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Piece of The Story – Featuring the Glass Work of Nancy Donnelly

“Woman in Checked Blouse,” Glass with a steel frame, 2012. By Nancy Donnelly

Piece of The Story – Featuring the Glass Work of Nancy Donnelly

ed.  Larry Janezich

Nancy Donnelly:  Here is a recent piece called “Woman in Checked Blouse.” Glass with a steel frame, 2012.  This piece is based on something I saw, and it uses a new technique for me, plus an old one.

I trained in Seattle as an oil painter, and of course I’ve been drawing all my life.  When I began making glass art, I put aside my drawing/painting skills and began making 3-dimensional work primarily.  This has been going on for about 5 years.  Not to say I quit making 2-D work completely, but I put my emphasis on learning how to handle the third dimension.  Lately I’ve been missing drawing and painting.  There are a couple ways to deal with that – I can turn my attention to drawing/painting as a supplement, or as a replacement for working in glass.  I started making linocuts and printing them in glass as well as paper, and when traveling I focused on watercolor. But how nice if I can use all my skills in one art form!

Happily for me, and with the help of my mentor Michael Janis, I can figure this out. This piece uses ceramic pencils and embeds the pencil marks inside the glass. There’s a depth that’s achieved as the shadow of the pencil bounces off the white backing up through the glass. Placement of light is important in these pieces.

The other aspect of this work is the feeling that might shine out from it.  What emotion is this woman conveying? Is she responding to something she sees?  Can a viewer look at her and see something of his or her own emotions?  What is she trying to say?  These questions belong to the viewer.

I expect to be using this technique and other, more painterly, techniques in glass during 2013. My next big show is a solo exhibit at the Common Grounds Gallery in VisArts, 155 Gibbs St, Rockville MD. That show starts February 22 and ends March 24, 2013. Here’s my web address:

Ed. – feature “Piece of the Story” presents an image of a piece of work by a Capitol Hill artist and a paragraph written by the artist explaining how the piece tells the story of the artist’s recent work. 

If you are interested in contributing, please submit an image and 200-300 words of text, including any biographical info you wish to include and any venue where your work can be viewed, to

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The Week Ahead….

The Week Ahead….

by Larry Janezich

Tuesday, November 13

ANC6B meets at 7:00pm at Hill Center.

Agenda includes:

DCanter – 545 8th Street, SE

It looks like the license application with tasting endorsement for the new boutique wine and beer retail outlet, DCanter,  will get approval by unanimous consent.  The shop, owned and operated by Capitol Hill residents Michael and Michelle Warner, may be open as soon as March.  In addition to small production wines and craft beers, the shop will offer accessories and a small selection of books.  The tasting endorsement means that the proprietors will be able to serve up to 6 ounces of wine or beer per day per customer for tasting purposes.  The establishment boasts two tasting rooms – a private room suitable for small tastings, and a larger room which can accommodate up to 12 seated patrons for tastings or wine appreciation classes.

Ambar Serbian Cuisine – 523 8th Street, SE

The proprietor and legal counsel for Ambar continue to joust with some members of ANC6B.  The owner is insisting on the maximum allowed operating hours for a mostly enclosed roof garden and opponents – lead by commissioner Dave Garrison and Kirsten Oldenburg – want to cut back those hours of operation.  It appeared that a voluntary agreement was in place allowing the process to move forward for approval by the full ANC6B, but a preliminary vote to advance the agreement out of the ABC committee to the full ANC failed on a 4-4 tie vote, with one abstention.  Negotiations on additional voluntary restrictions on operating hours or noise abatement were to continue over the past several days in hopes that a resolution satisfying all parties could be reached by the ANC meeting on Tuesday.    The owner hopes to open by Inauguration Day.

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Major General Joins Local Legion Post In Honoring Veterans Day – Program Draws Crowd of 200

Major General Steven J. Lepper, the Deputy Judge Advocate General, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.

