Forecast for ANC6B

Forecast for ANC6B

by Larry Janezich

8th Street Pizza

Steve Salis, the entrepreneur who hopes to open up a gourmet pizza place in the space formerly occupied by China Wall, may still have some heavy lifting to do before getting ANC approval.  He’ll have to find a way around the moratorium on fast food places on Barracks Row, despite what appears to be community enthusiasm for the new pizza place with gluten free options.  It’s not yet clear when the proposal will come before the ANC. 

Eastern Market Governing Authority Legislation 

ANC6B will announce a date soon for a Special Call meeting on proposed Eastern Market governing authority legislation.  The date will likely be December 19th in the Peoples Church, contingent on approval of parties involved.  ANC6B Commissioner Brian Pate is drafting a resolution of recommendations to be brought before the ANC and the community which he expects to make public on December 12th.   The legislation is not likely to be taken up by the City Council until January. 


Look for ANC6B to come out in opposition to DC government sanctioned iGaming (internet gambling) within DC at its next meeting on Tuesday, December 13.  The City Council sees this as a revenue-enhancing measure to ease budget shortfalls.  The need for cash is a hard argument to overcome.  

Hine Zoning Subcommittee Website

ANC6B’s Subcommittee on the Hine Rezoning process (PUD) is planning to launch a website to distribute information and possibly elicit community feedback. 

18th Amendment Sidewalk Cafe

ANC6B will have another crack at the application of the 18th Amendment for a sidewalk café.  The ANC’s feathers were ruffled when the DOT Public Space Committee granted the restaurant a permit for a sidewalk café without running it by the ANC.  However, the fact that the restraint’s voluntary agreement with the neighbors will have to be amended by the Alcohol Beverage Review Administration (ABRA) gives the ANC an opportunity to weigh in with an opinion.  That will happen first on this coming Thursday before the ABC Committee which will meet in The Hill Center at 7:00pm.

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