The Week Ahead …..Proposed PA Ave City Dogs Runs Into ANC Trouble – Fragers at Eastern Market

The Week Ahead …..Proposed PA Ave City Dogs Runs Into ANC Trouble

Fragers Opens At Eastern Market – Fund Raising Continues – Photos

by Larry Janezich

Tuesday, June 11

ANC6B meets at 7:00pm at Hill Center

Among the items on the agenda:

Consideration of a special exception and a variance to allow City Dogs to board animals and groom pets at 1310 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.  Some of the nearby neighbors oppose the exception and variance based on compatibility, sound and trash issues.  Andie Moss, head The Moss Group (a consulting firm used by the DC government among others) said she would have to consider relocating her business to Virginia if Dog City opens.  On Tuesday night, the Planning and Zoning Committee voted 11-0 to take no position and bucked the issue to the full ANC for their input.  Commissioner Nicole Opkins is encouraging a conversation between the owners of the proposed business and the neighbors to search for common ground that would allow the business to open under the terms of a to-be-worked-out settlement agreement.  She told the proposed business owners, however, that they had a “high bar” to clear.  City Dogs has a successful and apparently well regarded outlet in Dupont Circle.  According the their website, “City Dogs is a dog daycare, boarding, and training facility designed for dog owners with busy schedules. We understand that most people work long hours and don’t like to leave their dogs alone all day. So, we created an environment where your dog can play and socialize with other friendly dogs in a supervised and caring environment.”

Other items on the agenda:

Liquor License renewals for Sonoma, Talay Thai.

Consideration of a proposed letter to the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development endorsing Donatelli/Blue Skye development plans for parcels F1 & G1, Hill East Development/Reservation 13.

Consideration of Commissioner Brian Pate’s proposed amendment to the ANC Bylaws to expand voting rights for ANC6B resident members.

Wednesday, June 12

Eastern Market Ad Hoc Marketing Committee meets at 6:30pm in the Manager’s Office (2nd Floor) at Eastern Market.  Open to the public.  Please RSVP to Chuck Burger – to make sure the space can accommodate the number of attendees.

Thursday, June 13

ANC 6A meets at 7:00pm, Miner Elementary School, 601 15th Street, NE

Fundraising for Fragers

Meanwhile, Gary Peterson is spearheading efforts of the Capitol Hill Community Foundation (CHCF) to raise funds for 65 Fragers’ employees and 10 employees of Fragers’ tenants once business interruption insurance carried by Fragers runs out.  At the CHCF tent set up on Sunday outside of the temporary Fragers’ plant and pottery outlet across from Eastern Market, Peterson said fund raising was going “very well,” pointing to some $80,000 raised by end of day on Saturday.  He said he would have a new total for release on Monday and emphasized that 100% of the funds raised would go to the employees.  CHCF plans to continue the efforts at Eastern Market on weekends, at least through the end of June.  Peterson is seeking volunteers to help staff the CHRS tent in two hour shifts between 10am and 4pm, Saturdays and Sundays.  He can be reached at or at 202-352-0098.

Community Turns Out For Fragers' Eastern Market Location

Community Turns Out For Fragers’ Eastern Market Location

Capitol Hill Community Foundation Leads Fundraising Effort.  L-R, Cassie Weller, Mary Hilldebrand, Gary Peterson



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3 responses to “The Week Ahead …..Proposed PA Ave City Dogs Runs Into ANC Trouble – Fragers at Eastern Market

  1. Kevin

    What reasons did Andie Moss give for her objection? The noise, the trash, or both? Either way, are they real issues? For example, has it been established beyond all doubt that noise would actually be a problem? I do not understand how trash might be an issue.

    I’ve never heard of Dog City so I hardly have a horse in this race, but the objections strike me as premature, at best, not to mention the unseemliness of potential favoritism given to a “consulting firm used by the DC government.”

    • jbk

      Variances and restrictions exist for good reasons. Generally they exist for health and safety reasons, impact on infrastructure, traffic, density, residential fit, etc. It is not clear what are the details of the Exceptions the Dog City is requesting? The few dog boarding/grooming businesses I know of are in the Maryland suburbs, in a somewhat rural setting, with no residential buildings or other businesses nearby.
      You bring up a good point about “never heard of Dog City…”. Then the questions should be:
      1. what is the history of performance by the owners of Dog City?
      2. What other dog boarding/grooming establishments (and where) do the owners of Dog City operate? … how long?