More Public Art Planned for Eastern Market Metro Plaza Park

More Public Art Planned for Eastern Market Metro Plaza Park

by Larry Janezich                      

Posted January 27, 2021

At a progress briefing on Eastern Market Metro Plaza Park held on Wednesday by Diego Martinez, project manager for the Department of General Services, Martinez announced plans for a second and possibly a third piece of public art for the Plaza/Park.  This, in addition to Jay Coleman’s interactive sculpture “Loveful Hands” which will reside in front of the entrance to Eastern Market Metro.

Barracks Row Mainstreet is funding the fabrication and installation of Beth Nybeck’s “Found You” – three 5 & 7 foot metal sculptures of rabbits playing hide and seek. The artist describes the piece as a “hopeful, whimsical, playful experience to help people find the goodness and light existing within each other”. The stainless steel structures are perforated so that light from inside will sprinkle light on the ground at night.  The piece will be will be placed near the playground on Parcel 4 of the Plaza/Park. 

Another piece which is under consideration for addition to the project is Hiroshi Jacobs” “Weaving”.   The 4X20X9 construction of plate steel encourages interaction and can be experienced in different ways.  It would be sited on Parcel 6 – the small triangle park in front of Trader Joe’s.  The artist says it “represents intersection and interaction among people, providing seating and promoting communication”.  David Perry, Chairman of Barracks Row Mainstreet, measured the enthusiasm of the community stakeholders who attended the meeting and said he would take a proposal to fund the piece to the Barracks Row Mainstreet Board. 

Artist Jay Coleman’s piece, “Loveful Hands” was selected last year by the Eastern Market Metro Plaza Advisory Taskforce as the first choice for public art located near the Metro entrance on Parcel 4.  “Found You” and “Weaving” also enjoyed considerable support from stakeholders in the community resulting efforts to find ways to fund additional pieces for the Park/Plaza project. 

For more information on the original 8 artistic concepts submitted for consideration for the project, see here:

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