Bowser’s Committee Slams DMPED Transparency on Hine

By Larry Janezich
Councilmember Muriel Bowser’s Committee on Economic Development sent a strongly worded message to the Deputy Mayor’s Office regarding its response to the FOIA request on Hine. The message,  sent by Robert Hawkins, charged that the office “improperly withheld responsive records,  improperly referred the appellant to the website of [Recorder of Deeds], and improperly redacted portions of the requested record.”
Hawkins expressed greatest concern over the fact that DMPED “failed to justify these witholdings; such a failure suggests an indifference on the part ODMPED to comply with the spirit and letter of the FOIA law.”
Hawkins concludes with his hope that DMPED will “comply with the appeal order as soon as possible. “


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5 responses to “Bowser’s Committee Slams DMPED Transparency on Hine

  1. Maggie Hall

    At last!!!! A member of the City Council gets to grips, understands, what some of the Hine outrage is all about.

  2. Calvin H. Gurley

    Folks, that’s all – a public tongue lashing? Why are we so enthused about our Council calling a Deputy Mayor out on the carpet for lying, falsifying and withholding information from the public?

    This is just another example of the Mayor’s Deputies going out of their way to assist developers and to disrespect and deceive D.C. residents. Do you recall when a Deputy Mayor also falsified reports and impact statements for a developer who wanted to build a transportation terminal in the Ivy City community? Attorney Johnny Barnes ( former AFL-CIO attorney) volunteered his legal services and the Ivy City Community won against the developer’s attempt to build.

    What our Council needs is leadership to place consequences on those D.C. Officials who violate the D.C. Government Ethics Code. That’s right, Councilwoman Bowser. Enforce the Government’s Ethics Code and penalize government officials who dare to trick and play games on our D.C. residents. The District of Columbia Board of Ethics and Government Accountability D.C. Ethics Manual clearly states:

    General Ethics Standards
    The general standards include the following:
    “…A District employee must maintain a high level of ethical conduct. She[/he] must not take,
    order, or participate in any official action that would adversely affect the public’s confidence
    in the integrity of government.13…” End

    When Ethic’s Code violations are cited and enforced by all Council members who hold hearings with all government officials (Deputy Mayors as well as their rank and files) then we citizens can rejoice that our Council is doing their “rightful” job to maintain transparency and fairness.

    Calvin H. Gurley
    Council Candidate – 2014.

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  4. E. Masquinongy

    This makes Bowser a far more interesting candidate for Mayor.