Piece of The Story – Featuring the Glass Work of Nancy Donnelly

“Woman in Checked Blouse,” Glass with a steel frame, 2012. By Nancy Donnelly

Piece of The Story – Featuring the Glass Work of Nancy Donnelly

ed.  Larry Janezich

Nancy Donnelly:  Here is a recent piece called “Woman in Checked Blouse.” Glass with a steel frame, 2012.  This piece is based on something I saw, and it uses a new technique for me, plus an old one.

I trained in Seattle as an oil painter, and of course I’ve been drawing all my life.  When I began making glass art, I put aside my drawing/painting skills and began making 3-dimensional work primarily.  This has been going on for about 5 years.  Not to say I quit making 2-D work completely, but I put my emphasis on learning how to handle the third dimension.  Lately I’ve been missing drawing and painting.  There are a couple ways to deal with that – I can turn my attention to drawing/painting as a supplement, or as a replacement for working in glass.  I started making linocuts and printing them in glass as well as paper, and when traveling I focused on watercolor. But how nice if I can use all my skills in one art form!

Happily for me, and with the help of my mentor Michael Janis, I can figure this out. This piece uses ceramic pencils and embeds the pencil marks inside the glass. There’s a depth that’s achieved as the shadow of the pencil bounces off the white backing up through the glass. Placement of light is important in these pieces.

The other aspect of this work is the feeling that might shine out from it.  What emotion is this woman conveying? Is she responding to something she sees?  Can a viewer look at her and see something of his or her own emotions?  What is she trying to say?  These questions belong to the viewer.

I expect to be using this technique and other, more painterly, techniques in glass during 2013. My next big show is a solo exhibit at the Common Grounds Gallery in VisArts, 155 Gibbs St, Rockville MD. That show starts February 22 and ends March 24, 2013. Here’s my web address: www.nancydonnelly.com

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