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Capitol Hill Environmental Affairs Writer Co-authors Dire Warning on Climate Issues

Capitol Hill Environmental Affairs Writer Co-authors Dire Warning on Climate Issues

Long time Capitol Hill author and active community member John R. Wennersten has co-authored book warning of the coming humanitarian disaster owing to the failure to address global warming.  One of the foremost issues is the relationship between the displacement of non-conflict climate refugees and the conflict-driven refugees.  (The issue is reaching critical mass at a time when the United States is deporting record numbers of undocumented immigrants and legal immigrants are approaching record numbers.)

Capitol Hill resident John R. Wennersten is an environmental affairs writer and author of Global Thirst: Water and Society in the 21st Century. Co-author Denise Robbins is a writer and communications expert on climate change issues in Washington, DC. She regularly publishes articles dealing with all aspects of global and national environmental change, with a focus on regional politics.

From the Indiana University Press website:

Rising Tides: Climate Refugees in the Twenty-First Century

John R. Wennersten and Denise Robbins

Global climate change is undeniable. Over the next few decades, as sea levels rise, storms intensify, and drought and desertification run rampant, hundreds of millions of civilians will abandon their homes, cities, and even entire countries. What will happen to these massive numbers of environmental refugees? Where will they go, what rights will they have, and who will take care of them?

Over 200 million people in Asian countries live on land that will be affected by rising seas. Picture Pakistan, India, and China—all nuclear powers—skirmishing at their borders over access to shared rivers and farmable land with former coastal areas now submerged. Imagine tens of thousands of Pacific and Indian Ocean islanders cast adrift by waves that have drowned their nations, and more than 100,000 Caribbean islanders forced to leave submerged towns. Consider the complete abandonment of Miami Beach and other coastal communities up and down the Americas. At the same time, hundreds of millions will be desperate for water and a secure life in drought-ravaged Africa and the Middle East.

Rising Tides sounds an urgent wakeup call to the growing crisis of climate refugees, and offers an essential, continent-by-continent look at these dangers. The crisis is everywhere and it is imminent. Detailing a number of solutions, John R. Wennersten and Denise Robbins argue that no nation can tackle this universal problem alone. The crisis of climate refugees requires global, concerted solutions beyond the strategic, fiscal, and legal capability of a single country or agency.

For more information:

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Barracks Row Restaurant Update:  ANXO Opens Thursday, Chi-Ko on Friday – plus Proposed Hill Center Coffee Shop/Wine Bar

Barracks Row Restaurant Update:  ANXO Opens Thursday, Chi-Ko on Friday – plus Proposed Hill Center Coffee Shop/Wine Bar

by Larry Janezich

Long shot and close up of ANXO at 525 8th Street, SE  A “Porron” is a vessel for serving drinks and cocktails.  Click to enlarge.

ANXO:  The Barracks Row Cidery & Pintxos Bar will open at 7:00pm on Thursday in the old Phase 1 Bar location.  The venue will operate as a pop up for a six month trial period: owner Sam Fitz says “we are currently exploring how long we want to stay at this location.”  Fitz has has reached an agreement for a three year lease with the building’s owner which will allow him to continue if the concept is successful.

The restaurant has teamed with local artists to create an art installation that will serve food and drink, with emphasis on a menu of Northern Spain (San Sebastian) dishes designed to cater to an evening dinner crowd.  Pintxos (pincho = “spike”) is a small snack featured in bars in Northern Spain.  They differ from tapas in being served on a toothpick, usually with bread.

ANXO’s application for a change in operation hours (to open at 10:00am instead of 7:00pm as provided in the current license) comes up before ANC6B’s Alcohol Beverage Control Committee on Thursday.

ANXO has locations in Truxton Circle and Brightwood Park.  More information about ANXO including their craft ciders and the Spanish-themed menu is here:

Chi – Ko at 423 8th Street, SE

Chi-Ko:  As reported by Eater DC The new Chinese/Korean 40 seat restaurant Chi-Ko will have a soft opening on Friday, July 7, when it will begin serving dinner at 5:00pm.   The Barracks Row restaurant will replace the gourmet hot dog outlet DC-3 which the Matchbox group closed last summer. The restaurant’s application for a liquor license is also up before ANC6B’s Alcohol Beverage Committee on Thursday, meaning the soft opening will not be featuring alcohol.

