Insight Development Tinkers with Layout for “Lockwood” Apartment Complex Near SE Safeway

Formerly known only as the “Bowie Site”, Insight Development’s apartment complex has been named “Lockwood”

Insight Development Tinkers with Layout for “Lockwood” Apartment Complex Near SE Safeway

by Larry Janezich

The apartment complex in the 1300 block of E Street, SE, known as the “Bowie Site” has a new name:  Lockwood.  Insight Development, who is developing the Buchanan School Site across the street, has plans to modify the plan for the building, and new city regulations require more intense review of changes to projects.

Insight wants to decrease the number of apartments from 153 to 145 and increase the number of 2 – 3 bedroom homes.  Two to the 3 bedroom units will be designated affordable, under the city’s Inclusionary Zoning requirements.  Insight also requested changes in the design features for some of the project’s windows and balconies.  The Committee, chaired by Commissioner Nick Burger, voted 7 – 0 to approve a motion to support the changes, and the application was placed on the consent calendar for the next meeting of the full ANC, Tuesday, June 13, at 7:00pm in Hill Center.  For the original post describing the first look at the project, see here:

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Capitol Hill Baptist Church To Build Five Townhouses on Church Parking Lot at 501 A Street, NE

Architect’s rendering of five new townhouses to be build next to Capitol Hill Baptist Church at 501 A Street, NE.

2017-06-10 00.43.42

Site of proposed townhouses.

Here’s the location of Capitol Hill Baptist Church just off East Capitol.

Capitol Hill Baptist Church To Build Five Townhouses on Church Parking Lot at 501 A Street, NE

by Larry Janezich

Wednesday night, ANC6C’s Planning and Zoning Committee approved the Historical Preservation Application of Capitol Hill Baptist Church (501 A Street, NE) to construct five new townhouses facing 6th Street, NE, on the parking lot on the north side of the church.  The Committee tinkered with the landscaping, hardscaping, and public space aspects of the design, and local architect Jeff Goins of PGN Architects agreed to incorporate the suggestions.

The church will retain ownership of the houses, each of which will contain two units.  The church plans to use the units as temporary residences for pastor-trainees and a host pastor who will oversee the operation of the units.  The timeline anticipates a 9 to 12 month construction period, once the city signs off on permits.  A nearby resident raised the issue of the impact of the new residences on neighborhood street parking, not only because of the additional potential car users, but also because of the loss of the parking lot for church-goers.  Parking issues, however, are outside of historic preservation province, and historic preservation was the question before the committee.  Since each of the residences will have a separate address and is separately titled, it appears that each of the ten residents will be eligible for a residential parking permit.  In addition, each property is apparently eligible for a renewable one year visitor’s parking permit.

The Committee voted to support the project, 7 – 0.  The matter now goes to the next meeting of the full ANC on Wednesday, June 14, at 7:00pm, at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, 700 2nd Street, NE.

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ANC6A Commissioner Matt Levy to Give Up ANC Seat on July 31

ANC6A04 Commissioner Matt Levy at tonight’s ANC6A Meeting.


ANC6A Commissioner Matt Levy to Give Up ANC Seat on July 31

by Larry Janezich

ANC6A04 Commissioner Matt Levy has announced that he will give up his seat on July 31. His announcement came at tonight ANC6A’s June meeting.  Levy has served on the commission for two and a half years and was applauded by his fellow commissioners for his work on the commission.

Levy, a Georgetown Hospital pediatrician, has accepted a new job as Medical Director of the Children’s Care Network, in Atlanta, Georgia.  Levy said he will work on creating a new model for access to care, affecting “a couple of hundred thousand kids”.  He will maintain a home on Capitol Hill and commute to Atlanta.

The process for his replacement is as follows:  After his resignation, there will be three weeks for potential candidates to register with the DC Board of Elections and gather 25 signatures on a petition to make them eligible to run for the ANC.  There will be a one week period for challenges to the eligibility of petition signers.  Then, at the next regularly scheduled ANC6A  meeting, the seat will be declared vacant, and a date for a special election announced – probably in September.  Asked if he knew of any potential candidates, Levy said he had spoken to “a couple of individuals” who had expressed interest in running.

