ANC6B to Take Up Requests for Hine Design Changes/Benefits & Amenities

Planning and Zoning Committee Chair Francis Campbell (third from left) leads the vote to send requests for Hine development design changes to the full ANC

ANC6B to Take Up Requests for Hine Design Changes/Benefits & Amenities – Schedule Released Leading Up to Zoning Commission Hearing

by Larry Janezich

Tuesday night, ANC Commissioner Francis Campbell’s Planning and Zoning Committee voted to forward initial requests for design changes to the Hine project as well as a list of initial requests for benefits and amenities to the full ANC.  Following consideration at next Tuesday’s ANC meeting at Hill Center, the ANC’s Hine Subcommittee, chaired by Commissioner Ivan Frishberg,  will begin negotiations with Stanton/Eastbanc to achieve these goals.

Additional benefits, amenities, and mitigations are being worked on by the Subcommittee’s working groups: i.e., Design, Transportation, Open Space, and Retail.  The Subcommittee will meet later this month to consider these additional issues.

The first group of requests regarded changes in the project’s design:

  1.  Lowering of the residential building at 8th and D and redesigning the façade to be more “outstanding;”
  2. Redesign the corner of 7th and Pennsylvania Avenue to create a focal point through greater articulation at street level;
  3. Lowering the height of the 7th and Pennsylvania Avenue building;
  4. Reconsideration of the entrance to the office building to ensure an outstanding façade on Pennsylvania Avenue;
  5. More open and public use space in the Plaza.

The motion to forward these requests to the full ANC was agreed to 6-1, with Commissioners Campbell, Critchfield, Frishberg, Pate, Metzger and resident member Wildermann voting for the motion and Commissioner Oldenberg voting in the negative.

The second group of requests concerned “big ticket” benefits and amenities:

  1. A greater percentage of local retail than offered in the current application;
  2. More exterior open space for public use;
  3. Interior community use and meeting space;
  4. Subsidized non-profit office space;
  5. Developer support for an infant and toddler care facility to be run by a third party.

A motion to forward these requests to the full ANC was agreed to unanimously.

There is strong sentiment among ANC commissioners and members of the community that the façade of the 8th and D Street building fails to achieve the distinction that the signature buildings on Pennsylvania Avenue require; further consideration of this issue awaits the developer’s response to similar concerns by the Historic Preservation Review Board.  The developers are scheduled to present new drawings to the Board on March 23.

Other major issues which are expected to be addressed in the near future include the height of the office building on 7th Street, the interior courtyard, space for the weekend flea market, and maintaining of a buffer between the project’s retail component and nearby residences in the neighborhood.

The proposed schedule for further consideration of the project and management of negotiations with the developer is as follows:

March 13         Developers submit a design revision to HPRB to respond to requests made in HPRB’s preliminary review in 2011

March 20         Hine Subcommittee meets to review the proposed list of mitigation issues and additional benefit/amenity issues for the April ANC cycle

March 29         Hine Subcommittee continues work from the March 20 meeting, including consideration of a response to the design revisions presented to HPRB

April 3             Planning and Zoning Committee considers recommendations on full amenities and benefits list, mitigation list and recommendations to HPRB

April 10           ANC6B considers recommendations from Planning and Zoning Committee

April 26           Hine Subcommittee meeting on tentative agreements with developers

May 1              Potential action from Planning and Zoning Committee

May 8              Potential action from the ANC

May/ June       Possible Hine Subcommittee and ANC special call meeting to    prepare for Zoning Commission hearing

Late June         likely beginning of Zoning Commission hearing


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2 responses to “ANC6B to Take Up Requests for Hine Design Changes/Benefits & Amenities

  1. anon

    more local retail … in other words, 3 more Xavier Cervera restaurant indistinguishable from his other 47 on the Hill

  2. John Bergin

    I don’t know if the issue has been raised yet or not, but will the developer and contractor be doing any work on weekends? As we were having lunch today, there was a noise problem from the Eastern Market Metro Station. Some concrete demolition was underway about 200 yards away and I could not hear the other people at the table. I worked in heavy construction and building construction for over forty years and I know it is a noisy business. How will the noise issue be addressed? Has it been brought to the attention of the restaurants along 7th Street?
    Thanks for doing this difficult job and keeping us informed.