City Agencies Raise Concerns About the Hine Development – ANC Committee Forwards Hine Subcommittee Report Without Taking Position

City Agencies Raise Concerns About the Hine Development – ANC Committee Forwards Hine Subcommittee Report Without Taking Position

by Larry Janezich

On Tuesday night, Chair Francis Campbell’s ANC6B Planning and Zoning Committee voted unanimously to forward recommendations on the Hine Development to the full ANC6B without recommendation.

ANC Commissioner Ivan Frishberg, Chair of the Hine Subcommittee, said that he was in “a really difficult spot” with respect to approving the recommendations, which he basically supported.  Frishberg cited a number of outstanding issues which came to light this week:

1)     An Office of Planning report which came late today, recommending design changes in the project;

2)     A Department of Housing and Economic Development letter raising concerns about the concentration of affordable housing in the project’s North Building and other concerns;

3)     A “fairly harsh” DDOT report  recommending less parking for the project, rejecting the developer’s plan for unloading 55 trucks on 7th Street, and raising concerns about parking for affordable housing residents of the project’s North Building.

4)     The Construction Management Plan, which has not yet been submitted to the developer and which has yet to be subject to negotiation and discussion.

Frishberg argued that these issues might become more clear in the week remaining before the full ANC6B is scheduled to take up the recommendation.  “I’m not comfortable in sending these recommendations forward to the full ANC”, Frishberg stated.  Also, “In principle, the (Memorandum of Agreement) reflects the agreement we have with the developers, but it needs additional discussion.”

Hine Subcommittee Vice Chair Brian Pate pointed out that reducing the parking in accordance with DDOT recommendations would jeopardize the 50 half-cost parking spaces the developer will make available to flea market vendors on weekends.

One of the major community issues, adequate space for the weekend flea markets, appears to be on its way to resolution.  Commissioner Pate referred to a weekend market tent plan drawn up to Oheme Van Sweden Landscape Architects which would accommodate 250 tents, more than currently comprise the combined total of the weekend flea markets on the Hine site and the vendors on the plazas and sidewalks around Eastern Market.  Logistical issues and accommodating the concerns of the “brick and mortar” 7th Street merchants need yet to be worked out, but Pate was confident they could be.

ANC6B, at a Special Call meeting which immediately preceded the Planning and Zoning Committee meeting, agreed to a resolution of support for Councilmember Tommy Wells’ Eastern Market legislation, which addressed several other flea market concerns raised by residents, vendors and the two weekend flea market managers.


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6 responses to “City Agencies Raise Concerns About the Hine Development – ANC Committee Forwards Hine Subcommittee Report Without Taking Position

  1. Steve Holtzman


    I don’t really believe that all the issues on the future of the flea market “appear to be on the way to resolution”. It may happen and I sincerely hope so but as of this moment, the Eastern Market legislation does not include the closure of 7th St and even if it did, the legislation has not been passed yet by Council, etc. As far as I can see, the Hine project goes to the Zoning Committee next week, as a community we have what we have…which is 68 tents in a relatively narrow area with difficult logistics. Nothing more. If the future holds more, if more tents can be fitted here and there around Eastern Market, and if 7th St can be closed in a way which is respectful to the brick and mortar businesses…I will be very happy. But, for the purpose of the Zoning Hearing, we have to see this as it is right now, not as we hope it might be.

  2. annie k.

    happy ! hope it can move forward now and the neighborhood can move on to rallying against something else.

  3. annie k.

    I also think the eastern market will have plenty of room to accomodate vendors too.

  4. cmg

    I hate letting the developer off the hook for the flea market, but I do like the sound of 250 tents. However, I wouldn’t recommend approving the Hine development without a guarantee for those 250 tents from the government.

  5. Wendy Blair

    The current plans seem to propose a two-part venue for the flea market vendors: one is on the to-be-re-opened C Street; the other is on yet-to-be-approved 7th Street on weekends. Both present unknowns and problems. Developer will “own” C Street and users must be governed by an as-yet nonexistent board comprised of developer, ANC6B rep and appointed citizens. This opens a nightmare of mixed governance from which vendors must get permissions and negotiate future unforseen needs on an ad-hoc basis. As for 7th Street — its being closed on weekends presents hurdles for Market and vendor access to the parking garage, as well as to potential customers trying to use the market.
    To my mind the Zoning board and Office of Planning need to rethink private ownership of C Street, as well as the fact that Developer’s current proposal removes about 30 percent of the existing taxkpayer owned public open space on the Hine property — giving nothing back to citizens. If C Street reopened offers a very small amount of open space, it is NOT public open space, by definition, if C Street is to be owned by Stanton-Eastbanc.
    In addition, in 99 years, no one is going to remember that the Hine parcel — all of it — is public land. It will have been “owned” by one or more developers for 99 years. Renting instead of buying is a distinction without a difference, and citizens should rise up and insist that developer buy this prime real estate for a fair market price — and not a low ruse to subsidize developer at taxpayer expense.

  6. annie k.

    I do like the idea of the city leasing, but historic buildings only.