Piece of the Story – Featuring the Work of Paul Kerkhoven

Amanda’s Ring, by Paul Kerkhoven

Piece of the Story – Featuring the Work of Paul Kerkhoven

Paul Kerkhoven:  I am an energy consultant and have lived in Washington, DC, since the early eighties.  I was born in the Netherlands and immigrated to the United States with my family when I was fifteen years old.  I learned to work with gold and silver, because I wanted to make some unique Christmas and birthday presents for my immediate family and some of my close friends.  It has now become a passion and a raison d’etre.  Often, instead of being on the golf course I can be found behind my workbench.  I have recently begun exploring other avenues for sharing my pieces and am exhibiting in galleries and a few unique jewelry stores.  I love to use various materials including pieces from old cut up lunch boxes, billiard balls, bowling balls, petrified wood, dinosaur bone and pearls, coral and other formerly living materials, some of which can be over 140 million years old.  I have been told that my work is elegant and delicate, yet simple and beautiful; some pieces have recently been showcased in some local newspapers.  As there is a story with every piece, I love to make pieces when I know who the wearer will be.  I made this ring, Amanda’s ring, for the wonderful wife of my nephew; it lives on her hand.  It is made from beach glass, sterling silver and 14K gold.  I can be reached at: pkerkhoven@ngvamerica.org or 202/494-5887.

Ed. – capitolhillcorner.org feature “Piece of the Story” presents an image of a work by a Capitol Hill artist and a paragraph written by the artist explaining how the piece tells the story of the artist’s recent work.  If you are interested in contributing, please submit an image and 200-300 words, including any biographical info and any venue where your work can be viewed, as well as contact information to: ljjanezich@hotmail.com

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