contingent of FBI agents who invented their own sub.  Other customers saw it and started ordering “one of those Gman sandwiches.”  It is comparable to an Italian sub with extras. It’s still the best seller.

Here is the Gman sub, on a hard roll with generous amounts of lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, onions, mayo and mustard. It felt like it weighed a pound when I carried it home.  Unfortunately I wolfed down the other half before I thought about taking a photo.  It can be had on a soft roll but the top slice of hard roll makes a built-in edible napkin as it slides along the sandwich when you bite down.

Each of Tony’s six kids has worked in the shop.  Tony likes tradition, and he figures one of them will take over when he retires.  He likes that the Gman is still the best seller; they still order hard rolls from Catania Bakery on North Capitol.  Tony can’t mention Catania without bragging that his grandfather continued to chew those hard rolls without his dentures as a sign of strength and fortitude.

This is not the spot for fancy pants or no crusts.  There is not a place to sit – the room is spotless but this is a carry out.  You can order by phone, fax or walk in. You can specify a pick up time or ASAP which is usually 30-45 minutes. 

Décor is limited to a huge bulletin board entirely covered with customers’ badges, mostly law enforcement and fire crews.  Many badges are from out of state.  It’s interesting to note how many Federal agencies have their own police force with their own badge.

The menu includes 10 varieties of cold subs: cold cuts, cheese, tuna and chicken salads along with 6 hot subs: pizza, meatball, corned beef, roast beef and variations thereof.  Toppings are generous and all subs include cheese unless specified.  Chips, slaw, brownies and drinks are the rest of menu.  Most subs cost $11.  Most sandwiches cost about $11. 

Mangialardo’s is located at 1317 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.  Parking is catch as catch can but there is often an open space in front of the store.  Open M-F, 8-3. Closed Saturday and Sunday

Out and About is an occasional photo feature by artist, photographer, gardener, and Capitol Hill resident Elizabeth Eby.  She finds vignettes while out and about on or near Capitol Hill.


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The Week Ahead…& Some Photos from the Past Week

The Week Ahead…& Some Photos from the Past Week

by Larry Janezich

Posted July 31, 2022

This cool image references Hillary Russell’s article from last week on The Plan to Raze Nearly Every Building on East Capitol Street.  It’s the 1929 blueprint for the plan to make way for a “East Mall” from the Capitol to the Anacostia River.  ICYMI see the article here: Image: Hilary Russell
Starbucks closed its Union Station outlet today adding to the flight of retail from the transit center.  Here’s what it looked like Sunday afternoon.  According to today’s WaPo, Starbucks blames the closure of the outlet and other stores on the difficulty in operating in a challenging environment – apparently indirectly referring to crime and problems related to transit centers serving as shelter for members of the homeless population. The Post quotes CM Charles Allen as doubting it was a coincidence that some of the stores Starbucks closed have been unionizing.  He offered his take that part of the decline in the customer base is because Union Station is not integrated into the Capitol Hill community as a destination.  The Post cited statistics reflecting that commuter passenger traffic at Union Station is 30% of pre-pandemic riders, Metro is 25% and Amtrak is 90%.  Amtrak is trying to take over Union Station’s leasing rights.  The federal government owns Union Station and granted control of the property to the Union Station Redevelopment Non-profit Corporation which subleased the property to the New York real estate company Ashkenzy Acquisition.  Amtrak currently leases from Ashkenzy. 
Here’s a photo of the food court and ticket counter on Sunday afternoon. 
And here’s the space in Union Station formerly occupied by H&M before the pandemic. 
Triple Candie’s latest “curatorial riddle” –a diorama with a memento mori theme – is on display in the space in the front of the former Li’l Pub at 655 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE. 
Et In Arcadia Ego is the title of paintings by two artists – the French Baroque’s Nicolas Poussin and the Italian Baroque’s Giovanni Francesco Barbieri (Guercino).  It translates to “Also in Paradise I am.”  The diorama is a modern take on theose paintings’ memento mori warning.  For more on the Baroque versions, go here:
Triple Candie is a research-oriented curatorial agency run by art historian co-founders Shelly Bancroft and Peter Nesbett.  Their purpose is to create alternative exhibition methods making that the object of critical focus rather than what is displayed (which for the most part does not include original artworks).  For more on Triple Candie, go here:

The Week Ahead…

The city has entered the doldrums which will last for the the rest of the month…but there is National Night out on Tuesday. 

