Frager’s Hardware To Add Upscale Glass Atrium Infill on 11th Street – Concept Drawings at Capitol Hill Corner

View From 11th Street of Frager's Planned Glass Atrium

View From 11th Street of Frager’s Planned Glass Atrium


Ariel View of Frager's Proposed 11th Street Infill

Ariel View of Frager’s Proposed 11th Street Infill

Head On View from 11th Street of Proposed Frager's Addition

Head On View from 11th Street of Proposed Frager’s Addition


Frager’s Hardware To Add Upscale Glass Atrium Infill on 11th Street – Concept Drawings at Capitol Hill Corner

by Larry Janezich

Frager’s Hardware, much beloved for its funky interior, eclectic product selection, and helpful staff is about to add an upscale addition fronting on 11th Street.  The ground floor of the proposed glass atrium will be in the words of one architect, a “curated showroom” to display high end products including light fixtures, cabinets, and plumbing fixtures.  In addition, design consultancy may be offered in the new space.

The concept is up for Historic Peservation Review, and on Wednesday night, Francis Campbell’s ANC Planning and Zoning Committee recommended concept approval to the full ANC by a vote of 5 – 0 – 1.  Commissioner Ivan Frishberg abstained wanting more time to consider the design.  Commissioner Kirsten Oldenburg recused herself from consideration since she is employed by Frager’s.

The project is being designed by the international firm Demian/Wilbur Architects, headquartered  on Capitol Hill.  Some of the firms other DC projects include Station 4 in Southwest, The Hill Pre-School, and Latham Hotel in NW. 

The Historic Preservation Application will come before the full ANC6B which meets next Tuesday at 7:00pm in Hill Center.




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4 responses to “Frager’s Hardware To Add Upscale Glass Atrium Infill on 11th Street – Concept Drawings at Capitol Hill Corner

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  2. John Q Public

    I’m sorry, but I dont think this place needs any more neighborhood infringment. They pray on the fact the the Hill has no true retail in this area and charge acordingly, not very neighborly. They have had zoning issues in the past and just do as they pleased. This whole block cant seem to get their acts together. I read about rats on 1 end and and the lobby at Trumps Taj Mahal at the other? Gimme a break Fragers. I know your trying to make more money and corner every market you can get your hands on, but why do I need to walk back and forth store to store to store for various items? How about before half-assing something new, you focus on un-assing what you already do? Fragers is, and always will be a “7-11” hardware store. They will never be Home Depot on the Hill. And whats to happen to all the lumber they have in that alley way now? Thats where they do their receiving, does that get moved to the Alleyway they gated and shut off residential access too? This place is just getting too big for its britches.

  3. Eric

    “They will never be Home Depot on the Hill.”

    I hope to God that’s true. Have you ever actually went into Fragers and asked for help? … have you sought the same help from Home Depot? I can’t imagine you ever have or you’d know what an asset Frager’s is.

    As far as their prices go, it’s true they are higher than Home Depot, but that’s not hard to imagine why … I don’t think it’s some sort of price gouging as it appears you’d like to suggest. Rather I imagine it likely is due to location (the Hill is expensive from a real estate perspective) and volume (HD sells a lot more stuff than Fragers.) That increased price is easily defensible considering the ease of getting to Fragers and the helpfulness of their staff.

  4. Daniel Buck

    Frager’s is one of the best retail establishments on Capitol Hill. The staff is not only exceptionally friendly, which is easy, but well-informed, which is not. Takes training and experience. By the way, if you open an account at Frager’s, which I recommend, you qualify for a 10% discount on your purchases. Dan