The Deal Goes Down Tonight for Nooshi and Moby Dick

The Deal Goes Down Tonight for Nooshi and Moby Dick

by Larry Janezich

Barracks Row neighbors meet Wednesday night with representatives of the ANC6b and two new proposed restaurants for Barracks Row:  Nooshi and Moby Dick.

Neighbors will hear the details of a proposed Voluntary Agreement, worked out between the owners of the proposed restaurants and ANC representatives.  Neighbors have gone on record saying they will file protests with the Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) regarding the restaurants’ application for liquor licenses.  An attorney for the restaurant owners say that if the neighbors won’t agree to accept the terms of the Voluntary Agreement, then the restaurant owners will not sign it.  There is at least some chance that neighbors will go along.

A third restaurant – Pacificos – is attempting to work out a Voluntary Agreement with the ANC, and take its chances that the ABRA will approve the application, despite the neighbor’s protests.

It’s likely that the Voluntary Agreements would be agreed to by the ANC and sent down to ABRA as part of the application package for all three restaurants.

Last fall, ANC6b voted to protest liquor license applications from Nooshi and Moby Dick on the basis of neighborhood opposition and refusal of the restaurants to scale back what the ANC regarded as too large an operation for the site – the building formerly occupied by Chateau-Animaux.  The ANC subsequently protested a liquor license application from Pacificos on the basis that they felt they had to be consistent in opposing new restaurants on the 500 block of 8th Street, SE.

The newly elected ANC has looked for ways to accommodate the restaurants and address the concerns of the neighbors.

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