American Legion Post 8 Commander Kathryn Stillman

More Veterans at Folger Park Ceremony

Veterans Attend Ceremony In Their Honor

Capitol Hill Residents Turn Out to Honor Veterans

Major General Joins Local Legion Post In Honoring Veterans Day – Program Draws Crowd of 200

by Larry Janezich

Major General Steven J. Lepper, the Deputy Judge Advocate General, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C., honored veterans at a ceremony in Folger Park on Sunday.  His remarks to a crowd of nearly two hundred focused on the themes of physical and moral courage and how our freedom depends on ensuring the next generation is equipped with the same qualities that distinguished the service of so many of our citizens who served in the country’s armed services.

“Freedom isn’t free, and the process to preserve freedom is not always pleasant.  We must never forget those who paid or were willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice.”

Lepper recounted a personal experience of how interaction with one of his personal heroes and role models taught him some of the most important leadership lessons he might otherwise not have learned.

William Crawford was the janitor to Lepper’s squadron at the Air Force Academy.  As far as they knew, he was the man who mopped the floor and cleaned the toilets.  Then a fellow cadet, while reading a history of the US Army campaign in southern Italy, learned that then-Private Crawford had won the Medal of Honor for acts of heroism.  While serving as a forward scout in the U.S. Army, Crawford’s company came under fire from an enemy machine gun.  Crawford singlehandedly destroyed the position and two more machine gun nests while under continuous fire before being captured by the Germans.  Presumed dead, he was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously in 1945.  Later that year, he was released from a POW camp and returned home to Pueblo, Colorado.  In 1947, he reenlisted and served in the military until his retirement as a master sergeant.

According to Lepper, when the squadron discovered what Crawford had done he became one of their greatest heroes.  While working at the Air Force Academy, Crawford mentioned to friends that he had never received the Medal from the president, since it had been awarded posthumously.  In 1984, during that year’s graduation ceremony, President Ronald Reagan formally presented him with the Medal.

Lepper said that he trained with the best equipment available, but could have had no greater role model than Bill Crawford, noting, “the lessons I could have learned nowhere else” were best summarized in an essay on lessons in leadership learned from Crawford, which was published by the former cadet who had discovered Crawford’s achievements:

Be cautious of labels

Leaders need to be humble

Don’t pursue glory; pursue excellence

No job is beneath a leader

The greatest lesson, Lepper told the assembled crowd which included many veterans, is “service before self.  For veterans, it is service to country – I valued his service, and I value yours.”

American Legion Post 8 staged its annual ceremony, in Folger Park, opposite the Post on the corner of 3rd and D, SE.  Following Lepper’s remarks, a commemorative wreath was placed followed by a lone bugler playing Taps.  After the ceremony, everyone present was invited to a luncheon reception in the Post.


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Piece of The Story

“D is for Dondi” by DECOY

Piece of The Story

by Larry Janezich

Piece of The Story is a regular feature on Capitol Hill Corner which presents a single piece of art by a Capitol Hill artist along with the artist’s explanation of how the piece tells the story of her or his current body of work.

Today’s post features an acrylic on wood piece by DECOY.  The piece is titled:  “D is for Dondi,” and measures 69 X 45 inches.


“Each piece I’m creating relates to a person who has transformed by making the choice for a major life change.  I bit my nails for 25 years, and I thought I would never be able to have funky or cool nails.  One day I decided, I can do this.  The confidence spread to other parts of my life.”   The artist is creating a series of al-new paintings and gel transfer prints on wood as wel as t-shirts and hoodies.

“D is for Dondi” is currently on exhibit with DECOY’s other works at The Fridge (516 1/2 8th Street, SE, DC) through November 25.  DECOY may be reached by emailing Alex Goldstein (


If you would like Capitol Hill Corner to consider featuring a piece of work from your studio or collection, please email:

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Li’l Pub Gets Reprieve (And Update on Other News of the Week)

Li’l Pub Gets Reprieve (And Update on Other News of the Week)

by Larry Janezich

Li’l Pub Update

Howard Schurr, proprietor of the Li’l Pub, told Capitol Hill Corner that the proposed sale of the building to CVS “has fallen through, so I’ll remain in business.” 

