ANC6B Update

ANC6B Update

by Larry Janezich

ANC6B met on Tuesday, November 13.  Among the actions it took that night, are the following:

ANC Clears Way for Ambar Serbian Cuisine’s Liquor License

After Ambar’s owner made additional concessions to the voluntary agreement regarding noise abatement in the operation of the roof garden, ANC6B voted 9 – 0 – 1 (Dave Garrison abstained) to support the voluntary agreement and withdraw their protest of the applied-for liquor license.  The vote came in part as the result of commissioners believing that they had achieved all they could under the voluntary agreement and risked having ABRA grant the license without the voluntary agreement, since it is known that ABRA is not sympathetic to ANC protests based on the lateness of the hours of operation.  Dave Garrison was the single commissioner reserving judgment, voting “present,” and stating his belief that the way to address this potential concern was to wring an agreement to limit the hours of operation for the roof garden from the owner.  The new class C restaurant license includes the summer garden, a sidewalk cafe and an entertainment endorsement.  Under terms of voluntary agreement, the applicant will stop serving at the sidewalk café at 11:00pm on weekdays and 1:00am on weekends.  The roof garden can remain open until 2:00am during the week, and until 3:00am on weekends.  The owner hopes to have Ambar open by January 20, Inauguration Day. 

ANC Approves Retail Liquor License with Tasting Endorsement for DCanter

By a unanimous vote ANC6B approved a Class B retail license with a tasting endorsement for DCanter, the boutique wine and craft beer venue coming to Barracks Row, perhaps by March. 

The hours of operation will be 9:00am to 10:00pm daily and applicants Michael and Michelle Warner have signed a voluntary agreement prohibiting the sale of singles and two and three packs.  The tasting endorsement allows the establishment to serve up to 6 ounces of alcohol per customer per day.

ANC Supports Honoring Bulgarian Who Prevented Deportation of Jews Under Nazis

By a vote of 8 – 1 – 1, ANC6B voted to support ANC2D’s resolution to rename the intersection in front of the Embassy of Bulgaria, 1621 22nd Street, NW, in honor of Dimitar Peshev.   Peshev was the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Bulgaria and Minister of Justice during World War II.  He rebelled against the pro-Nazi cabinet and prevented the Deportation of Bulgaria’s 48,000 Jews.  Commissioner Dave Garrison voted against the resolution on procedural grounds, stating that it was a bad precedent and ANC6B ought not opine about things in other parts of the city.  Commissioner Oldenburg, after initially agreeing with Garrison, backed off and abstained after the resolution was modified to offer support ANC2D’s action rather than state unilaterally a recommendation outside the boundaries of ANC6B.  The measure was a personal project of Commissioner Neil Glick, who came up with the idea and supported the commemoration, garnering the support both of ANC2D and the Bulgarian Embassy.

ANC6B Flexes Muscle on Eastern Market’s Holiday Market

After decrying the lack of public notice regarding the city’s plan to use the temporary Eastern Market Building slab for the holiday market between Thanksgiving and Christmas, ANC6B sent letters to the Department of General Services (DGS), Eastern Market Manager Barry Margeson, and the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development to request that DGS develop a plan for use of the slab for the winter and the future.  Implicit in the request is that ANC6B and the nearby neighbors be involved in any such planning efforts.  During last week’s Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee meeting, where the intent to use the slab for the holiday market was first made public, members of EMCAC and Margeson expressed uncertainty regarding how the plan came about.  EMCAC chair Donna Scheeder stated, “how, why, and where it got started is one of those mysteries of Capitol Hill.” 

ANC Supports DDOT’s 17th and 19th Street Safety Improvement Project

By a vote of 10 – 0, ANC6B voted to support a DDOT plan to improve pedestrian safety on 17th and 19th Streets, SE.  The commission requested that the project be extended to include the 700 and 800 blocks of 17th Street, SE when implementing the project’s 17th  Street SE safety recommendation to provide a crosswalk at intersection of 17th and E Street SE.  Other parts of the plan for 17th Street between East Capitol and Potomac Avenue, SE, include narrowing the street from two lanes to one lane, adding a dedicated bike lane, installing curb extensions on the west side of the street at each intersection, repaving the street and painting new crosswalks, and installing new permanent electronic speed display signs and new speed limit signs along the corridor.  For 19th Street, SE, between East Capitol and Potomac Avenue, the project envisions installation of a shared bike lane, repainted and improved pedestrian cross walks near Stadium Armory metro plaza, and new speed limit signs along the corridor.  Implementation is expected to begin in the spring of 2014.

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One response to “ANC6B Update

  1. As to the article, so viscerally titled: ANC Flexes Muscle on Eastern Market Holiday Market, I happened to have been at the EMCAC meeting where this ‘mystery’ was first made public. As best as I recall, EMCAC really did not question in depth the hows, whys or wheres of the matter as it was brought before them, when they had every opportunity to flex muscle of their own.

    I will not comment on the basic re-flexes of such institutions as our friends at EMCAC.

    It would seem that DGS is doing a very good job of the developing the potential of an otherwise wasted asset on holiday weekends, continuing to refine those efforts with skill, while demonstrating sensitivity to neighborhood concerns.

    Joe Snyder, member of Eastern Market Tenants’ Council