ANC6B Transportation Committee Hears from DDOT on Sidewalk Repair

ANC6B Transportation Committee Hears from DDOT on Sidewalk Repair

by Larry Janezich and Barbara Riehle

Wednesday night, Aaron Rhones, DDOT Program Manager for Traffic Safety, was on hand at Commissioner Oldenburg’s ANC Transportation Committee to talk about sidewalk repairs. He is in charge of a new approach to managing repairs called “CityWorks,” and his purview includes street repairs, sidewalks, alley and trees.  Currently Rhones is working on completing a backlog of requests for repairs citywide, 722 in Ward Six alone.

According to Rhones, under the new “City Works” program, the response system has been streamlined and improved.  The best way to get service, he says, is to call 311 or file a request online with the call center. The complaint gets a number which can be tracked by Rhones’ department.  Residents can also enlist the aid of their ANC representative.  Rhones agreed to provide ANC6B with a prioritized list of the 722 Ward 6 projects, and it’s likely the ANC will weigh in with their own take on prioritization in 6B. 

Mr. Rhoens expects all 722 Ward 6 projects to be competed in 2012. The citywide budget for sidewalks is between $2-2.5 million annually.  Given the limited size of the DDOT sidewalk budget, Commissioner Brian Pate raised the possibility of using Performance Parking Funds for repairs, which apparently would meet the program’s criteria that projects by non-vehicular and transportation-related.

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