ANC6A commissioners expressed their gratitude for Levy’s contribution to the community  at tonight’s meeting.  Levy said “Serving on the ANC has been a wonderful experience, it had been an honor, privilege, and a pleasure to work with all of you  to try it to make my community better.”

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The Week Ahead….& T-Mobile Now Open on Barracks Row (too bad if you’re packing heat, though)

T-Mobile’s new location at 8th and D Streets, SE, is now open. But, if you’re packing heat….

because no firearms allowed.

The Week Ahead….& T-Mobile Now Open on Barracks Row (too bad if you’re packing heat, though)

by Larry Janezich

Monday, June 5

  1. CHRS Historic Preservation Committee meets at 6:30pm in Kirby House, 420 10th Street, SE.
  2. ANC6C Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Committee meets at 7:00pm, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, 700 2nd Street, NE.

Among items on the agenda:

Buredo 625 H St, NE, new retailer’s Class “C” Restaurant liquor license.

Farmbird Restaurant Group, 625 H Street, NE, new Retailer’s Class “C” Restaurant liquor license.

Sticky Fingers Bakery Bistro, 406 H Street, NE, significant change in Retailer’s Class “C” Restaurant,  Entertainment Endorsement and Summer Garden Applications.

Tuesday, June 6

  1. ANC 6B Planning & Zoning Committee meets at 7:00pm, at St. Coletta of Greater Washington, 1901 Independence Avenue, SE.

Among items on the agenda:

Raze Application: 1329-1331 K Street SE (two, two-story semi-detached row houses).

1108 South Carolina Avenue, SE; Concept/two-story rear and side additions;

1108 South Carolina Avenue, SE; Zoning Adjustment for special exception from lot occupancy requirements, to construct a two-story rear and side addition of an existing one-family dwelling at 1108 South Carolina Avenue, SE.

Historic Preservation and BZA Applications regarding 3rd Street Alley; special exception from rear yard requirements and side yard requirements and for variances from alley centerline setback and surface requirements, to permit a two-story, two-unit apartment house on an alley lot at 205 3rd Street, SE.

Alley Naming of 3rd Street Alley [Previously approved in May as Lincoln School Court. Request that it be named “Ruppert” Alley].

119 7th Street SE, zoning adjustment – special exception from rear yard requirements, from the roof top architectural element requirements, and from the height limitations, to construct a rear and third story addition to an existing two story at 119 7th Street, SE.

Large Track Review (LTR) of Safeway site, 415 14th Street, SE.

Public Space Application; Alley Paving at 335 8th Street, SE, next to Hine project.

  1. ANC 6C Parks and Events Committee meets at 7:00pm, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, 700 2nd Street, NE.

Among items on the draft agenda:

NoMa Parks – Update from NoMa Parks Foundation concerning the status of NoMa parks projects. Representative: Stacie West, NoMa Parks Foundation.

NoMa Underpass Projects – Discussion with city officials regarding encampments at the various underpasses due for development by NoMa Parks Foundation.  Representatives: Ben Link & Elizabeth Horen, Program Analysts for the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services. Melvyn Smith, Department of Human Services.

Wednesday, June 7

  1. ANC 6C Planning, Zoning, and Economic Development Committee meets at 6:30pm in Northeast Library, 7th & D Streets, NE.

Among items on the draft agenda:

501 C Street, NE; Historic Preservation Application for concept approval for a rear addition and façade alteration.

525 A Street, NE; Historic Preservation Application of Capitol Hill Baptist Church for concept approval to construct five new townhouses along 6th Street, NE.

1005 1st Street, NE; Application for zoning adjustment for a special exception for garage and loading entrances, loading access, penthouse use, closed court area, to construct a mixed use project consisting of hotel, residential and retail uses at 1005 First Street, NE.  Representative: Leila Batties, Holland & Knight.

Discussion of DC Comprehensive Plan amendments

  1. ANC 6B Transportation Committee meets at 7:00pm, in Hill Center, 921 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.

Among items on the agenda:

Pennsylvania and Potomac Avenue Intersection Improvement Project Environmental Assessment.

DDOT Presentation on 15th/Kentucky/Potomac/G Street Intersection Study.

