The Week Ahead….

The Week Ahead….

by Larry Janezich

Tuesday, June 12

ANC 6B meets at Hill Center at 7:00pm

Items of interest on the agenda include:

Retail liquor license and tasting permit for Yes Organic Market;

Restaurant license for Beuchert’s Saloon, 623 Pennsylvania Avenue SE;

Hine School Redevelopment, Stanton-Eastbanc LLC, consolidated PUD (Planned Unit Development) and Related Map Amendment

Thursday, June 14

Zoning Commission holds the first of what is likely to be two hearings on the application of Stanton-Eastbanc for a change in zoning for the Hine site.  The meeting will be 6:30pm at One Judiciary Square, 441 4th Street, NW, Washington, DC.


Case Number : Z.C. Case No. 11-24  

Case Name : Stanton-EastBanc, LLC – Consolidated PUD & Related Map Amendment @ Square 901  

Case Summary : On November 23, 2011, the Office of Zoning received an application from STANTON-EASTBANC LLC, on behalf of the District of Columbia, the owner of the subject property (collectively, the “Applicant”). The Applicant is requesting approval of a consolidated planned unit development (“PUD”) and related map amendment for the property located on the north side of Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E., between 7th and 8th Streets, which is more particularly described as Lot 801 in Square 901 (the “Property”). The Office of Planning provided its report to the Zoning Commission, dated February 3, 2012, and the case was set down for hearing by the Zoning Commission on February 13, 2012. The Applicant provided its prehearing statement to the Zoning Commission on March 26, 2012. The Property consists of approximately 137,614 square feet. It is currently improved with a building previously used, prior to its closure, as the Hine Junior High School. The Property is zoned R-4 and, through the requested PUD-related map amendment, would be rezoned to C-2-B. The purpose of the PUD and map amendment is to permit the redevelopment of the Property with a mixed-use project consisting of two buildings that will contain a mix of residential, office, and neighborhood-serving retail uses and underground parking (the “Project”). The proposed PUD will have a total gross floor area of approximately 466,247 square feet. The smaller of the two buildings will be located at the northern edge of the Property and is identified as the “North Building”. The larger of the two buildings is identified as the “South Building” and will abut 7th Street, S.E., Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E., a small portion of D Street, S.E. and 8th Street, S.E. The South Building will contain a residential component on 8th Street, an office component on 7th and Pennsylvania Avenue and another residential component on 7th Street that will face the urban plaza. The Project will provide (i) approximately 253,767 gross square feet of residential use, of which approximately twenty-nine percent (29%) will be devoted to workforce/affordable housing, and (ii) approximately 201,907 gross square feet of commercial office and retail uses. Potential uses for below grade retail space under the South Building include a grocery store, drug store or gym/health club. The Project will have a total Floor Area Ratio (“FAR”) of approximately 3.4 and building heights ranging from 47 feet to 88 feet. The Project will be supported by a two-level underground parking garage under the South Building which will contain approximately 320 parking spaces. A second hearing night of Thursday, June 21, 2012 is scheduled if needed.

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