For more, see here:  Chi-Ko

The building formerly home to Bayou Bakery at Hill Center will become a new coffee shop and wine bar.

New coffee shop/wine bar at Hill Center:  After Bayou Bakery closed its restaurant at Hill Center last year, the lease was taken over by Aaron Silverman (Rose’s Luxury/Pineapple and Pearls).  Silverman told Capitol Hill Corner that he will move the coffee shop from the Pineapple & Pearls location on Barracks Row to the Hill Center space formerly home to Bayou Bakery.  His plan is to expand the coffee shop offerings by day, and in the evening transition to a wine bar with an appropriate menu.

Asked what his timeline was, Silverman said he had filed an application for a remodeling permit with the DC Department of Consumer Affairs, and was uncertain when it would be approved – “it could by 2017 or 2018.”

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July 4th Parade, 2017, Barracks Row – Photo Essay

The Marine Band lead the parade.

Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen waves to the crowd.

Councilmember at Large Elissa Silverman engages the crowd.

The Capitol Hill Garden Club – the oldest Capitol Hill community civic organization.

Part of the Hopkins and Potomac Gardents Spirit Community Drum Corps – appearing for the first time in the parade.

Mayor Bowser …

Capitol Hill owes more than they realize to the Capitol Hill BID

And the elaborately costumed…..



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The Week Ahead….Barracks Row July Fourth Parade Starts at 10:00am on Tuesday

Eastern Market, Saturday, July 2, circa 9:00am

The Week Ahead….Barracks Row July Fourth Parade Starts at 10:00am on Tuesday

Monday, July 3

6:30 pm

CHRS Historic Preservation Committee meets at 6:30pm, Kirby House, 420 10th Street SE, first floor.

Tuesday, July 4

The DC Department of Public Works will observe Independence Day; sanitation services and parking enforcement will be suspended.

Trash and Recycling Collections: Trash and recycling collections will “slide” to the next day, for the remainder of the week. This applies to both once-a-week and twice-a-week collection neighborhoods. Trash and recycling containers should be put out for collection no earlier than 6:30 pm the night before collection and removed from public space by 8 pm on the collection day to avoid sanitation enforcement.

DPW will not enforce parking meters, residential parking, rush hour lane restrictions or tow abandoned vehicles Tuesday, July 4, except along the streetcar line.

July 4th Parade

The parade forms up under the Interstate at 8th St. & 695 at 9:00am and steps off at 10:00am sharp, from 8th & I St, SE, lead by the Marine Corps Marching Band and ends at Eastern Market Metro Plaza at 11:00AM.

Many Barracks Row businesses will be open during the parade – including District Doughnut, Capital Teas, Spring Mill Bread, Summit to Soul, Lola’s, Ambar, Matchbox, Ted’s Bulletin and Hills Kitchen.

Both The Skill Zone and Miracle Theater will have Open Houses beginning at 9am on the 4th for kids and parents as an oasis – for water, bathrooms and general cooling down.

Some restaurants like Ophelia’s Fish House will even do a special menu for the 4th featuring brunch with bottomless mimosas. However, others like Belga, Cava and Lavagna will be closed on the 4th to give staff a mid-summer break.

Wednesday, July 5

  1. ANC6B Planning & Zoning Committee meets at 7:00pm in the cafeteria at St. Coletta of Greater Washington, 1901 Independence

Among items on the agenda:

Resolution or letter to City Council on Air B n’ B Legislation

Historic Preservation Application for 226 Kentucky Avenue, SE

Zoning Adjustment Application for 1349 South Carolina Avenue, S.E. to construct a three-story rear addition.

Historic Preservation Application for 818 Potomac Avenue, SE; concept/construct new four-story building.

Historic Preservation Application for 418-420 7th Street, SE; proposed condo conversion.

Historic Preservation Application for 418 New Jersey Ave., SE; concept new building.

Historic Preservation Application 400 D Street, SE; concept/construct 5 new townhouses.

Zoning Adjustment Application for 716 16th Street, SE, for special exceptions from the parking requirements and from the use restrictions to expand an existing accessory structure for residential use in the RF-1 Zone.

