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NYC Go Bus Wants Stop Near Eastern Market

ANC6B’s Transportation Committee met Wednesday night in Hill Center to consider an application for a Go Bus pick up site near Eastern Market.

NYC Go Bus Wants Stop Near Eastern Market

By Larry Janezich

Wednesday night, Commissioner Kirsten Oldenburg’s ANC6B Transportation Committee heard Go Bus reps Michael Curreri and Matt Schapiro present the company’s DOT Public Space application for 24/7  use of 5 parking spaces, at 721 D Street, across from Hill’s Kitchen.  Go Bus wants a stop here for their service to New York City.

The stop would be the final pickup point before getting on 295 for the four hour trip to the 30th Street and 9th Avenue stop in Manhattan, on a route that starts in Capitol Heights with stops in Alexandria and L’Enfant Plaza.

The Committee supports the concept, but has concerns about the narrowness of the street and the loss of parking for the small businesses there which rely on customer parking.  After some discussion regarding possible alternative parking spaces, including spaces near 8th and Pennsylvania, Seward Square, Potomac Metro, and Stadium Armory Metro, the Committee voted 12 – 0 to embrace the concept but oppose the application as currently stated.  Chair Kirsten Oldenburg spoke for the committee, saying she hoped to see a new version of the application come forth soon.

Go Bus seems committed to a stop near Eastern Market, and indicated they will file a new application with an alternate location as soon as possible.  Once the needed parking spaces are agreed upon and a permit issued, service could start within 60 days.  Currently a round trip ticket from L’Enfant to NYC is about $42.00.  The stop would also be a discharge point for trips returning from NYC.  Currently, on the busiest days, there are 3 trips departing from L’Enfant Plaza.  Company reps say buses will stop for about ten minutes at the site.



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The Week Ahead….

Gardening, Politics and Social Justice on 12th Street, SE. The barely visible sign against the house says “It’s time to activate the 25th Amendment.”  An image almost hidden in the foliage is of Emma Gonzalez from Stoneman Douglas High School, activist and advocate for gun control.

The Week Ahead….

by Larry Janezich

Tuesday, September 4

ANC6B’s Planning and Zoning Committee will meet at 7:00pm at St. Coletta of Greater Washington, 1901 Independence Avenue, SE. 

Among items on the draft agenda:

624 C Street, SE; Historic preservation application – concept/one-story rear addition above existing basement and first floor, alter rear façade.

210 9th Street, SE; Historic preservation application – concept/rear addition.

152 11th Street, SE; Historic preservation application – concept/rear addition.

710 E Street, SE; Historic preservation application – concept/three-story rear addition.

225 Pennsylvania Avenue SE; Historic Preservation application – concept/replace storefront and construct new three-story rear addition.

221 9th Street, SE; Historic Preservation application – concept/2nd story addition to 1 story garage.

1515 E Street, SE; Zoning adjustment application – special exception to construct a two-story rear addition to an existing principal dwelling unit.

433 New Jersey Ave. SE; Zoning adjustment application –  special exception to construct a new roof deck and access stair on an existing principal dwelling unit.

1347 G Street, SE; Zoning adjustment application – variance to construct a third story addition and convert the existing principal dwelling unit.

411 New Jersey Avenue, SE; Historic preservation application (renewal) – concept renewal/new three-story building.  Owner: National Democratic Club.

716-718 L Street SE; Historic preservation application – concept/demolish building except for the L Street elevation.

Capitol Hill Restoration Society Historic Preservation Committee meets at 6:30pm at Kirby House, 420 10th Street, SE. 

Among items on the draft agenda:

Uncertain at press time, but likely candidates are listed in the Historic Preservation cases currently before ANC6B’s Planning and Zoning Committee, meeting the same night.

ANC 6C Parks & Events Committee meets at 7:00pm, Kaiser-Permanente Capitol Hill Medical Center (700 2nd St. NE, Room G2).

Among items on the draft agenda:

NoMa Parks Foundation – update on status of pending parks projects and underpass installations. Robin-Eve Jasper, President of NoMa Business Improvement District, will provide a status update on parks projects and underpass installations.

Environmental issues – The committee will determine topics for October, November and December meetings.

Wednesday, September 5

ANC6B Transportation Committee will meet at 7:00pm at Hill Center.

Among items on the draft agenda:

DDOT Public Space application from Academy Bus LLC, for 5 curbside spaces at 721 D Street, SE, for use all hours on weekdays/weekends.

DC “Draft Small Cell Design Guidelines.”  Here’s a link to DC Government’s Office of Chief Technology Officer’s page on small cells:

ANC 6C Planning, Zoning, and Economic Development Committee meets at 6:30pm, Northeast Library, 7th and D Streets, NE. 

Among items on the draft agenda:

1119 Abbey Place, NE, Zoning adjustment application for special exceptions from lot occupancy, rear yard requirements and non-conforming structure requirements and minimum parking requirements to enclose a rear porch and construct a second-story rear addition to an existing principal dwelling unit.

Proposed letter to DCRA – Discussion of proposal to send letter recommending that DCRA print the legal days/hours for performing construction activity on every construction permit.

Thursday, September 6

ANC6B Alcoholic Beverage Control Committee will meet at 7:00pm at Hill Center. 

Among items on the draft agenda:

423 8th Street, S.E.; The Fried Rice Collective, LLC – ChiKo is applying to expand their hours (which the Settlement Agreement allows), and request a stipulated license to allow operation at the new hours until formally approved.

