Let’s Compromise: “The Washington Banana Skins”


May 22, 2016 · 12:15 am

7 responses to “Let’s Compromise: “The Washington Banana Skins”

  1. Green Gardener

    Great cartoon!

  2. Bobbi Krengel

    Now when people say our NFL team needs to change its name, I agree, because “Washington” is offensive.

  3. Mark Ugoretz

    While this is a good effort at compromise, it fails to take into account that it would effectively change the name of the team which leads to very complicated and expensive legal efforts involving corporate identity, loan issues and a host of other problems. The team appears loathe to expend such resources.

    Another more simple solution, and I hesitate to call it better, would be to retain the name “Redskins” but simply change the logo to a peanut.

    The team would continue to be called “Redskins” but the logo would change from the reference offensive to Native Americans and others to that of a peanut. I fail to foresee any objections to a peanut other than the prevalence of some allergic reactions attending to ingestion. Someone has to suffer.

  4. Marci Hilt

    I like Redskin — with a redskin potato as a logo.