Oldenburg Bounces Opponent from Ballot via Challenge – Tim Britt to Launch Write-In Campaign

Oldenburg Bounces Opponent from Ballot via Challenge – Tim Britt to Launch Write-In Campaign

By Larry Janezich

Tim Britt, who had registered as an opponent of ANC6B Commissioner Kirsten Oldenburg in the November election, was removed from the election ballot after an Oldenburg challenge revealed a single unqualified signer of the petition, leaving him one name short of the required number of signees.

Britt, who was unaware of the challenge until the DC Board of Elections came to its decision, responded to the news by vowing to launch a write in campaign for the seat.  Britt expects to have a website up and running this weekend, at timbritt4anc.com.

Oldenburg may be particularly vulnerable this election year:  some constituents are upset by her handling of the new Hill Center liquor license and operating hours; other neighbors of the Hine development cite her unqualified endorsement of Stanton-Eastbanc’s design for the Hine development.  The latter position put her at odds not only with the Capitol Hill Restoration Society, but also one of the District’s most prominent architects, D. Graham Davidson, FAIA, member of DC’s Historic Preservation Review Board.

Britt, a former 12th Street neighbor of Oldenburg’s currently lives with his wife Lanna on 10th Street, SE, across from Tyler Elementary School.  Britt has been a resident of the Hill since 2007 and served eight years as a U.S. Army Military Police officer, including a tour of duty in Iraq.


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7 responses to “Oldenburg Bounces Opponent from Ballot via Challenge – Tim Britt to Launch Write-In Campaign

  1. Elizabeth Nelson

    This is misleading. The BOEE does not disqualify candidates for having one or more invalid signatures. It disqualifies candidates for having too few valid signatures – for ANC, a mere 25 are required. Apparently, Mr. Britt failed to do what any reasonable person, and serious candidate, ought to do — collect a few extras. If he had invested a very small additional effort, he could have avoided this problem.

  2. Mike Rogers

    Ms. Nelson’s response is techinically true, and certainly a relevant clarification. However, Ms. Nelson’s response is a distinction without a difference. The plain facts are that Ms. Oldenburg has placed herself at great odds with her constituents and the broader Capitol Hill neighborhood with erractic, arbitrary, and ethically questionable official actions during her current term. Ms. Oldenburg may have finally come to the realization that her actions have rendered her continued political viability a great unlikelihood. It is clear she will do anything to hold her office and continue with her spiteful, heavy-handed and plain mean-hearted ways. While she is not alone in the ANC in sharing some of these characteristics, Ms. Oldenburg leads the pack as the most unpopular member of our ANC, and (hopefully) the most likely to be defeated.

  3. KT

    Is Tim Britt the only person attempting to run against Kirsten Oldenburg?

  4. jdoll11@gmail.com

    It is great how articles like this really elevate the political discourse in the EM community. You know, the straight facts – not thinly veiled aspersions. Sheesh.

  5. anon

    I don’t know what’s more surprising — that the minimum number of ballot signatures is only 25 for ANC SMD, or that anyone serious about attaining said seat can’t muster the necessary number of legitimate signatures.