Wrapping Up the Week….Crime Spike, 8th St Starbucks Gets Makeover, Trouble for H St Club XII, Whence the Metro Plaza Redesign?

Wrapping Up the Week….Crime Spike, 8th St Starbucks Gets Makeover, Trouble for H St Club XII, Whence the Metro Plaza Redesign?

by Larry Janezich

Crime Spike

At its monthly PSA 107 meeting on Thursday, Lieutenant Fowler reported police knowledge of 18 robberies over the previous 30 days, a 500% increase from the 3 robberies of the last reporting period.  He also reported four “significant” arrests for robberies over the same period of time.  Neighbors shared more anecdotal evidence with Fowler who responded by urging residents to refrain from using smartphones in public, walking without paying attention to surroundings, and leaving items of value in a parked car.  He also urged residents to call “911” if they detect any suspicious behavior.

The increase in crime reported in 106 also held true for PSA 107 .  Commander Andrew Solberg told ANC6A on Thursday that there has been an increase in ANC6A in recent weeks – mostly burglaries committed by kids.  Solberg said that additional cops are being assigned to the area.  He noted the recent increase in carjackings using the technique of bumping a car and stealing it when the driver gets out to  inspect the damage; he advises that owners who choose to inspect for potential damage only do so after removing keys from the ignition.  A better idea is to not get out of the car at all, but to call 911 if you are suspicious of the circumstances.  Maps of PSA 106 and 107 can be found here:  http://1.usa.gov/1bPOjol

Barracks Row Starbucks Starts Closing Early In Face of Makeover

Sign on Barracks Row Starbucks Announces Temporary Early Closings

Sign on Barracks Row Starbucks Announces Temporary Early Closings


ANC6A Protests H Street’s Club XII Liquor License

ANC6B will protest H Street’s Club XII liquor license renewal in deference to angry nearby residents, some of whom rose at ANC6A’s October meeting to express outrage about Club XII’s lack of response to their frequent complaints about late night noise emanating from the club.  Residents cited the club’s multi-year disregard of ABRA regulations and the provisions of the ANC Settlement Agreement, with one resident stating; “Every attempt to resolve the issues have been rebuffed or responded to with unfulfilled promises.”  The Settlement Agreement represents an understanding among the ANC, the neighbors and a venue which governs how an establishment will be operated and is routinely a condition of the ANC’s support for a liquor license or a renewal of same.

The protest is aimed at bringing the club into compliance through remedial actions.  Commissioner Jay Williams, Chair of the ANC’s ABC Committee, said that it was his understanding that the rule for noise was that a venue is in violation of noise regulations if it could be heard inside of a residence.  The purpose of the protest is to require mediation and negotiation.

Whence Eastern Metro Plaza Redesign?

During one of last summer’s community meetings to solicit residents’ input on a proposed redesign of the four parts of the Eastern Market Metro Plaza, the Barracks Row Mainstreet Task Force announced that a design team comprised of architect Amy Weinstein, landscape architect Oehme Van Sweden and transportation engineers would produce a design concept and mock up in about two months – late October – which will then be presented to a large community meeting.

Capitol Hill Corner asked Martin Smith, Executive Director Mainstreet, the status of the plan for the Metro Plaza and if any community meetings are in the works.  Martin issued a terse reply,

“Yes.  We will put out a press release with the information once dates and times are decided.”


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4 responses to “Wrapping Up the Week….Crime Spike, 8th St Starbucks Gets Makeover, Trouble for H St Club XII, Whence the Metro Plaza Redesign?

  1. Fay Singer

    Fowler rugged citizens not to use cellphones in public, but to call 911 if they see something suspicious. Does anyone else find that contradictory?

  2. Kirsten Oldenburg

    It was a PSA 107 meeting, not a PSA 106 meeting at which Lt. Fowler spoke.

  3. Marian Connolly

    Lt. Fowler’s comment about calling 911 when we see suspicious behavior followed comments from several attendees about how to effectively engage the 911 operators when we are calling from our homes or yards. Several noted that the 911 operators sometimes made them feel that their concerns were not being taken seriously. Lt. Fowler urged us not to let that perception deter us from reporting “suspicious” behavior. He said regardless of the 911 operator’s attitude, all calls must be dispatched to the appropriate Police District, and it’s up to the police to respond and determine if there is any reason for concern. One “take away” from this part of the meeting is that the best way to ensure that the police respond is to use the adjective “suspicious” when calling 911.