Taco Competition Gets Tougher

The upcoming January opening of District Taco outlet in the space across Pennsylvania Avenue from the Li’l Pub was reported in the Washington Post recently.  It joins the recently opened Chipotle and Pacifico Café a block or two away, which are themselves newcomers to a market already served by restaurants like Las Placitas, La Plaza, and the Banana Café.  District Taco prides itself on the freshness and quality of its ingredients.  You can see the menu for District Taco’s two current restaurants below at the end of this posting, below.   

Eastern Market Holiday Market

EMCAC held its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, November 7.  Market Manager Barry Margeson reported on plans to use the concrete slab, home to the temporary Eastern Market building during the market’s post-fire reconstruction, for the Eastern Market holiday market.  It will open after Thanksgiving and stay up through Christmas.  The exact composition of the holiday market is still under discussion, but the sale of holiday trees on the slab is certain.  Following the holidays, consideration will be given to other activities there – possibly weekend vending. 

Eastern Market North Hall

Margeson also reported that income from activities in the North Hall during October amounted to $21,600, noting that – so far – he has had three inquiries so regarding inaugural events. 

Flea Market

In other news from the EMCAC meeting, almost two dozen Saturday and Sunday Flea Market vendors showed up to plea for the continuation of current flea market management once the vendors move to the 300 block of 7th Street.  This request was supported by a resolution previously adopted by the Eastern Market Vendor’s Council, which supported the closure of the 300 block of 7th to accommodate the existing flea markets during construction of the Hine project, and recommended continuation of the current management during this period.  EMCAC chair Donna Scheeder noted that the board would take the resolution “under advisement.”   

District Taco On Line Menu:

Breakfast Served All Day


On flour tortilla. Corn tortillas available upon request


Eggs, cheese, potatoes and unlimited toppings


Egg whites and unlimited toppings


Vegetarian pinto beans, cheese, sautéed onions

and green peppers with unlimited toppings

Huevos Rancheros

Two Eggs over hard, rice, black beans, cheese,

sour cream, salsa maya, on a corn tortilla

Lettuce and tomato on the side

Breakfast Burrito

Eggs, black beans, potatoes in flour tortilla

with Salsa de Chili (not vegetarian) cheese

and lettuce & tomato on the side

Lunch and Dinner after 11 AM


Choice of protein & toppings (we recommend up to 3) – see below

On flour tortilla. Corn tortillas available upon request


Choice of protein, black beans, rice and toppings

Add salsa to give your burrito a kick!

Burrito Mojado

Choice of protein, black beans, cheese, rice, Salsa de Chili

and sour cream on top and lettuce & tomato on the side

Burrito Desnudo

BURRITO BOWL with NO tortilla, choice of protein,

black beans, rice & toppings

Ensalada Yucateca

Fresh, chopped, Romaine lettuce, house dressing plus

your choice of protein and toppings


Choice of protein, black beans, cheese, toppings

and lettuce & tomato on the side

Nachos Borrachos

Chips, black beans, choice of protein, cheese,

guacamole, sour cream, Salsa de Chili (not vegetarian)

& toppings

Ceviche de Camarones*

Shrimp marinated in lime juice with tomatoes, onions,

cilantro… with a side of tortilla chips. Make it spicy!

Fresh habanero available upon request


Carnitas (slow cooked pulled pork)

Carne Asada (grilled, chopped steak)

Pollo Asado (grilled chicken)

Barbacoa (slow cooked shredded beef)

Al Pastor (Carved rotisserie pork, marinated

w/guajillo and served w/chopped pineapple)

Vegetarian (no meat, add any topping)


Pico de Gallo

Sour Cream



Cilantro Garlic-Lime Rice

Raw Onion (White or Red)

Grilled Veggies (Green Peppers & Onions)

Shredded Cheese

Fresh Jalapeños

Vegetarian Black Beans

Vegetarian Pinto Beans

Premium Toppings

Add 50¢ Each



Guacamole (free on vegetarian items)


