La Plaza Expands – Adds Second Floor – 34 Seats


La Plaza - As Envisioned

La Plaza - Current Version

La Plaza Expands – Adds Second Floor – 34 Seats

by Larry Janezich

Next Tuesday night, ANC 6B will be asked to approve Henry Mendoza’s application to add 34 seats and a second floor to La Plaza, at 629 Pennsylvania Avenue.  The popular Mexican/Salvadoran restaurant has a large attic and Mendoza wants to replace the plywood and concrete block with brick, add three windows, skylights and detailing at the roof line.  ANC6B’s Planning and Zoning Committee recommended the full ANC approved the additions.  ANC6B will meet on next Tuesday at 7:00pm at the Hill Center to vote on the request. 

Although the Restoration Society has not considered the request, its Historic Preservation Committee is scheduled to consider it on Monday, and the Historic Preservation Board has put the request on its agenda for the November 17 meeting.

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