Marvelous Market Evolves Into The Silver Spork

Marvelous Market Evolves Into The Silver Spork

by Larry Janezich

Seth Shapiro – Managing Partner of “Just Around the Corner LLC” – announced on Monday that after six years as a Marvelous Market, the retail food venue across from Eastern Market would relinquish its association with the Marvelous Market chain and become “the local independent shop we have strived to be all this time.”

Shapiro says, “We have chosen the name ‘The Silver Spork’ and that is a big change, but really not too much will.  We will continue to search for quality products that can be offered in our quick serve environment.”

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One response to “Marvelous Market Evolves Into The Silver Spork

  1. Maggie Hall

    A spork: a useful, somewhat unusual, item. The Silver Spork that has suddenly burst into all our lives will (if the way it was as MM is anything to go by) live up to that image. And more. Looking forward to Seth, now that the MM mantle has been cast, exciting us with even more innovative and tempting goodies. Maggie Hall.