Tuesday, August 2

MPD’s First District will be celebrating National Night Out on Tuesday from 5-8 pm at Lincoln Park.  National Night Out is a city-wide event providing an opportunity for residents to engage with MPD regarding crime prevention and neighborhood watch programs. 

For more, go here:

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July 29 Friday Night Jazz at EM Metro Features Saxophonist Herb Scott

Photo credit: Herb Scott

D.C. Native and jazz saxophonist Herb Scott will perform Friday night, July 29, at Eastern Market Metro Plaza from 5:00pm until 6:30pm. 

Scott’s career includes performances at the White House, Dizzy’s Coca Cola-Club in New York, the Lincoln Center, Baker’s Keyboard Lounge in Detroit, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Universal Studios Orlando, Constitution Hall, the Library of Congress, the Detroit Jazz Fest, the East Lansing Jazz Fest, and the DC Jazz Fest.  He performs regularly at Mr. Henry’s. 

Scott is the recipient of 2022 President Joseph R. Biden Lifetime Achievement Award for his work as founder of the Capitol Hill Jazz Foundation.  For more, go here:

The concert series will continue through the end of October and comes to Eastern Market Metro Plaza through the efforts of Barracks Row Main Street and the Department of Parks and Recreation.  CM Charles Allen secured funding in the current FY DC Budget to program the performance space at the Plaza.

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Before WWII: The Plan to Raze Nearly Every Building on East Capitol Street

This is the first in a series that looks back on the history of our neighborhood, with a focus on challenges residents have faced.

Before WWII: The Plan to Raze Nearly Every Building on East Capitol Street

By Hilary Russell

Posted July 26, 2022

Federal plans have always had a huge impact on Washington, DC’s residential communities, particularly those that sprang up close to the Capitol. The 1791 L’Enfant Plan that laid out the city had the determining influence. Next in importance was the 1902 McMillan Plan, whose vision of a monumental federal core triggered acres of demolitions that made way for the Federal Triangle and Union Station. This vision, aligned with Pierre L’Enfant’s vision of East Capitol Street as a main drag, was manifested in unrealized plans for a federal boulevard along East Capitol Street that would have leveled virtually all extant homes and businesses between Capitol Square and the Anacostia River.

The 1941 plan (shown here) developed by the National Capital Park and Planning Commission, amended its 1929 blueprints titled “Planned redevelopment study of part of the District of Columbia east of the Capitol.” The 1929 plan proposed turning East Capitol Street into an “Avenue of the States” and Lincoln Park into “Colonial Square” and bordering the broad avenue and the shrunken park with a slew of new “exhibition pavilions” that honored the original 13 colonies.

The 1941 plan abandoned this tribute to states and colonies and a diminished and renamed Lincoln Park, but embraced the concept of lining East Capitol Street with new government buildings. Those colored brown in the drawing are proposed federal office buildings and proposed “semi-public” buildings; those colored black are planned survivors that include Eastern High School, the Armory, and the District Jail.

World War II priorities helped to kill the 1941 plan, though it marks the site of one new government building: the football stadium built in 1965 now being demolished. The 1941 plan also presaged the recently opened sports fields and recreation areas between the stadium and the river.

Like other federal plans, the 1941 National Capital Park and Planning Commission plan paid no attention at all to the wishes of Capitol Hill residents, who had no elected mayor and council as well as no voice in Congress. The lack of regard and respect for the community impacted by the unrealized “East Mall” plan is reflected in the following reference to it in the 2002 book Washington in Maps:

“Paradoxically, this less affluent section of town might have enjoyed an aesthetic amenity of which future generations can only dream. Devising a traditional French boulevard enclosed by neoclassical buildings and embellished by a park at Lincoln Square, this was to have been a realization of L’Enfant’s vision.”