301 7th Street, S.E.;  Radici Uno (One Root), LLC – Radici has applied for a substantial change from a class D to a class C Restaurant license and is requesting longer hours for service of alcohol, and to add spirits, as well as a stipulated license to allow operation until the new license is formally approved.

520 8th Street, S.E.; Senart’s, LLC – Orchid: Substantial change application to change from a Class C restaurant license to a Tavern license.

ANC 6C Transportation and Public Space Committee meets at 7:00pm, Kaiser Permanente Capitol Hill Medical Center, 700 2nd St. NE, Room G3-G4. 

Among items on the draft agenda:

8th Street, NE –DDOT has issued a notice of intent (NOI) to remove 40’ of resident permit parking spaces and establish a 15-minute loading zone along southbound 8th Street NE. DDOT recently completed a study concerning pedestrian safety at the intersection of 8th & D Streets, NE. This study found that No Parking zones on the corners of the south leg are being used for illegal parking. This behavior reduces the visibility of pedestrians both in and approaching the crosswalk. As a result, DDOT determined that curb bulb-outs will be installed with flexible post delineators to physically prevent this illegal parking. During the study, DDOT noted that patrons of local businesses were utilizing these No Parking zones. DDOT intends to establish this loading zone to provide an area for these activities to occur without impacting pedestrian safety at 8th & D Streets.  8th Street is the border between ANC 6C and ANC 6A.

508 L St. NE – Application to install a multi-unit mailbox for new condos in public space.

Friends of Southeast Library meet at 5:30pm in Southeast Library, lower level.

Those who are interested in supporting the Southeast Library and working in the nearly every month second Tuesday book sales are welcome to attend.

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Here’s a Photo Progress Report on Seven Major Capitol Hill SE Developments

Here’s a Photo Progress Report on Seven Major Capitol Hill SE Developments

by Larry Janezich

On June 5, Capitol Hill Corner posted a photo progress report on five major Capitol Hill developments.  Three months later, here’s a progress report on those projects, plus two more.

The seven projects will provide 1,185 residential units to Capitol Hill’s housing stock.  Below are photos of where construction stands today, coupled with renderings of how the projects will look when finished.

Frager’s, has seen substantial progress.  View from 13th and Pennsylvania Avenue, September 1.  Click to enlarge.

Frager’s – The original Frager’s site on the 1100 block of Pennsylvania Avenue SE, is being developed by Persus Realty. It will be mixed use retail/residential, with 34 condos. One, two and three bedroom units are intended to accommodate families. 10% of the residential space is required to be designated for affordable housing, under Inclusionary Zoning requirements. Frager’s Hardware will occupy 8,500 s.f. of retail space and an additional 7,600 s.f. of space will be for “community friendly” retail.


Watkins Alley is under construction at 1309 E Street, SE. View from E Street, SE, September 1.

Watkin’s Alley – 44 condos, including 30 – 3 & 4 BR units, 8 – 2 BR flats, 6 lofts, and 1 carriage house. Five affordable units (3 townhouses and 2 flats) will designated affordable housing units under Inclusionary Zoning requirements.


Lockwood – 1300 Block of E Street, SE. View from mid-block on E Street.
September 1.  

Lockwood will provide 145 boutique apartment units: 1, 2, and 3 BRs. Thirteen of the units will be affordable under Inclusionary Zoning.


Capitol Courts is being excavated at 1234 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.  View from mid-block. September 1.  The structure under construction in the background is the rear of the Shotgun House reconstruction on E Street.

Capitol Courts – on the former site of the Frager’s Garden Center.  The mixed use building will contain 119 units, mostly micro apartments and a few 1 BRs. The plan includes 5,000 s.f. of ground floor retail. Ten percent of the residential space will be designated for affordable housing under Inclusionary Zoning.


The huge mixed use building at 1401 Pennsylvania is moving right along. View from the median strip at 14th and Pennsylvania. September 1.

1401 Pennsylvania Avenue – A mixed use residential/retail building under construction will provide 167 apartments and 18,000 s.f. of retail. Ten percent of the residential space will be for affordable housing, with a large portion of that for family units: 4 – 3 BRs, 2 studios, 2- 1 BRs and 2- 2 BRs.


The Safeway Development at 14th and D Streets, SE is being excavated. View from 14th and D Streets, September 3.

Safeway – “Beckert’s Park” – Excavation has started on the mixed use residential/retail building which will provide 329 apartments, a new 60,000 s.f. Safeway, and a couple of thousand additional s.f. of community friendly retail. The developer says that 70% of the units will be studio and 1 BR apartments and 30% will be two bedrooms. A number of penthouse apartments will be set back on the roof. Rents will be calculated at a cost of approximately $3.25 a square foot – meaning that a small 500 square foot studio apartment will rent for between $1500 and $2000 a month. Ten percent of the units will be affordable under DC regulations, at 60% of AIM – average median income.


The first of two excavations is underway for the mixed use buildings project on Reservation 13. View from 19th Street near the south entrance to the Stadium Armory Metro canopy. September 3.

Reservation 13 – Two parcels are being developed. The larger building is currently being excavated; work on the smaller north building will begin in about a year, under a phased development plan. The total number of apartments in the two buildings is 353 – 262 in the south building and 91 in the north building. 106 of the units will be designated affordable. In addition, the project will provide 22,000 s.f. of retail.




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Look Who’s Back!

Look who’s back!  Stikman showed up in the intersection of 8th and PA Avenue SE a couple of days ago.  I haven’t seen him for a while.



Here’s the bigger picture.

Here”s an early Stikman from 2009 near the East Wing of the National Gallery.

CHC consulted Alex Goldstein, owner of The Fridge, who pointed us to Street Art NYC.

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