The Week Ahead….Redesign of Metro Plaza; Hine Delay; Frager’s Owner To Update ANC

The Week Ahead ….Public Meetings on Redesign of Eastern Market Metro Plaza – Also Possible Delay of Closing on Hine Development and Frager’s Update

by Larry Janezich

Monday, July 8

Public meeting to solicit input for redesign of Eastern Market Metro Park and Plaza, hosted by Councilmember Tommy Wells, 7:00pm – 9:00pm, at Hill Center.  There will be a repeat of the meeting on Saturday, July 13, 10:00am – 12:00pm, at Hill Center.   For those unable to attend either meeting a public display and suggestion drop box will be posted in the North Hall of Eastern Market.  Capitol Hill Corner was first to report that the new effort was underway.

Tuesday, July 9

ANC 6B meets at 7:00pm in Hill Center.  Although not on the agenda – yet – it’s possible that ANC6B will be weighing in on a request from DMPED to seek a one year extension from the City Council for transferring the Hine property to Stanton/Eastbanc developers.  According to a tweet from Commissioner Brian Pate on July 4: “DMPED likely to seek 1-year extension from Council for Hine closing-skittish about law suit. Nader lawyer Oliver Hall now involved”  Pate refers to an appeal of the Zoning Commission ruling on the Hine project filed with the US Court of Appeals by some of the Hine neighbors.  The court has set a hearing date on the appeal for mid-September.  Last week, Ken Golding of Stanton Development, told the ANC’s Planning and Zoning Committee that the completion date for the Hine project could be as late as the end of 2016.

On the agenda:

Stanton/Eastbanc presentation on the retail plan for the Hine development

John Weintraub, owner of Frager’s, updates the community on plans

Liquor license renewals for Sonoma, La Lomita, Ninnella, Bullfeathers, Capitol Hill Club, Hunan Dynasty, American Legion, La Lomita Dos, Young Chow Restrauant, Banana Café, II Capo Di Capitol Hill, Nooshi, Pacifico, Senart’s, Tash, Trattoria Alberto, Capitol Hill Tandoor and Grill, Chesapeake Room, Las Placitas, Lavagna, Fusion Grill, Ted’s Bulletin, the Ugly Mug, zest, Aatish, Acqua al 2/Suna Black Bar, Beuchert’s, Boxcar, La Plaza, Mr. Henry’s, Montmartre, Pound the Hill, Sanphan, The Silver Spork, Sizzling Express, and Tunnicliffs.

Planning and Zoning requests:

Approval of a new façade for Banana Café

A request to add hot sandwiches to the cold deli line currently being served at 1500 Independence Avenue (Southeast Market)

Rear additions at 535 6th Street, SE, and 1016 7th Street, SE

A third floor addition at 328 16th Street, SE

Saturday, July 13

Public meeting to solicit input for redesign of Eastern Market Metro Park and Plaza (see Monday, above)

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One response to “The Week Ahead….Redesign of Metro Plaza; Hine Delay; Frager’s Owner To Update ANC

  1. Regarding Eastern Market Plaza beautification project … the idea is good in principle.
    1. The fact that Weinstein is also the architect for the Hine project makes it more probable to have a unitary design/vision between the Hine School area development and the Metro Plaza development, which is a good thing.
    2. The fact that we are trying to spend $500K before the funds expire is not nice but it is done all over the country and at least the community stands to gain: pay the architects, pay the transportation specialists, pay to have the public involved … it is ok, get things done (as long as there is some coherence in the planning in the area and there is TRANSPARENCY).
    3. Yes,at a first look $500K for “design” seems a lot of easy money but it will mean work for maybe 10 – 15 people for about 3 months which means about $100K – $180K salaries which is what these people make.
    4. It is important, indeed, for us the “minority” – which keeps an eye out for bogus things – to pay attention and speak up!
    5. It is equally important to make sure we do not let the Hine School area developers get freebies … if taxpayer funds are used for affordable housing units and for any “private” street, then the taxpayers OWN those units and that street!