Wells Supports Current East Capitol Boundary Between ANC6B and ANC6C

Wells Supports Current East Capitol Boundary Between ANC6B and ANC6C

by Larry Janezich

Councilmember Wells met with Ward Six ANC Chairs in his office on Monday night and told them he was making a few changes to the plan presented by the Redistricting Task Force.  Most significantly for ANC6B, he said he supports moving the proposed boundary of Independence Avenue back to East Capitol Street.  Wells also supports changes in ANC6B’s Single Member District boundaries recommended by the Task Force, but details are not yet available.  To accommodate ANC6C, who stood to gain a 7th Single Member District at 6B’s expense under the plan proposed by the Redistricting Task Force, Wells said he has a new plan that will allow 6C to have seven commissioners.     

Asked for comment on why he decided to overturn the Redistricting Task Force Report, Wells said, “I took the report from the task force as recommendations. I greatly appreciate the hard work of the committee but it is not the final say on the boundaries.”  Wells added, “I support moving the proposed boundary of Independence Avenue back to East Capitol Street.  I also believe the Census erred in stating there were only 81 residents living in NOMA.  I recommend correcting that.”

At ANC6B’s Executive Committee meeting Tuesday night, the redistricting issue was added to the agenda of November’s ANC6B meeting.  The commissioners will consider some changes to the language in the existing resolutions on redistricting, in anticipation of testimony before the City Council on the proposed plan.  The next meeting of the ANC will be on Tuesday, November 8.

The ANC6B residents who were affected by the proposed boundary change mounted a strong campaign of petitions, letter writing, and community meetings to urge Wells to keep the East Capitol Street boundary.   ANC Commissioner Ivan Frishberg, who would have lost part of his Single Member District to ANC6C had the boundary been moved to Independence Avenue, was instrumental in organizing opposition to the change.  Frishberg said, “The neighbors who got involved in this deserve huge credit for their show of pride for their neighborhood.”  Commissioner Dave Garrison, much of whose Single Member District lies in the affected area, said, “I’m grateful for Council Member Wells’ support of the residents of 6B01 and delighted that my neighbors will remain a part of the 6B process.”

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  1. Joe Fengler

    It is a credit to CM Wells that he is challenging one of the key DC Council directives that the Ward 6 task force had to follow – construct Single Member Districts with approximately 2,000 residents.  To comply with this direction, the task force had to “ignore” the under reported census counts as a result of the dynamic development in near southeast and NOMA neighborhoods.  While the task force job is done, I certainly support CM Wells effort to place neighborhoods above the artificially constraining DC Council direction based on numerical equations.  I would like to believe that if the DC Council memorandum provided flexibility to account for significant density growth post-census, the task force report recommendations would have been more in line with the proposes changes being considered by CM Wells.