The Week Ahead ….. Trouble for Phase I, Tortilla Coast, Tune Inn, and lots of H Street Bars

Tune Inn "Screwed" ANC6b - Commission Unhappy

Tune Inn “Screwed” ANC6b – Commission Unhappy

The Week Ahead ….. Trouble for Phase I, Tortilla Coast, Tune Inn, and lots of H Street Bars

Also:  The future of RFK

by Larry Janezich

Tuesday, November 12

ANC6b meets at 7:00pm in Hill Center for its regular November meeting

Among items on the agenda:

Routine liquor license renewals on the consent calendar:  Pour House, 18th Amendment, Trusty’s Bar, Hawk ‘n’ Dove, Lola’s, The Old Siam, Béarnaise, The Capitol Lounge, Li’l Pub, Wisdom, Sushi Capitol, Sona Creamery/Wine Bar.

Routine public space application on the consent calendar:  sidewalk café for Rose’s Luxury.

Non-routine liquor license renewals and a request for an entertainment endorsement: 

Liquor license renewals – Phase I (trash, dumpster issues), Remington’s, Bachelor’s Mill/Back Door Pub.

Request for entertainment endorsement – Tortilla Coast.  (Tortilla Coast rep was advised there is “zero chance” of this being approved without a signed Settlement Agreement.  Tortilla Coast corporation “thumbed its nose” as one commissioner put it, at ANC6b, refusing to sign a Settlement Agreement for a license renewal.  A technicality prevented ANC6b from filing a protest when the request for license renewal came up before ABRA.)

Letter to Tune Inn Restaurant, 331 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE – and ABRA, expressing disappointment that Tune Inn refused to sign a Settlement Agreement in connection with its recent liquor license renewal.   (ANC6b has informally agreed to change its procedures and routinely protest liquor license renewals until a Settlement Agreement is signed – the result of having been “screwed” – in the words of one commissioner – by the Tune Inn’s last minute refusal to sign an Agreement after ABRA advised that signing was voluntary [thanks, Tune Inn, thanks ABRA].)  Odds are good that the next license renewal in three years will be problematical for the Tune Inn.    

The Outreach and Constituent Services Task Force will file its Public Safety Report – statistics and analysis on recent crime in ANC6b.   Probably no major surprises here, but a draft copy of the report did not address the issue of MPD failing to file reports on crimes – which has a positive and self-serving affect on crime stats.    

Wednesday, November 13

ANC6b Hill East Task Force meets at 6:30pm at St. Coletta of Greater Washington to discuss the future of the RFK Stadium site.  Erik Moses, senior vice president and managing director at Events DC, will provide a brief presentation on his organization’s plans for evaluating alternatives for the site.

ANC6c meets at 7:00pm at the Heritage Foundation Building, 214 Massachusetts Avenue, NE for its regular November meeting.

Among items on the agenda:

An appearance by Councilmember Anita Bonds

Consideration of Bikeshare stations at 1st and K; 5th or 6th and K; 7th and Constitution NE

Liquor license renewals for Columbus Club, Center Café, Boundary Road, Big Board, Tynan Coffee & Tea, The 201 Bar, Hamilton’s Bar and Grill. 

Thursday, November 14

ANC6a meets at 7:00pm at Miner Elementary School, 601 15th Street, NE for its regular November meeting

Among items on the agenda:

Protest of the liquor licenses for the following venues for failure to maintain peace, order and quiet, and authorization for the Chair to be authorized to send letters conveying that protest to the ABC Board: Atlas Room. Biergarten Haus, The Elroy, Little Miss Whiskey’s, Star and Shamrock, Vendetta, HR 57, Avery’s, The Pug, and Toki Underground. 

Friday, November 15

Capitol Hill Village (CHV) presents a free seminar to discuss issues involved in moving to one level living in a condo or rental apartment on Capitol Hill or nearby.  Finance and real estate experts will discuss options.  Housing Committee of CHV will describe new apartment and condo projects and several currently being built – 10:00 am to 12:00 noon at Townhomes on Capitol Hill, 6th and I Streets, SE.  Open to all without charge, but registration is required:  Call 202 543 1778 to register.


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4 responses to “The Week Ahead ….. Trouble for Phase I, Tortilla Coast, Tune Inn, and lots of H Street Bars

  1. Concerned Lesbian

    Why is there “trouble for Phase One”?

    Ed. Trash, dumpster issues.

  2. Evan Handy

    You imply here that all bars in the neighborhood need to have a settlement agreement in place before operating. Could you more fully explain the settlement agreement plan for the neighborhood? I used the search function on your blog to find posts related to “settlement agreement”, but none of them seemed to lay out an overall plan or philosphy.

    Alternatively, if you already explained it elsewhere here, I would be happy with a link to that page.


  3. hokieonthehill

    To me it sounds like residents want to have their cake and eat it too. Sacrifices are made when you live in the city. You’ve got to pay some kind of price for convenience. It’s a balancing act. Also, ANCs shouldn’t be vindictive entities.

  4. David Holmes

    The provisional protests before 6A do not necessarily mean an actual protest will be filed. The time limits imposed by ABRA mean that failure to authorize a protest can eliminate the chance for the ANC, and thus the community, to have a voice in the process.

    David Holmes