Available at Salsa Bar

Tomatillo (mild)

Chiltomate (medium)

Mestizo (hot)

Habanero (by request only)


Frijoles Pintos

Vegetarian pinto beans

Frijoles Negros

Vegetarian black beans

Garlic-Lime Rice

Beans & Rice

Chips and Salsa

Guacamole or Queso

Chips and Guacamole

Chips and Queso

Add Bacon or Chorizo

Small Chips with Individual

Queso or Guacamole



Regular Soda

Bottles or Juice

Bottled Water



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ANC6B Hine Supporters Survive Election Challenge – Incumbent Critchfield Unseated

ANC6B Hine Supporters Survive Election Challenge – Incumbent Critchfield Unseated

by Larry Janezich

According to the unofficial tally of votes in ANC6B, Commissioners Frishberg and Pate handily won re-election in races that turned on issues associated with the controversial Hine development.  In another Hine-associated race, Philip Peisch defeated Hine critic Randy Steer in a bid to succeed retiring Hine supporter Norm Metzger.

It appears that at least Frishberg and Pate had the tacit support of Councilmember Tommy Wells, who had vowed to endorse whatever amenities and benefits ANC6B could wrest from the developer on behalf of the community.  The two commissioners were the designated negotiators who brought the agreement to the ANC which passed it on a narrow 6-4 vote.  Wells’ office did not respond to a query whether he endorsed any of the ANC candidates or if any candidate had requested his endorsement, although incumbent Oldenburg’s campaign signs – recycled from two years ago – still bore a sticker indicating Wells’ endorsement.  Two years ago Wells’ went on record endorsing the re-election of the then current ANC, control of which was subsequently taken over by a slate of reformers, including Frishburg and Pate.

Changing demographics on Capitol Hill were a factor in both the Frishberg and Pate races, as both candidates drew support from voters with young families, a demographic those two candidates share.  That factor was at play as well in the victory of challenger Nicole Opkins over Jared Critchfield in a three-way race that was otherwise noteworthy for the reported vandalism of Critchfield’s campaign signs and those of Opkins’ other opponent, Chris Harlow.

The effect of demographics was also reflected in the succession of young professionals to the seats of the three retiring commissioners, a manifestation of the changing Capitol Hill population as this class, attracted to the benefits of urban living, abandons suburban life and returns to the city.   Below are the unofficial results from DC’s Office of Elections and Ethics.  Unofficial election results do not include absentee and provisional ballots


DAVE GARRISON                                      539      94.39%

WRITE-IN                                                      32      5.604%


IVAN FRISHBERG                                     542        61.66%

GERALD (JERRY) SROUFE                      327       37.20%

WRITE-IN                                                      10        1.137%


PHILIP PEISCH                                            591      65.01%

RANDY STEER                                            306      33.66%

WRITE-IN                                                       12      1.320%


KIRSTEN OLDENBURG                             629      88.21%

WRITE-IN                                                       84      11.78%


BRIAN PATE                                                567      56.64%

STEVE HOLTZMAN                                   427      42.65%

WRITE-IN                                                        7       0.699%


NICHOLE OPKINS                                       523     54.02%

JARED CRITCHFIELD                                 355     36.67%

CHRIS HARLOW                                            78     8.057%

WRITE-IN                                                        12      1.239%


SARA LOVELAND                                      611      95.46%

WRITE-IN                                                        29     4.531%


CHANDER JAYARAMAN                          731      94.07%

WRITE-IN                                                       46      5.920%


BRIAN FLAHAVEN                                    935      97.59%

WRITE-IN                                                       23      2.400%


FRANCIS M. CAMPBELL                           825      96.26%

WRITE-IN                                                        32       3.733%


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Scenes from Election Day, Capitol Hill. Part III


Watching the Results. Tunnicliffs. Circa 8:30pm.

Watching the Results. Boxcar. Circa 8:30pm.

Watching the Results. Tune Inn. Circa 8:30pm.

Watching the Results. Pour House. Circa 8:30pm.

