Barracks Row Blockbuster to Close in August

Barracks Row Blockbuster to Close

Barracks Row Blockbuster to Close in August

Opening for National Retail?

by Larry Janezich

The Barracks Row Blockbuster will close in August, according to Martin Smith, Executive Director, Barracks Row Main Street.  The move will open up a 4,100 square foot retail space – slightly over the standard 4,000 square foot minimum for a national retail outlet.  The space has an additional 650 square feet on the second floor.   According to Smith, the typical retail space on Barracks Row is 1200 – 1800 square feet because many of the buildings are former row houses.

Smith said that it’s not certain that a national retailer will become the next tenant.  It would be easy to cut the larger space into smaller ones, and a lot of independent businesses, reluctant to take on the overhead of a large space, can be accommodated in the smaller ones.

Still, the opening up of one of the only spaces on Barracks Row large enough for a corporate tenant makes it likely that such an outlet would be among the first choices for the property owner.


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7 responses to “Barracks Row Blockbuster to Close in August

  1. Jasmina

    Vive la Republique!
    Banana Republic!

  2. R

    Can you say, “Apple Store”? Somebody send it to Apple, now.

    Please, no Urban Outfitters.

  3. SK

    I’m so excited! I have been waiting for this blockbuster to close!!! Anything will be better than a movie store!

  4. Whoa_now

    I say we keep Blockbuster…otherwise something that would be totally sweet might move in and the ANCs and NIMBYs would be outraged.

  5. mika

    The ANC is not anti-business. If liquor licenses are a measure, with the exception of one case (Nooshi/Moby Dick), the ANC has supported all liquor licenses that have come their way in the past few years. Apple store would be good.

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