ANC6b ABC Committee Hamstrung by Previous Vote on Liquor Licenses

ANC ABC Committee Hamstrung by Previous Vote on Liquor Licenses

Sends Mixed Signals on New Liquor Licenses

by Larry Janezich

Posted Friday, December 10, 2010

At last night’s regularly scheduled ANC ABC Committee meeting, the Committee voted 5 – 0 with two abstentions to protest a new restaurant license for Pacificos, a proposed new restaurant at 514 8th Street (site of Capitol Hill Video).

Voting to Protest: Garrison, Green, Jarboe, Oldenburg, Wright

To Abstain: Glick, Metzger

Prior to the vote, several commissioners stated that they felt their hands were tied on the Pacificos application.  It appeared that this is a restaurant many of them would prefer to see on 8th Street, as opposed to the back-up lease for a Kawasaki Motorcycle dealership and repair shop that the building’s owner is holding in reserve.  Several commissioners stated that they couldn’t undermine ANC6b’s credibility by approving this application when they had rejected two liquor licenses last month for proposed restaurants slated to come in the Chateau Animaux building.  In addition, they noted a residents’ petition in opposition, signed by 53 people, as well as an announced intention to file a formal protest before ABRA (Alcohol Beverage Regulatory Administration).

It seems that certain commissioners attempted to assuage the disappointment of liquor license applicants; Dave Garrison, for instance, noted that he wasn’t sure the ABRA would support the recent ANC 6b position to protest new liquor license applications based on “over concentration.”  Commissioner Jarboe commented that the vote in opposition should be looked at as a “time out rather than forever and ever.”

Owner of several Barrack’s Row restaurants Xaviar Cervera presented the case for Pacificos.  He submitted a petition signed by 300 Capitol Hill residents in support of his application, as well as a strong letter of support from BRMA.  One of the more interesting components to his presentation, and the entire meeting, was his description of efforts that he and other Barracks Row restaurateurs were willing to consider to alleviate parking issues for the neighborhood, including possible free parking as well a discount for patrons using the currently under-utilized 60-space lot under the freeway.  Cervera’s response built on a proposal put forward by BRMA which includes creating a resident parking plan for the nearby neighborhood and 4 hour free parking to Ward 6 residents in the freeway lot.  Cervera offered to come back before the full ANC next week with compromises on hours of operation and seating.

The committee then voted to support the application for a new tavern license for the Bavarian Beer Garden at 720 L Street with a voluntary agreement, the details of which are still being worked out.  The vote was 6 – 1.

Voting to support, with conditions:  Metzger, Jarboe, Green, Wright, Garrison, Glick

To Protest:  Oldenburg

Co-owner Mark Brody presented the case for the Bavarian Beer Garden which he hopes will open next year.  The Commission felt that more activity on lower 8th Street would benefit the area, an assumption that was reinforced by the owner of the Ugly Mug opposite the Marine Barracks as well as Mr. Cervera.

At Thursday night’s ANC Special Call Meeting which preceded the ABC Committee meeting, the Commission voted 7-0 with one abstention to protest the application for a new tavern license for the 8th Street Bar & Grill.  Note that this is a tavern—not a restaurant—liquor license application, and that the proposed venue contemplates live music and late hours of operation.

Voting to protest: Commissioners Metzger, Jarboe, Green, Wright, Garrison, Glick, Oldenburg

To abstain:  Commissioner Patterson

Khaled Hoss present the case for 8th Street Bar and Grill.  The Commission expressed concern about discrepancies regarding occupancy between the drawings submitted and the application, and noted objections from neighbors and other nearby businesses, including plans for filing  formal protests by the owner of the Ugly Mug and the Barracks Row Merchant Association.


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9 responses to “ANC6b ABC Committee Hamstrung by Previous Vote on Liquor Licenses

  1. Kathleen Frydl

    If the ANC 6b is looking for a way to back-peddle, I would hope that their strategy would include the Moby/Nooshi applicants they turned down last time around.

  2. Abmer J

    Care to find out how many of the 300 people who signed the Pacifico petition are REALLY “Capitol Hill residents”? I believe Commissioner Neil Glick noted during the meeting that only 14 or so were actually residents of the local area around Barracks Row. Where do the signers actually live? Are they all residents or are some commercial owners? Did they carefully read what they were signing, and was the nature of the petition represented accurately?

  3. same BS.

    ANC… pull your heads out of your bottoms. This is ridiculous. Nobi/Moby and Pacifico need to be welcomed w/ open arms… this is complete BS and I will be actively rallying residents to oust all of you.

  4. MKV

    how does Commissioner Glick know that only 15 were from the Barracks Row neighborhood? He knows every address within the ANC6b neighborhood? A signature of support should come from anyone that is looking for bring their dollars to Barracks Row and support the neighborhood—-

    I agree parking needs to be addressed, but new businesses bring jobs and a tax base that is desperately needed (instead of raising income tax on D.C. residents) This entire situation is absurd!

  5. Abmer J

    If you can say that with a straight face, obviously you don’t live on one of the affected residential streets.

  6. Stan Olshefski

    Hey I know.

    The city has a massive deficit and some of the highest “state” (we’re not a state, but it’s the best comparison) taxes in the nation, and the best way to move forward is to block businesses that will increase tax revenues — increase sales tax collections, increase the property tax assessments, and increase income taxes from the DC residents they hire.


  7. Pope Barrow

    First. A little civility would be welcome, even though this is the wild west of the internet.
    Second. The ANC struggled very responsibly with this as with several other recent liquor applications. we should be appreciating their effort to solve th eproblme, not ranting about them and threatening them. The problem they have is that what is good for some is not good for others. One ANC commissioner described this as a difficult issue of “distributive justice”. that was dead on target. I am opposed to more bars/restaurants on 8th because the traffic, noise and related issues are being dumped on a few residents who live in the impact zone. It is like what goes on with our physical waste. We put in in a place where WE dont have to deal with it, but the people who live there, usually minorities with little political power, DO have to deal with it.

    • Stan Olshefski

      @Pope Barrow —

      Do you ever patronize the bars/restaurants on 8th Street and dump more “traffic, noise and related issues” on your neighbors?

      Better yet, will you object to your real estate agent marketing your home as being close to all the restaurants and nightlife on 8th Street?

      BTW — Who threatened the ANC? I read the post and all the comments twice and I can’t find one threatening thing.