Stanton/Eastbanc Unveils New Drawings, Initiates Marketing Plan

Stanton/Eastbanc Unveils New Drawings, Initiates Marketing Plan

by Larry Janezich

Hine project developer Stanton/Eastbanc has unveiled architect Amy Weinstein’s new drawings changing design elements of the Hine Redevelopment in response to concerns raised by the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB).  The Board will hold a hearing to review the new plans – possibly in April.  The project is currently working its way through the PUD process to change the zoning to accommodate the project’s greater height and density.  That process will conclude with a series of hearings before DC’s Zoning Commission, likely in June.

Because of the size of the images on the website make assessing the degree of change difficult to assess.  The drawing can be viewed here:

Stanton/Eastbanc has given a face lift to their website which initiates a marketing plan and solicits expression of interest from potential residential, retail, and commercial interest.  The site reveals that the residences will comprise studios, one bedrooms, one bedrooms plus den, two bedrooms, two bedrooms plus den, three bedrooms, and penthouses in a price range from $500,000 to $3,000,000.  Potential buyers are asked to register their interest in amenities, including a business center, conference room, private party room, exercise room, and rooftop pool.  The link to the website is here:

The website also list new additions to the Stanton/Eastbanc development team.  In addition to previous associates Dantes Partners (counselors on affordable housing), and Esocoff Associates (architect), the site list AutoPark, Inc., the Jarvis Company (government relations, permit acquisition, and zoning counseling); and L.S. Caldwell & Associates (contracting and employment compliance).

ANC 6B’s Hine Subcommittee will meeting on Thursday, March 29, at Hill Center to review its recommendations regarding design, open space, and retail plan recommendations.

ANC6B’s schedule on the Hine Development is as follows.  Details will be posted on this blog the week of the event.

April 3             Planning and Zoning Committee considers recommendations on full amenities  and benefits list, mitigation list and recommendations to HPRB. Stanton/Eastbanc may make a presentation regarding the new drawings at this  meeting.

April 10           ANC6B considers recommendations from Planning and Zoning Committee

April 26           Hine Subcommittee meeting on tentative agreements with developers

May 1              Potential action on agreements from Planning and Zoning Committee

May 8              Potential action on agreements from the ANC

May/ June       Possible Hine Subcommittee and ANC special call meeting to    prepare for Zoning Commission hearing

Late June         Likely beginning of Zoning Commission hearing


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4 responses to “Stanton/Eastbanc Unveils New Drawings, Initiates Marketing Plan

  1. Jonathan

    The information regarding prices is simply an expression of interest and in addition to purchase it gives the option to express an interest in renting and workforce housing. You can choose your option via the tabs at the top of the form.

  2. Roger Tauss

    This was supposed to be the “real design changes” according to the developers. I’ve been over the PUD application with a magnifying glass (literally) and the only change I can see is a 2-foot reduction in the height of the mechanicals on the 7th & Penna Ave building (but not on any of the other floors). Otherwise the exterior of the building (height, mass, overall ugliness) appears to have improved not at all. Someone please help me to see what I am missing.

  3. cm

    I think there was a mix-up with the Jenkins Row plans.

  4. RCJH20

    Looks great to me, step in the right direction.