Thursday, June 8

  1. ANC 6A meeting 7:00 pm, Miner Elementary, 601 Fifteenth (15th) Street NE

Among items on the agenda:

Substantial change to liquor license request by the Elroy, 1423 H Street, NE; adding cover charge and dancing.

Request for a new liquor license by Dynamix Lounge , 1220 H Street, NE.

Letter to the DC City Council supporting DDOT’s exploration of the feasibility of installation of 3000 Kelvin LED lights, citing concern about higher intensity Kelvin lights and recommending full shielding.

Letter to DDOT requesting a traffic-calming study for the 1200 through 1500 blocks of C Street, NE.

Letter seeking guidance on marijuana businesses operating in residential areas.

Appeal of DCRA’s issuance of a business license and a Home Use Permit for Puff, Pass & Paint, a cannabis business operating in a residential neighborhood.

Letter of support to BZA for variances from the nonconforming structure requirements and the lot occupancy requirements to construct a rear addition on the first floor of a one-family at 520 Twelfth Street, NE, on the condition that the homeowners make their best efforts to obtain letters of support from the owners of 1125 and 1127 Maryland Avenue, NE.

Letter of support to HPRB for an interior renovation and two (2) story rear addition with a cellar at 1362 East Capitol Street, NE, on the condition that the homeowners use best efforts to obtain a letter of support from 1364 and 1362 East Capitol Street NE.

  1. ANC6B Alcohol Beverage Control Committee meets at 7:00pm, at Hill Center.

Among items on the agenda:

Hawk N’ Dove, 329 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, Substantial change in the renewal of a Class “C” Tavern License with a sidewalk café, to include Cover Charge Dancing Entertainment Endorsement, and expanded Hours of Operation & Service: Mon-Th 10 am-2 am; Fri-Sat 10 am – 3 am; Same for Sidewalk Café.

Lola’s, 711 8th Street, SE, Renewal of a Class “C” Tavern License with a sidewalk café endorsement.  Hours of Operation & Service: Mon-Th 10 am-2 am; Fri-Sat 10 am – 3 am; Same for Sidewalk Café.

The Ugly Mug, 723 8th Street, SE, Application to add a Brew Pub Amendment to the existing license for the establishment.  Install equipment on street level floor of the premises to produce 275 barrels or 525 half-kegs of beer.

  1. ANC 6C Transportation and Public Space Committee meets at 7:00pm at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, 700 2nd Street, NE.

Among items on the agenda:

NoMa Bicycle Study – DDOT is soliciting preliminary input on how to build out the bicycle infrastructure network from K to N Streets and from 6th Street, NW to 6th Street, NE. The website for the project is they have an interactive map where you can draw your preferred routes.

501 H Street, NE; Mixed use building currently under construction. Application to add bollards and railings in the alley to protect the neighboring house from accidental damage from cars using surface parking spots located off the alley.  Representative: Chris Regan, Douglas Development Corp. [

Loree Grand Mural Mural concept from Words, Beats and Life,  for the large, blank wall at 3rd and L Streets, NE.  Representative: Mazi, Words, Beats and Life

301 N Street, NE, Traffic control plan and public space construction for new development. Proposed traffic control plan includes closing N Street, NE, to avoid using residential streets.  Representative: Devan Belnap, Foulger Pratt.

Saturday, June 10

Friends of Southeast Library (FOSEL) will hold a book sale, 10:00am – 3:00pm, Southeast Library, lower level.

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Residents Weigh In on Pennsylvania/Potomac Avenue Intersection Redesign – Comment Period Opens

More than 50 residents attended DDOT’s community meeting to hear resident feedback on the PA Ave/Potomac Ave intersection redesign.  CM Charles Allen is in the center of photo.  

Alternative 1. The Triangle Park Design.  Note depiction of park/green space, upper right.  (click to enlarge)

Alternative 2. the Rectangle Park Design.

Alternative 3. The Ellipse Park Design.

Residents Weigh In on Pennsylvania/Potomac Avenue Intersection Redesign  – Comment Period Opens

Bus Stop Location Concerns Jenkins Row Residents

by Larry Janezich

Thursday night, DDOT hosted a community meeting at Hill Center to release the Environmental Assessment and get input from residents on the redesign of the confusing and dangerous Pennsylvania/Potomac Avenue SE intersection.

