Leadership Vote Will Indicate What Effect Elections Had on ANC6b

Leadership Vote Will Indicate What Effect Elections Had on ANC6b

by Larry Janezich

One of the first items on the agenda of the January ANC6b meeting on January 11, will be the election of officers.  Positions to be filled include Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Parliamentarian.  The Chairs of the Alcohol Beverage Control Committee and the Planning and Zoning Committee will subsequently be elected by the new Commission.

Who the candidates are for these positions is unknown.  The newly elected commissioners – three of the four having defeated incumbents – may feel they have a mandate for change, but what effect they will have on the process is uncertain.

The six incumbents and the positions they held for the last two year term of office are Dave Garrison (chair), Kirsten Oldenburg (secretary), Carol Green (treasurer), Neal Glick (parliamentarian), Francis Campbell (Planning and Zoning chair) and Norm Metzger (Retail Mix Taskforce chair).

The four newly elected commissioners include (in alphabetical order), Jared Critchfield, Brian Flahaven, Ivan Frishberg, and Brian Pate.

Recently, ANC6b has wrestled with a buzz saw of a de facto moratorium on liquor licenses for Barrack Row.  The ban was imposed following the election in which three incumbents were defeated and was interpreted by some as a belated reaction to constituent concerns. Others said it was an over reaction.  The moratorium had been supported by organized and vocal residents of ANC6b04 – east of Barracks Row – but widely opposed elsewhere in ANC6b and by business organizations – CHAMPS and Barracks Row Main Street

A majority of the new ANC could reverse the de facto moratorium.  Whether that happens or not, one of the first major pieces of business of the new ANC will be consideration of operational guidelines (which could become part of new voluntary agreements for the operation of ANC6b commercial corridor liquor license holders) which will be reported out of the Retail Mix Taskforce by the February meeting of the ANC.

Results of the election will be posted on emmcablog.org as soon as they become known.

Information on the meeting and the agenda follows:

Meeting Agenda

Location: 301 North Carolina Avenue, SE

Brent Elementary School

January 11, 2010 – 7:00 PM


Adoption of Agenda

  1. Election of Officers
  2. Community Speakout
  3. Community and Commission Announcements
  4. Presentation
    1. ABC Committee
  • Resolution of Bavarian Beer Garden License Protest –  This case will only be heard at the full ANC meeting on January 11, 2011

7.  Planning and Zoning Committee

  • HPA # 11-106, 641 A Street, SE – Second story addition over an existing one-story addition
  • HPA # 11-XXX, 300 9th Street, SE – Moving entry door on 9th Street, SE
  • BZA # 18159, 627 G Street, SE – Special exception to allow addition to existing one-family semi-detached dwelling, not meeting side yard requirements in R-5-B district
  • ZC # 08-06, CZR Review: Subtitle J: Production, Distribution and Repair Zones
  • ZC # 08-06-15, CZR Review: Administration, Enforcement and Procedures

8.   Eastern Market Report

9.   Financial Matters

10.   Approval of Commission Minutes December

11.   Adjournment

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