Eastern Market. Circa 6:30. ANC6B Candidate Ivan Frishberg and volunteer Chuck Burger.

Eastern Market. Circa 6:30pm. ANC6B Candidate Jerry Sroufe (second from left).

Eastern Market, North Hall Polling Station. Circa 6:30pm.

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Scenes from Election Day, Capitol Hill, Part II

Tyler School. Circa 6:15pm. ANC6B Candidate Randy Steer.

Tyler School. Circa 6:15pm. ANC6B Candidate Kirsten Oldenburg and voter.

Tyler School. Circa 6:15pm. ANC6B Candidate Philip Peisch.

Watkins School, Circa 6:00pm. ANC6B Candidate Tim Britt solicits votes.

Watkins School. Circa 6:00pm. Lines, unseen since later morning, reappear.

Watkins School. ANC6B Candidate Nicole Opkins interacts with constituent.


Watkins School,Circa 6:00pm. ANC6B Candidate Jared Critchfield solicits voter.

Thankful Baptist Church, circa 5:00pm. ANC6B Candidate Brian Pate. Candidate Steve Holtzman behind.

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Scenes from Election Day, Capitol Hill, Part I

Tyler School, early afternoon. ANC6B candidate Kirsten Oldenburg (left).

ANC6B Candidate Tim Britt Segues between Watkins and Tyler Polling Places.

Tyler School Polling Station, early afternoon. ANC6B candidate Phil Peisch.

Eastern Market Polling Station, early afternoon. ANC6B candidate Jerry Sroufe after engaging voter.

Eastern Market North Hall Polling Station, early afternoon. ANC6B candidate Ivan Frishberg and constituent.

Thankful Baptist Churct Polling Station, early afternoon. ANC Candidates Steve Holtzman (right foreground) and Brian Pate (right background) solicit votes.

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The Week Ahead…


Barracks Row’s Backstage Performing Arts Has Seen Its Last Halloween. The site will soon become a boutique beer and wine retail outlet. ANC6B ABC Committee Holds Licensing Hearing on Thursday (see below).

The Week Ahead…

by Larry Janezich

Monday. November 5

CHRS Historic Preservation Committee meets at 6:30pm, 420 10th street, SE.

Tuesday, November

Election Day – ANC6B has five contested seats and five seats which are not being contested.  The outcome of these races could determine much about how the Capitol Hill community evolves and develops.  Ward Six Councilmember Tommy Wells, whose constituents include the residents of ANC6B, is not up for election in this cycle.  Wells is exploring a possible run for mayor in two years. 

Wednesday, November 7

Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee meets at 7:00pm in the North Hall.

ANC 6B Planning and Zoning Committee meets at 7:00 pm, in the cafeteria at St. Coletta of Greater Washington, 1901 Independence Avenue SE.  One item on the short agenda is to hear a presentation from organizers on the 2013 Cupid’s Undie Run, Saturday, February 9, 2013.

The P&Z Committee meeting will be followed by Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6B’s Special Call meeting to consider its response to the Zoning Commission on the Hine School Redevelopment.  The Special Call meeting is scheduled at 7:45pm, in the cafeteria at St. Coletta of Greater Washington, 1901 Independence Avenue SE.  On Wednesday, October 31, 2012, the applicant, Stanton-Eastbanc, LLC, filed an additional submission with the Zoning Commission  At its special call meeting, ANC 6B will consider its response to the applicant’s submission.

Thursday, November 8

ANC6B’s ABC Committee meets at 7:00 pm at Hill Center.  On the agenda are several items of interest to residents near Barrack’s Row.  These include a new retail wine and beer license for DCanter, the boutique retailer which will soon replace the Backstage Performing Arts Store at 545 8th Street, SE; a voluntary operating agreement for Balkan Concepts, operator of the new Serbian restaurant at 523 8th Street, SE, next to the new Chipotle; and a request from Hank’s Oyster Bar, 633 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, to extend hours one day on Sunday, December 9, 2012, from 12:00 am to 2:00 am.

CHRS Zoning Committee meets at 7:30 pm, 420 10th street, SE.

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