Councilmember Charles Allen opened the meeting, asserting that the intersection does not work and that residents should not feel wedded to any of the three designs DDOT planners have come up with – that elements of one design could be incorporated into another.  Allen said the focus should be on pedestrians and how the intersection can work for the community rather than just moving traffic.  Most important, he said, was determining how the intersection can improve pedestrian safety and work for the neighborhood.

DDOT representatives told residents that the meeting marks the beginning of the public review period prior to the Environmental Protection Agency decision on the project.  Residents will have until June 30 to comment on the plans (info below).

Once public review of the Environmental Assessment and the three designs is complete, DDOT will make a decision on the redesign this summer.  Following the selection of one of the alternatives, it will take about a year to complete final design and a little longer for that for the National Park Service to transfer any lands to the city, should that be necessary.

Planners say that designs of the park/green space elements are not fully fleshed out.    One of the DDOT representatives said DDOT’s final design for the park will depend on community input, likely through a task force of community stakeholders; “Tell us what you want.”

There are three alternatives being offered:

  • Triangle Park Design:  Most like existing condition.  The resulting park/green space in the median would be 25,000 square feet (one half acre) and could contain a sculpture or water element.
  • Rectangular Park Design: Encourages low transit speed and would feature a mid-block crosswalk, sculpture or water element, and enhanced landscaping and hardscaping.  The center park – 25,500 square feet – could be lined with trees and would provide a place for civic activities.
  • Ellipse Park Design. Encourages low transit speed and would feature a mid-block crosswalk, sculpture or water element, and enhanced landscaping and hardscaping.  The center park – 34,300 square feet – could be lined with trees would provide a unique shape for the neighborhood park.

Many of those who attended expressed concern about the bus stops.  All three plans maintain all bus routes through the intersection with bus stops generally in the same place or close to the same place.

Several residents of Jenkin’s Row called the bus stop on Pennsylvania Avenue near the resident’s entrance, problematic in term of the noise associated with the bus traffic as well and the gathering of riders outside the residential entrance to the building.  One resident told CHC that some 160 eastbound 30s buses stop at this intersection every weekday; all of those would stop in front of the main entrance to Jenkins Row under the Rectangle and Ellipse proposals. This is in addition to approximately 90 circulator buses that might stop there if DDOT so desires.  Some residents want the stop shifted to the east side of the intersection on the 1400 block of Pennsylvania Avenue. See schematics depicting proposed bus stops below.

That address marks the location of the proposed development of the NY Pizza site at 1401 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, where CAS Riegler Development plans to build a mixed retail/apartment project is a retail project at heart, with 19,000 square feet “Class A” retail, and 174 residential units.  See here:  During the PUD process to change the zoning to permit increased height and density for the site, CAS Riegler agreed not to protest a bus stop on the south side of Pennsylvania Avenue in the 1400 block.

The deadline for comments is June 30, and they can be submitted to DDOT via email or on the DDOT website which has additional info on the project, here:

Alternative 1. Triangle Park, showing proposed bus stops.  (click to enlarge)

Alternative 2. Rectangle.

Alternative 3. Ellipse.


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Here’s a Look at the (New) Barracks Row Lola’s, Opening Today

Lola’s on Barracks Row is back. Last night’s soft opening preceded a return to business today.

The scene at Lola’s last night at circa 9:00pm

Here’s a Look at the (New) Barracks Row Lola’s, Opening Today

by Larry Janezich

Lola’s on Barracks Row had a soft opening last night and opens for regular operations today.  What’s new?  Lots of mahogany, new floors, and new banquette seating, a new menu (see below) featuring top end burgers in place of entrees and new bartenders – crowd pleasing Mark from Senart’s and Miguel – who, patrons say, “make the bar an interesting place to be”.  The pool tables on the second and third floor remain, as does “Jack’s Porch” named for a regular who serves as a clarinetist in the Marine Band.

Last fall, Xavier Cervera and his partners regained ownership of the string of Capitol Hill/Nats Park restaurants which were sold to a Boston equity firm in December 2012.  Cervera said that one of his first steps after regaining control would be to temporarily close Lola’s for refurbishment of the interior. See original story here:

A new menu features top end burgers

And here’s a look at the brunch menu

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7-11 Execs Meet with ANC Commissioners & Residents on Hill East Location

ANC Commissioners Krepp (at right) and Jayaraman (2nd from right) and Hill East residents meet with Hill East 7-11 reps on community issues.  7-11 rep Greg Manzer is in maroon jacket.  