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The Week Ahead…& Some Photos from the Past Week

The Week Ahead…& Some Photos from the Past Week

by Larry Janezich

Posted July 24, 2022

The Rubell Museum of contemporary art announces addition of restaurant.  Last Monday, the design team of the soon-to-open Rubell Museum in the old Randall School in nearby Southwest at 65 I Street, appeared before ANC6D to request a traffic plan issue adjustment. 

Museum reps took the opportunity to announce plans for the addition of an eating and drinking establishment to the museum’s west wing.  This would be in addition to the café already planned for the building’s lobby.  In response to a question from Commissioner Lightman, a spokesperson affirmed that admission to the museum will be free to DC residents.  The museum’s opening is scheduled for October 29.  For more info, go here:
New major mixed use development on H Street, NE.  Architect Stephen DuPont, Jr. appeared before ANC6A’s Economic Development and Zoning Committee last Wednesday seeking support for a zoning adjustment to permit construction of a large new mixed use development at 814 14th Street, NE.  Three existing buildings on the site will be razed to allow construction of a new six story structure with penthouse.  Current plans (which could be adjusted downward) provide for 52 residential apartments – a mix of efficiencies to two bedrooms – with five units deemed affordable under Inclusionary Zoning requirements.  The plan anticipates commercial use of the first floor and cellar.  The committee recommended that the full ANC support the zoning adjustment but urged that the developer consider tilting the unit mix toward larger units.

Public Art Coming to Eastern Market Metro Playground.  Work is underway by DGS for the placement of a public art installation near the Eastern Market Metro Playground: Beth Nybeck’s “Found You,” three 5 & 7 foot metal sculptures of rabbits playing hide and seek. The artist describes the piece as a “hopeful, whimsical, playful experience to help people find the goodness and light existing within each other.” The stainless steel structures are perforated so that light from inside will sprinkle light on the ground at night. 

Here’s Nybeck’s early concept proposal which was selected for the site by the Eastern Market Metro Plaza Redesign Advisory Committee.  Installation of a second piece near the Metro entrance – “Loveful Hands” by Jay Coleman – is expected to be placed later this year. 

Also last Monday, ANC6D heard from Mill Creek Development supporting their application for a Planned Unit Development for a mixed use building at 807 Maine Avenue, SW.  The plan anticipates 11 stories, 200 units, and retail on the ground floor.  15% of the units will be affordable under Inclusionary Zoning.  The building would replace the HQ of the Disabled American Veterans which wants to relocate their operation to a larger space downtown.  The Commission will vote on the developer’s request for support of the PUD in September, but it sounds like they want to have a chat about mitigation and community benefits that come with a PUD – which grants a developer height and density they would not otherwise have under current zoning for the site. 

Coul St. presents their option for curb side charging of electric vehicles.  Again, last Monday night, ANC6A’s Transportation Committee took a look into the future at what public charging of electric vehicles might look like.  Coul St. is a company developing curb side chargers for charging without dedicated parking.  Company rep Josh Charles said that current DC regulations would not permit curbside charging – though nearby Takoma Park regulations would.  While the company doesn’t yet have way forward to operate in DC they are looking to open a conversation.  The ANC Committee will hear from DDOT in September about current DOT policies and plans regarding wid electric vehicle charging.  For more on Coul St. go here:

Preservationists are up in arms over plan to alter Library of Congress’ Main Reading Room.  A plan to make the Library of Congress more visitor-friendly has been in the works for several years, along with a multi-million renovation.  But a current proposal to make some major changes to the historic Reading Room has drawn opposition from the DC Preservation League (DCPL) and other preservationists.  The major changes would be to dismantle the middle tower in the Center Desk allowing for installation of an oculus window in the floor to permit tourists below a (somewhat hard to imagine) view of the Reading Room’s dome.  The other change would transform the delivery room below the Center Desk into an Orientation Center which containing a display of Thomas Jefferson’s books, now in cases in a gallery on the first floor of the Library. 
DCPL has placed the Reading Room on their 2022 List of Endangered Places, along with a call for “Congress, the Architect of the Capitol, and the public to vehemently oppose these ill-advised alterations that place the needs of some above the needs of all.”  DCPL asks concerned parties to “reach out to your local leaders (ANC, Councilmember, Agency Head),” raise awareness in your community, and testify at public hearings.   The Capitol Hill Restoration Society has already weighed in with a letter of opposition.  Here’s the contact info for the DCPL:  and here’s the Washington Post’s take:

The Week Ahead…& Some Photos from the Past Week

by Larry Janezich

Posted July 24, 2022

Monday, July 25

ANC6A Community Outreach Committee will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

For info on how to access the meeting, go here: 

Among items on the draft agenda:

  • Forum on the Community Outreach Committee
  • Recommendations for any new members

Tuesday, July 26

ANC6A Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Committee will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm. 

For info on how to access the meeting, go here: 

Among items on the draft agenda:

  • Discussion of application by DC Conscious Café 1413 H Street, NE, for renewal of its Class D Restaurant License.
  • Discussion of application by Chupacabra at 822 H Street, NE, for renewal Class C Restaurant License.
  • Discussion of application Bronze DC, 1245 H Street, NE, for a Class C Restaurant License.

Opening for The Capitol Hill Art League (CHAL) annual Artist’s Choice Exhibit

  • The exhibit will run from July 26th – August 19th at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW) at 545 7th Street, SE.  There will be a reception at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop from 5:00-7:00 pm on Saturday, July 30th where those attending the show will be able to vote for the winning “People’s Choice” art work.  In this non-juried show, CHAL members present their own favorite pieces, which results in an eclectic and unique mix of media and artistic visions.
  • In addition to viewing the show in person, the exhibit may be viewed, beginning the first week of August, on the Capitol Hill Art League website “Artist’s Choice” section at:   

Friday, July 29

Friday Night Live Jazz at Eastern Market Metro Plaza, 5:00pm to 6:30pm features Herb Scott, saxophonist.

Eastern Market Main Street presents Silent Disco on C Street, 7:00pm.

Saturday, July 30

Guerrilla Gardeners Garden Day 2022 from 1:00pm-4:00pm in the Potomac Avenue Triangle Parks. 

  • This event celebrates the community-led reclamation of the Potomac Triangle Parks and their transformation into more attractive, usable, safer and equitable public green spaces. This completely free event will feature music, food, games and prizes. music, fun, and good company.

Reception at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop from 5:00-7:00 pm on Saturday, July 30th.

  • Those attending the show will be able to vote for the winning “People’s Choice” art work.

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July 22 Friday Night Jazz at EM Metro Features Pianist Colin Chambers – 5:00pm-6:30pm

Colin Chambers

“Chambers belongs in company with Red Garland, Tommy Flanagan, or Eric Reed: players with extraordinarily clean concepts and tight but inventive harmonies, who do what needs to be done, say what they have to say, and get back to the service of the song.” Michael J. West, Alchemical Records 

The concert series will continue through the end of October and comes to Eastern Market Metro Plaza through the efforts of Barracks Row Main Street and the Department of Parks and Recreation.  CM Charles Allen secured funding in the current FY DC Budget to program the performance space at the Plaza.

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The Week Ahead & Some Photos from the Past Week

