Barracks Row Pizza Boli’s Reopens – Details on Conditions Forcing Closure

Barracks Row Pizza Boli’s Reopens – Details on Conditions Forcing Closure

by Larry Janezich

Last Wednesday, July 17, the DC Department of Health Food Safety Division investigated complaints regarding Barracks Row’s Pizza Boli’s and cited the carryout for “evidence of rodent infestation, unclean refrigeration equipment, no hot water, outer openings of the establishment unprotected, and outdoor trash storage violations,” according to the investigator who did the inspection.  The inspection report notes five critical violations and 24 non-critical violations which warranted a closure and a summary suspension was issued. 

Some of the most serious violations detailed in the report include the following:

Rodent droppings

Live and dead roaches

Openings in the ceiling and back wall permitting access to the deli by rodents and insects

Food storage on the floor

“Filthy” pizza prep refrigerator

No hot water in kitchen


“Some of the outdoor trash receptacles are missing their lids while the other outdoor trash receptacles have lids but are not closed.” 

“Two bags of trash are stored on the ground in the outdoor trash storage enclosure.” 

“Numerous outdoor trash storage receptacles are overfilled. A foul odor is emanating for the outdoor trash storage enclosure and food debris is littering the ground inside and outside the closure.”  

According to Jacqueline Coleman, Supervisory Sanitarian at DC Department of Health, the procedure for reopening Pizza Boli’s required a request from the owner for re-inspection after the violations had been corrected.  If the carryout subsequently passes a re-inspection, the business license  is restored  and the  facility permitted  to reopen. 

On Friday, July 19, re-inspection was conducted and the carryout passed its inspection. The delicatessen license was restored and Pizza Boli’s  is now open for business. 

The fee for re-inspection is $100.  While it is true that the Enforcement Officer may issue fines for violations, unlike the inspection reports the fine amounts are not posted on-line.  Concerned neighbors, who hope to engage Pizza Boli’s owner in an on-going dialogue to address issues (as they have been able to do with the owners of Barracks Row’s Chipotle), say that in the past, fines levied have been small, and owners have treated them as part of the cost of doing business.  When Capitol Hill Corner inquired about fines which might have been issued in the case of Pizza Boli’s, Ms. Coleman said the Enforcement Officer in charge was out of the office until July 29th, but pledged to follow-up and “ask him for a contact person who can address any questions pertaining to fines.”

The summary suspension and restoration reports are available on line at:  Signing in is not necessary – just click on “search health inspections” then click on “P” to list the restaurants by name, and scroll down to the 8th Street Pizza Boli’s (there are routine health inspections listed for seven Pizza Boli’s).

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  1. Kim Nead

    I wish I could “unknow” this. I have been a frequent patron of Pizza Boli’s. Ewww.