The Week Ahead…. and Photo Progress Report on Hawk & Dove

Nothing of major import to ANC6B scheduled so far this week.


A New Xavier Cervera Venue Begins to Take Shape from the Old Hawk & Dove – photos courtesy of Maggie Hall

This will be Cervera’s seventh Capitol Hill restaurant (Lola’s, Molly Malone’s, the Chesapeake Room, Senart’s Oyster & Chop House, Pacifico, The Box Car Tavern) with two more planned for the Southwest Waterfront. 

First Floor, look toward Pennsylvania Avenue

Up To the Mezzanine


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3 responses to “The Week Ahead…. and Photo Progress Report on Hawk & Dove

  1. Chris

    I’m sorry, but the Hawk and Dove no longer exists. These are photos of a new establishment that the owner rather insultingly insists on calling by that name in order to ride the former establishment’s historic coattails.


  2. Jim Loots

    The old Hawk died a natural death after a good long life. Like Old Ebbitt and many other venues, its spirit and location can be rekiindled without doing injustice to what existed before. Stu Long is on board with the “new” Hawk, or it wouldn’t be using the name. Coattails or no, the updated venue will need to prove itself worthy. I, for one, am looking forward to it.

  3. Chris

    You don’t manufacture a place like the old Hawk & Dove. It was what it was not because of its decor, or even the people who worked their and their attitudes. Time — a *long* time — will tell whether this place can develop a similar mystique. I doubt it, given the generic nature of Mr. Cervera’s other places, but maybe. Hopefully. But in the meantime, it’s calling itself the Hawk & Dove when it isn’t the Hawk & Dove. It’s trading on a name that meant something to sell a place that doesn’t mean anything (at least, not yet). That’s a bummer.