Zoning Adjustment Application for 220 2nd Street, SE, variance to add 13th apartment rental unit in basement of existing apartment house.

  1. ANC 6C Planning, Zoning, and Economic Development Committee meets at 6:30pm, Northeast Library, 7th and D Streets, NE.

Among items on the draft agenda:

2 Patterson Street, NE (non-voting item) – Informational presentation on upcoming RFP (request for proposals) for 42,000sf lot currently used for surface parking.

Zoning Adjustment Application for 609 Orleans Place, NE, for a special exception from the lot occupancy requirements and the rear yard requirements to construct a rear deck addition to an existing, nonconforming one-family dwelling in the RF-1 Zone.  Filed for expedited review and decision on September 6; no hearing will be held absent a request by the ANC or other objector.

Zoning Adjustment Application for 714 4th St. NE, for a special exception from the minimum parking requirements to convert an existing accessory building into additional living space for the existing one-family dwelling in the RF-1 Zone.

Historic Preservation Application for 501 C Street, NE – Revised application of MGM Public Policy, LLC for concept approval for a rear addition and façade alteration. Representative: Andi Adams (architectural historian), Goulston & Storrs.

Historic Preservation Application for 418-420 7th Street, NE, to combine two houses; construct rear and rooftop additions; and construct a building at the rear of the property.

Proposed changes to zoning regulations– In March 2017, the Zoning Commission adopted a new rule in ZC 14-11B requiring zoning relief for “pop-backs” extending more than 10’ past an adjacent dwelling. These two followup rulemaking proceedings address whether certain permit applications should be grandfathered and exempted from the restriction and whether the regulation needs technical clarification.

Thursday, July 6

  1. ANC 6B Alcohol Beverage Control Committee meets at 7:00pm, in the Frager’s Hardware Conference Room, Room 314, Third Floor, Hill Center, 921 Pennsylvania, SE.

Among items on the agenda:

ANXO (pronounced An-cho), 525 8th Street, SE (Phase 1 Building), Substantial Change for Hours (to open at 10 am) of a Class “C” Tavern License  Current Hours: Mon-Th 7:00pm – 2:00am; Fri-Sat 7:00pm – 3:00am; No sidewalk Café; Seeking to open at 10:00am.

Chi-Ko, 423 8th Street, SE, (formerly DC-3), New Class “C” Restaurant License, 40 person capacity, Hours sought: Sun-Sat. 10:00am – 12:00am.  No other endorsements.

  1. ANC6C Transportation and Public Space Committee meets at 7:00pm in the Kaiser Permanente Capitol Hill Medical Center, 700 Second Street NE.

Among items on the agenda:

New Zipcar Spaces.  Carsharing provider Zipcar is looking to reserve four street parking spaces within ANC 6C for their cars. After previously presenting two options to the committee in April, the committee opted to further examine the areas and invite Zipcar to return. The current proposed locations are the first two spaces on 4th St. NE at the northeast corner of the M St. intersection (currently unregulated) and the first two spaces on 8th St NE at the southeast corner of the C St. intersection (currently Zone 6).

45 L Street, NE.  Public Space application – construction for new mixed-use building: paving, landscape, fixtures, etc.

150 M Street, NE.  Proposed traffic control plan for new mixed-use development currently under construction. Plan involves closing the westbound lane of M St. NE after Delaware Ave. from 7 am to 7 pm.

New York Avenue Streetscape.  DDOT is working to create a cohesive corridor streetscape and trail for all users of New York Avenue, NE. This project will identify improvements that include sidewalks, streetlights, plantings, trees, benches, public art and other public space improvements. Details can be found at While the project area is outside of ANC 6C, this corridor is an important connection to our neighborhood and will interface with other important connectors (e.g., the Metropolitan Branch Trail and 4th Street).

6th Street, NE – Bike Lanes. New bike lanes have been painted on 6th St. NE by Florida Ave. and M Street. The committee will consider requesting bollards be added.

  1. PSA 107 meets at 7:00pm, in the Sourtheast Library, lower level.


  1. Friends of Southeast Library (FOSEL) meet at 5:30pm, Southeast Library, lower level.

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