The Week Ahead….

The Week Ahead….

by Larry Janezich

Monday, September 17

ANC 6B Bylaws Special Call Meeting, 7pm – 9pm, Brent Elementary School, 301 North Carolina Avenue, SE, to consider revised bylaws and proposed standing rules.

Why should you care?  Brian Flahaven, ANC6B Parliamentarian, is trying to make it easier for young professional with families to serve on the ANC, in addition to revising the confusing and contradictory ANC6B bylaws.  He will likely meet resistance from Commissioners Garrison and Oldenburg.  This would seem to be an important meeting for all serious ANCB candidates to attend.  So far this month, Randy Steer, candidate for retiring Commissioner Norm Metzger’s seat, has attended the September ANC meeting, Steve Holtzman, challenging Commissioner Brian Pate, has attended the ANC6B Planning and Zoning Committee meeting, and Philip Peisch, also a candidate for Metzger’s seat, attended the ABC meeting (he’s a resident member of the committee) as well as the September ANC6B meeting.   

Tuesday, September 18

CHRS Board of Directors meets at 6:30 pm, Capitol Hill Townhomes.  The meeting is open to CHRS members – and possibly, members of the press. 

Why should you care?  I’ve been attending theses meetings for more than ten years, and members of the Society never attend.  Maybe they should.  CHRS totally went in the tank on the Hine Development and cited their representation of the thousand-members of the Capitol Hill community to endorse Stanton-Eastbanc’s controversial concept design for the Hine project.

Saturday, September 22

Barracks Row Fall Festival, 11am – 5pm, 500 – 700 block of 8th Street, SE.

Why should you care?  Beats me.  If you go, pay attention to the signs advertising the sponsors of the event.  Last year, CSX – who is about to wreak havoc on the quality of life on lower 8th Street and the south side of the freeway on Capitol Hill – was a major sponsor.  Bet they will be this year too.


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3 responses to “The Week Ahead….

  1. Elizabeth eby

    Is Flavin’s language limited to “young professionals?” I object to the limitation. That might exclude retires and residents who do not work from serving on the ANC. Any adjustments should be made to include all qualified residents.

  2. Gerald Sroufe

    Larry — Your admonition to candidates about checking in on the on-going ANC6B issues is well-taken. Unfortunately, I am having a routine medical procedure tomorrow — you can guess — that requires drinking large quanitities of a foul-tasting liquid tonight starting at 6:00 I will get on the circuit at the next opportunity. Jerry Sroufe

  3. For details on the proposed changes, please see Brian Flahaven’s blog – scroll down to the September 3 posting.