The Week Ahead & Some Photos from the Past Week

by Larry Janezich

Posted July 17, 2022

RFK Demolition:  Last Monday night, Rob Stowe, VP of Development and Strategic Initiatives for Events DC told a public virtual meeting hosted by Events DC about the planned demolition of RFK Stadium.  Stowe said the demolition will be complete by the end of 2023 and will take place in two stages.  Stage 1:  Abatement of asbestos material.  A Department of Energy and Environment permit has been applied for and prep work has begun.  Continual air monitoring will be done to protect the community.  Stage 2:  Demolition.  Raze the structure, disconnect and cap utilities, remove debris, salvage material, and re-grade and return site to its original condition.  Water cannons will be employed to reduce dust and measures will be taken for rodent and vector control.  A request for a Raze Permit has been submitted. 
Crime on H Street, NE:  Last Wednesday night, MPD Assistant Chief Andre Wright briefed ANC6A on MPD efforts to tackle high crime areas, one of which includes the H Street, NE, corridor that lies in ANC6A and ANC6C.  He said there are three prongs to the campaign against violent crime campaign:  One of the prongs is the Night Life Initiative – a doubling down on addressing violence in the entertainment and night life areas – such as the H Street Corridor from 3rd Street to Benning Road.  A Multi-Agency Night Life Task Force pilot program will be active during the summer months and emphasize reducing robberies, thefts from autos, ABRA violations, addressing ATVs, and enforcing traffic and parking regulations.  The task force will be out on Friday and Saturday nights, through the early morning, and on Sunday evenings when there is a Monday holiday.  The two other prongs in the fight against violent crime are, 1) the homicide reduction plan targeting the four most violent districts, including the 6th and 7th Districts where 60% of the homicides occur, and 2) a program focusing specifically on reducing robberies. 
Mural for Eastern Market Alley:  Last Tuesday night, Ann Blackwell, Eastern Market Main Street’s Executive Director appeared before ANC6B to request their support for a proposed mural on the alley-facing wall of Clothes Encounters across from the Market.  According to a Twitter post, Blackwell says “We have three different concepts, all from DC artists, to “wake up” this alley. We need to hear if Capitol Hill likes this idea.  Eastern Market Main Street is a nonprofit….We are applying for a grant from DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities for this project.”  She says public art murals are economic drivers for neighboring businesses, serve equally for residents from all socioeconomic backgrounds, and put the neighborhood in direct support of the area’s artists.  To support or comment on the proposal, you can sign the petition here:
Little District Books is a queer-owned Washington, DC based independent book store that celebrates LGBTQ+ authors and stories. It opened on Barracks Row last month.  Their website says, “We are a proud part of a neighborhood that has been a haven for the LGBTQIA+ community over the last 50+ years.  Owner Patrick Kern, is a 10-year resident of the greater Washington, DC area.  See more here:

Hill East Burger Coming Soon: A smoked burger saloon is coming soon to the space previously occupied by Wisdom at 1432 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.  The creative minds behind the move are the same team who opened Republic Cantina Tex-Mex at 43 N Street, NW, and Sloppy Mama’s BBQ at 5731 Langdon Boulevard in Arlington
And across Pennsylvania Avenue from the new burger joint shows what you can get away with if you build an addition outside of the Historic District. 

The Week Ahead…

Monday, July 18

ANC6D holds a virtual meeting at 7:00pm

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft Agenda:

  • Public Safety Report
  • DDOT Update, I Street SW/SE, 4th Street, SW, and M Street Projects.
  • DDOT Resolution and Notice of Intent Comments re I Street SW/SE Bike Lane Project.
  • 807 Maine Avenue, SW.  PUD, Mill Creek Development.
  • RiverPoint Restaurant Expansion and Modification of Consequence.
  • Rubell Contemporary Art Museum (Opening October 29), 65 I Street, SW.  Pick Up and Drop Off Zone
  • 301 K Street, SW, Modification of Consequence.
  • ABC cases – TBA

                                                              ***                                                                                           ANC6A Committee on Transportation holds a virtual meeting at 7:00pm

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft Agenda:

  • H Street NE Bus Priority Project.  Zack Gambetti-Mendez, DDOT Transportation Planner will present on the status of the project.
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Curbside charging; DDOT regulations.  Josh Charles, CEO, Coul Street, will discuss his company’s curbside charging solutions.  The Committee will also review the new DDOT EV charging regulations and program (see
  • Update on pending Traffic Safety Inspections and status of work order requests from DDOT Ward 6 Community Engagement Specialist Abraham Diallo.
  • 11th Street, NE.  The Committee will discuss various traffic safety issues on 11th Street, NE, from Maryland Avenue, NE, to Massachusetts Avenue, NE, including a review of a recent DDOT response to Traffic Safety Inspections. 