7-11 Execs Meet with ANC Commissioners & Residents on Hill East Location

by Larry Janezich

Last Thursday, 7-11 executives, including Greg Manzer, regional Market Manager and Nancy Wade, Franchise Sales Representative, met with Hill East residents to discuss the transition of the currently corporate-run store to a franchise operation and to hear concerns about about the stores’s operation.  The meeting was organized by ANC Commissioner Denise Krepp.  ANC6B Chair Chander Jayaraman also attended the meeting at 15th and Independence Avenue,SE.

Manzer, who oversees 104 7-11’s in the region, said that the store would go under a new franchise operator in third week of July.  7-11 will sponsor a customer appreciation day in connection with the transition to new management.

Krepp asked the store reps about the on-going reports of theft at the store.  Manzer said that theft is a part of the business that goes on every day, accounting for losses amounting to $15 – $20 per day.

He noted that thefts extended beyond food items, singling out health and beauty aids as being among products most frequently taken.  Theft is a particular issue in the afternoons, after school lets out, but Manzer says that hiring security at $30 an hour is a “challenge of economics.”

Issues raised by neighbors included trash from carryout food discarded throughout the neighborhood, delivery times, and trucks idling for long periods.  Manzer told attendees that “I’m committed to helping this community anyway I can.”  To that end, he seemed amenable to sponsoring a once a month community clean up with free coffee and pastries.

Manzer said there was little he could do regarding adjustment of delivery times which are driven by factors beyond his control.  He did pledge to have managers make greater efforts for delivery trucks to abide by idling restrictions.

The store, open only 11 months, has seen five managers rotate through the store.  A franchise operator, Manzer says, will provide more stability.

Afterward, Jayaraman said, “I appreciate that 7-Eleven corporate came out in the rain to hear about community concerns, their willingness to follow up on issues, and commitment to take a more active role to be part of the solution.  I am hopeful that this is a harbinger of a new corporate approach to addressing the concerns of residents in neighborhoods where they operate.”


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The Week Ahead….

In town for Rolling Thunder. 8th and G Streets, SE, Friday, May 26, circa 6:30pm.

The Week Ahead….

by Larry Janezich

Tuesday, May 30

  1. ANC6B’s Executive Committee meets at 7:00pm in Hill Center to set the agenda for the next monthly meeting of the full commission, on Tuesday, June 13.
  2. Hill resident and author of Hollywood on the Potomac, Mike Canning, a long-time film reviewer for The Hill Rag , takes a look at the movies featuring DC. Canning’s talk will use  short film-clips to show how our city, has been portrayed in feature films— from “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” to “All the President’s Men” to “No Way Out” to “Minority Report”, etc.  PRICE: $20 Members; $25 Non-members. Includes hors d’oeuvres. Cash Bar.  5:30pm – 8:00pm, Woman’s National Democratic Club, 1526 New Hampshire Ave NW (corner of Q St, near Dupont Circle), (202) 232-7363.  Registration:

Wednesday, May 31

  1. Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee meets at 7:00ppm, in the North Hall of Eastern Market. The North hall is located at the corner of 7th and North Carolina Ave SE.

Among items on the agenda:

Appraisers Preliminary Report subject of Special meeting June 14th

Developments on status of 7th Street between C and Pennsylvania Avenue

Market Managers Report:  Status of Leases, Financials, Eastern Market Main Street

Thursday, June 1

  1. Community Meeting on DDOT’s Pennsylvania & Potomac Avenue, SE Intersection Improvement Project: 6:30-8:30pm, Hill Center, Abraham Lincoln Hall, 921 Penn Ave SE. DDOT released its environmental assessment for this project here:
  2. PSA 107 meets at 7:00pm in Southeast Library, lower level.
  3. Friends of Southeast Library (FOSEL) meet at 5:30pm in Southeast Library, lower level.

Reminder:  Register to participate in the Barracks Row 4th of July Parade. 

