ANC6B Commissioners Frishberg and Pate Sworn In In Private Ceremony

ANC6B Commissioners Frishberg and Pate Sworn In In Private Ceremony

Councilmember Wells Administers Oath

by Larry Janezich

ANC6B held an unannounced informal orientation session for new commissioners on Thursday night in their conference room at Hill Center.  During the meeting, according to Parliamentarian Brian Flahaven, Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells, accompanied by COS Charles Allen, “stopped by to swear in Commissioners Frishberg and Pate who were unable to attend the official ceremony on Wednesday.   He also congratulated commissioners present and wished them the best in the new term.”

The meeting was organized by returning commissioners and attended by all commissioners.  The goal of the meeting, according to Flahaven, was to share info about the structure of the commission and various administrative procedures.  He also stated, “Attendees did not take any official actions nor did we discuss pending cases, in accordance with DC law – this was all about getting the new commissioners oriented to the commission, distributing office keys, etc.”

Although the meeting appeared to be without precedent, Flahaven said the meeting was permitted under ANC bylaws and by DC law.  “We modeled it after a similar session that Gottlieb Simon (Director of the DC Office of ANCs) puts on for all new ANC commissioners citywide.  The discussion was administrative in nature and no official actions took place. If we had planned to take official action, the session would have been a commission meeting and would have been subject to public notice. We actually can’t take any official action as a commission until officers are elected, which happens next Tuesday.”

Flahaven and Commissioner Francis Campbell – both residents of Hill East – are seeking the Chair of ANC6B.  Election of officers will be the first order of business at next Tuesday’s meeting.

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