ANC6B Moves Against Nuisance Properties

ANC6B Moves Against Nuisance Properties

by Larry Janezich

Update:  An earlier version of this story cited Holy Comforter Cyprian Community Action Group as the owner of 125 15th Street, NE – one of the nuisance properties targeted by the ANC.  In fact, according to Commissioner Brian Pate, Holy Comforter owns 124 15th Street, across from 125 15th Street.  Pate said that the list provided to ANC6B at Tuesday’s meeting was subsequently edited to reflect that fact and the notification letter will be amended accordingly.  .  Pate said, “Both properties (124 and 125) are, indeed problems but we’ll be focusing on the residential property first.”  In a further clarification Pate noted that Reuben Pemberton is no longer the head of DCRA’s Vacant Building Enforcement and has been succeeded by Heather Vargas. 

Last Tuesday night at its regular monthly meeting, ANC6B voted 8-0-1 to send a list of priority problem houses to Reuben Pemberton, Vacant Building Enforcement Unit, DCRA.  Commissioner Brian Pate’s Constituent Services and Outreach Committee has worked for the past several months to survey ANC6B and compile a list of vacant and blighted properties.  The ANC also voted to send letters to owners of six of the worst on the list asking the owner to fix up their properties.  The letter, in part, read as follows:

“ANC6B notes the condition of your property at xxx and respectfully requests your attention to mitigate its vacant, run-down condition.  ANC6B has registered its concern with the City’s Vacant Building Enforcement unit and encourages you to work with this City agency to address the condition of your property.”  The letter also notes that properties in the Capitol Hill Historic District may be eligible for grant programs designed to repair and restore historic properties. 

Commissioner Dave Garrison expressed concern that the ANC might be exceeding its authority abstained from voting.  Commissioner Oldenburg was not present for the vote. 

The list forwarded to Pemberton is as follows:

531 8th Street, SE, owned by Houshang H. Momenian – no address given

1125 Independence Avenue, SE, owned by Jeffrey Bruck – no address given

242 14th Street, SE, owned by Aurelia C. McCauley, Washington, DC

125 15th Street, owned by Mattie Nance – no address given

1247 K Street, SE owner by Geraldine Watkins, Washington, DC

1251 K Street, SE owned by Ruthie B. Buckman, Washington, DC

1257 K Street, SE – owned by 368 LLC, Baltimore, MD

1259 K Street, SE owned by 368 LLC, Baltimore, MD

102 9th Street, SE, owned by Elizabeth D. Lunsford, Washington DC

1616 Potomac Avenue, SE owned by Andrew L. Mealy, Jr., Temple Hills, MD

803 Kentucky Avenue, SE, owned by Gail Sirmans of Mount Vernon, NY

1612 Massachusetts Avenue, SE – owner not listed

Owners Momenian, McCauley, Nance , Buckman, Lunsford, and Sirman were the recipients of the request for mitigation from ANC. 

Residents with concerns about nuisance properties should contact their ANC Commissioner.  Contact information can be found here:

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