Join the parade on the Fourth of July- just register and you, your family, your school, your group can be a part of an All American tradition. Just sign up with Phil Guire, Grand Marshall of the parade here:  

Remember- this is a rain or shine event. Marchers meet at 8th and I Street under the 695 freeway to form up- and at 10am sharp Phil will start the parade.

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The Week Ahead…& Barracks Row’s Ugly Mug Partners with Microbrewery

The ground floor of Barracks Row’s Ugly Mug is undergoing extensive renovation.  Sources have confirmed that the Ugly Mug will partner with Veteran’s Brew Pub which will open on the first floor. Veteran’s Brew Pub, a brewery owned and operated by veterans, is developing a national profile. The Barracks Row microbrewery will feature a half dozen beers brewed on site.  Time line is uncertain.  More later.

The Week Ahead…& Ugly Mug Partners with Microbrewery

Monday, May 22

ANC6A Community Outreach Committee meets at 7:00pm, at Maury Elementary School, 1250 Constitution Avenue, NE. CANCELLED

Agenda not available at press time.

Tuesday, May 23

PSA 106 (Police Service Area) meets at 7:00pm, at the Congressional Quarter Community Center, 5th and K Streets, SE.

Douglas Klein of the US Attorney’s office will talk about the Preventive Detention of Defendants. In light of some recent violent crimes in the First District, he will talk about what determines if a defendant will be preventatively detained pending trial.

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City OKs Pop Up in Cap Hill Historic District – Orders Work Stopped – Now Wants Tear Down

231 10th Street, SE

City OKs Pop Up in Cap Hill Historic District – Orders Work Stopped – Now Wants Tear Down

by Larry Janezich

In February, the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) issued a permit for a pop up addition in the Capitol Hill Historic District and then issued a stop work order after the construction was well underway. DCRA issued permits to Blue Star Design Build, owned by Eric and Christal Goetz, for an addition to a townhouse at in the Capitol Hill Historic District at 231 10th Street, SE.  Since the property lies in the Historic District, the permit application should have been referred to the Historic Preservation Board (HPRB) for review, just as a second application to construct a two story garage on the property had been.   It wasn’t (perhaps this should have been a tip off to the developer who has done other projects on Capitol Hill), and the applicants proceeded with the work on the addition.  After a stop work order was issued, Blue Star backtracked and filed a Historic Preservation Application with HPRB in March.

The plans call for the construction of a three story rear addition and one story roof addition to an existing extending onto the roof of the original house which is a “contributing structure” in the Capitol Hill Historic District,

As they do on all new construction in the Historic District, the Capitol Hill Restoration Society weighed in, pointing out that regulations provide that an addition must not be visible from public space, must be smaller than the original building, and must not be built over the main block of a historic house.  The proposed project would violate all three.  CHRS’ recommendation included language saying that “Removing the third story would correct the problems with visibility, subordination, and building over the main block of the house”, and urged the HPRB to order the removal of the third story addition.

When the Application came up before ANC6B at its April meeting, the ANC voted 7 – 0 – 1 to support the applicant’s case before HPRB, but offered no support for why they thought the project was consistent with Historic Preservation requirements; commissioners seemed persuaded by the argument that a mistake had been made by DCRA, and the applicants should not have to pay for it.

The Historic Preservation Office reviewing the application on behalf of HPRB, recommended that HPRB approve a modified permit that includes only a two story rear addition – meaning that they want the applicants tear down the new – but incomplete – construction on the project.

On April 27, the HPRB agreed with the HPO recommendation; “The [HPRB] found the concept for a two-story rear addition to be compatible with the character of the historic district, but found that the third floor roof and rear addition to be incompatible with the character of this property and the historic district. Vote: 9-0.”

The applicant has the option of appealing the HPO’s decision to “The Mayor’s Agent”, i.e., The Director of the Office of Planning, Eric D. Shaw, appointed by Mayor Muriel Bowser, and to the DC Court system, should Shaw back up the HPRB.

This is the latest instance in a series of errors over the past several months involving the issuing of permits and enforcement by DCRA.  Capitol Hill Corner reported on several of these lapses by the agency.  See here: and here

Update:  Blue Star Design is also the architect of an alley dwelling at 205 Third Street, SE.  See here:


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