District Doughnuts Headed to Barracks Row

District Doughnuts Headed to Barracks Row

by Larry Janezich

Capitol Hill Corner has learned that Douglas Development Corporation has signed a lease with the popular doughnut caterer, District Doughnuts, for the first floor space at 749 8th Street, SE, formerly the home of Sneed’s Barbershop.  They hope to open in April of 2014.  Their popular product received high marks in WaPo’s survey of the city’s doughnut offerings earlier this year –  http://wapo.st/16cA9qV

The catering business, founded by Greg Menna and Juan Pablo Segura and currently owned by Menna and pastry chef Christine Schaefer, has been looking for space to open a brick and mortar outlet and was rumored to be coming to the Eastern Market area.  Schaefer came to the area from a gourmet bakery in Buffalo, NY, and trained at Le Cordon Bleu.

From District Doughnut’s website:  “Opening in spring 2014, our shop will serve a rotating assortment of classic and cosmopolitan varieties, meeting nostalgia with sophistication. To complete the classic pairing, we will feature the finest coffee roasts from Caffe Amouri, one of the only small-batch roasters in the DC area.”  Read more here:  http://districtdoughnut.com/

The recently inked deal leaves the second story of 749 8th Street, SE, available for lease according to the company’s website: http://bit.ly/198fGCx

Douglas Development is currently a very active Southeast Capitol Hill player, with three other active projects currently ongoing on Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.  See more here:  http://bit.ly/1akuFzW


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2 responses to “District Doughnuts Headed to Barracks Row

  1. Anonymous

    why do property owners on 8th street continue to attract new tenants that duplicate existing commercial offerings? Examples: One pet shop wasn’t enough; there had to be another. One cupcake vendor was not enough; and now there’s so much pentup demand for doughnuts, we have to have a second establishment 4 blocks apart!

  2. Real Doughnuts Have Extra Letters

    Are you comparing District Doughnuts to Dunkin’ Donuts?!? Um, no.