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Tio Javier and Sizzling Express Will Close – Other Food News You May Have Missed Last Week….

Tio Javier 514 8th Street, SE

Sizzling Express, 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE

ANC6B’s Alcohol Beverage Control Committee met last Thursday in the ground floor conference room of the Hine Project to consider liquor license renewals. At left is Chris Medhurst, District Taco VP.

Celebrity chefs Bart Vandaele (Belga Café), and Aaron Silverman (Rose’s Luxury, Pineapples and Pearls, and Little Pearl) share a moment while waiting their turn to support renewal of their liquor licenses before ANC6B’s ABC Committee.

Tio Javier and Sizzling Express Will Close – Other Food News You May Have Missed Last Week….

by Larry Janezich

Tio Javier:  Will close on April 15, according to @barredindc.  The Mexican restaurant with the popular roof deck overlooking Barracks Row is one of William Sport’s Hill Restaurant Group (formerly managed by Xavier Cervera).  According to Barracks Row Main Street, it will reopen as “a great new, refreshed concept by the same owners.”    Tom Johnson, Managing Partner for the Hill Restaurant Group, is one of the co-chairs of the Barracks Row Working Group established by ANC6B Chair Chander Jayaraman to focus on reviving Barracks Row, which is currently experiencing a falling off as a hospitality industry destination.  See here:

Sizzling Express:  According to a Sizzling Express manager, the restaurant will close at the end of June when their lease expires.  They do not plan to reopen in another location.  In December, the restaurant cut back its hours, closing at 3:00pm on Sundays.  A pet store and grooming service are rumored to be the successor

District Soul Food:  Got a grilling from ANC6B’s Alcohol Beverage Control Committee members considering the owners’ application for a liquor license renewal.  According to tweets by Committee (and ANC6B) Chair Chander Jayaraman, the main issues are music noise (they are going to install new windows), patron noise (they can’t control what people do after they leave, but will post a sign asking patrons to be respectful of neighbors), trash (trash totes are being left outside despite agreement to store indoors), and cigar smoke seeping into adjacent restaurant Trattoria Alberto (DOH says DSF has now record that they got a required exemption to have a cigar lounge).  The committee and the applicant went around in circles for about 45 minutes before the Committee voted to take “no position” on the application and bucked it up to the full ANC6B meeting next Tuesday.




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Update – Third Community Meeting on Redesign of Eastern Market Metro Plaza

Concept plan which was presented to the Commission on Fine Arts (CFA) on March 21.  The CFA suggested changes.  

Potential refinements suggested by CFA:  Simplify. See parcels as independent units. Unify within each parcel.  

DGS’ response to CFA suggestions.  Parcel 1: curvilinear  character. Maintain program elements, add seating.  Save additional trees.  Concept for potential refinements for parcel 4 to emphasize the urban plaza character are being developed.  

More than 50 residents turned out for the third community meeting on the redesign of the Eastern Market Metro Plaza.  

For more information…

Update – Third Community Meeting on Redesign of Eastern Market Metro Plaza

by Larry Janezich

The Department of General Services (DGS) convened the third community meeting on redesign of the Eastern Market Metro Plaza Wednesday night.  John Stokes, DGS Communications Director, said they would continue to host meetings “until we get as close a consensus as possible” on the design.  The goal is to build a space people want to come to and stay.

Project manager Cassidy Mullen gave a presentation on the status of the project.  On March 21, the design team took their plan before the Commission on Fine Arts (CFA) – the federal agency who approves public design plans.  The CFA withheld that approval and offered comments which DGS is now working to address.

Cassidy said the Commission had no issues with individual components of the plan, but felt that there was “too much going on” and that parcel 1 (Metro entrance) and parcel 4 (playground) needed more separation and should be treated as independent parks.

Revisions will build on the existing plan and the design team has taken a step back to look at the big picture – how the shapes and forms relate to each other and at how to make the parcels operate independently, with parcel one focused on residential use and parcel 4 focused on transit and the commercial rim.

At Wednesday night’s hearing, the design team only had rough sketches of the latest concept with some preliminary changes to playground outlines and an attempt to preserve existing trees on parcel one and an attempt to emphasize the urban plaza feel of parcel 4.  Cassidy emphasized they were not wiping the slate clean and the project would continue to be a community-based plan.

Under the current timeline for the project, work will begin soon on the schematic design phase, adding details to define what the parks will look like – colors, forms, lighting.

The interim playground equipment is on order and will be installed in May, and later be incorporated into the 7,200 square foot permanent playground, which Cassidy said was among the larger public playgrounds in the city.

DGS will get permits in the summer/fall, and begin construction in December of 2019.  The initial $5.9 million available will be spent to initiate construction on both parcel 1 and parcel 4, concentrating on the areas outlined in purple in the design concept above.

The Department of Transportation  is finalizing a vehicular and pedestrian transportation study.  The current design anticipates reversing the flow of traffic on the two D Streets, north and south of the parks.

DGS is drawing plans being made for a maintenance budget on a 40 year cycle ensuring money will be available far into the future.

The next community meeting will be in mid to late June.

Here’s the link to the project website:

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