Wednesday, July 20

ANC6A Committee on Economic Development and Zoning holds a virtual meeting at 7:00pm

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft Agenda:

  • 223 8th Street, NE.  Historic Preservation Application.  Historic review of a plan to construct a rear three-story addition; add a partial third floor on the existing house, and renovate the existing house for a home in the Capital Hill Historic District.
  • 814 14th Street, NE.  Zoning Adjustment Application.   Request for Special Exception zoning relief from the loading requirements and Special Exception zoning relief from the design requirements to raze three existing buildings and to construct a new, six-story with cellar and penthouse, mixed use building.
  • 1341 H Street, NE.  Zoning Adjustment Application.   Request for a special exception under the enlargement and design requirements to construct a mixed-use building.
  • Racial Equity Analysis Tool.  Consideration for ANC6A’s input as part of a public meeting to review the Zoning Commission’s adopted use of a tool to evaluate all zoning actions through a racial equity lens.

Friday, July 22

July 22 Friday Night Jazz at Eastern Market Metro Features Jazz from 5:00pm – 6:30pm.


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July 15 Friday Night Jazz at Eastern Market Metro Features Jazz Vocalist Landon Paddock 5:00pm – 6:30pm.

A veteran of Mr. Henry’s, Landon Paddock sings standards, blues, straight-ahead jazz and pop.  One FB reviewer put it this way: “If you like vocals with your Big Band jazz music. This is the guy for you.” For more, go here:

The concert series will continue through the end of October and comes to Eastern Market Metro Plaza through the efforts of Barracks Row Main Street and the Department of Parks and Recreation.  CM Charles Allen secured funding in the current FY DC Budget to program the performance space at the Plaza.   

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Out and About – Renwick Gallery 50th Anniversary Show Part 1: Ceramic Houseware

Out and About – Renwick Gallery 50th Anniversary Show Part 1:  Ceramic Houseware

by Elizabeth Eby

Posted July12, 2022

The current 50th Anniversary Show at the Renwick gallery is fabulous.   It is just impossible for me to choose one favorite object so I decided to write about objects I like that I can relate to one another and tell you the stories and makers behind them.  The Renwick is at 17th and Pennsylvania, Ave NW. 

Pots, pots, pots.

This group of three ceramic pots tells a story about modernizing traditional craft.  Each of them takes a traditional pottery form and makes it unique to the person who made it.  Work that shows the artist’s handprint is one part of the definition of the modern craft movement.  This isn’t anything new, but the pride it shows to claim imperfection in fine art is radical.      

Faux Wood Group Ceramics – I assume every American who has visited a national park has seen a pitcher or a mug like the ones Linda Sikora made.  Maybe a little more rustic, dipped in brown glaze at the top.  Ms. Sikora says she loves pottery forms “because they are familiar, welcomingly familiar, and have the ability to disappear into private personal activities and places.”  The faux wood grain glaze cleverly presents two competing sensations simultaneously – warm wood and cold clay.  

Photo 2 Water Pot – The shape of this pot is immediately recognizable as a water jug but it could be from ancient Greece as easily as from Native American. The flower motif is similar to Native American wild flower patterns I have seen in bead work.  Pot decorations are usually painted in slip, not bright colors.  Linda Holt and Harlan Reano live in independent pueblos in New Mexico.  Holt made the pot, Reano decorated it.  He combined traditional motifs and his own designs.  The neon bright colors make a 21st century statement.

Photo 3 Eight Bean Stew – Want the recipe?  Sorry, David Gilhooly died in 2013.  This sauce pot is part of his Frog World series.  The frogs?  I’m sure Julia Childs would recognize them and probably laugh.  

Out and About is an occasional photo feature by artist, photographer, gardener, and Capitol Hill resident Elizabeth Eby.  She finds vignettes while out and about on or near Capitol Hill.


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