Piece of The Story

“The Party, Before you Came and After You Left”. Which is front and which is back is up to the viewer.

Piece of The Story

by Larry Janezich

This post marks the beginning of a new regular feature on Capitol Hill Corner which will present a single piece of art by a Capitol Hill  artist along with the artist’s explanation of how the piece tells the story of her or his current body of work. 

Today’s post features the glass work of Elizabeth Eby, an artist and professional gardener who works on Capitol Hill.  The piece is titled:  “The Party, Before You Came and After You Left.” 


I have been making gardens and art for most of my life. All children should be so lucky.

I spent my first allowance on bean and lettuce seeds.  I made up stories about the fairies that lived underground and made seeds grow.  My mother was a painter and she encouraged me to use art to tell these stories.

Good gardens and good glass bowls are designed to be seen from multiple points of view, the bird’s eye view is just as important as the front and the back, or top and bottom of a bowl. Gardens should look good in all seasons; bowls should look good clean or dirty.

I have two lines of glass, food-safe tableware that I call B&B which can be seen at The Forecast on 7th Street, SE, and art glass, now at Newman Gallery and Custom Frames on 11th Street, SE.   I have been working in the garden at 623 East Capitol for the past few years—it’s a great garden.  

The photos show the relationship between the two designs.  It’s a free standing piece called “The Party, Before you Came and After You Left”.  Which is front and which is back is up to the viewer.

My website is http://www.gardensandglass.com; contact at ElizabethSEby@verizon.net.


If you would like Capitol Hill Corner to consider featuring a piece of work from your studio or collection, please email:  ljjanezich@hotmail.com

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  1. Kathleen

    i hope the person revived the party and trailed colors in his/her wake (and not the other scenario).