Worksheet on Tommy Wells Campaign Contributions

Worksheet on Tommy Wells Campaign Contributions

Note: Exploratory contributions are noted for items 1 and 2a, 2b; elsewhere “+” indicates a split contribution, whereas “,” separates two people who can be seen as representing one entity. Exclusively exploratory contributions for categories beyond 2b (like that of the Cymrots) are not specifically noted as such; those who are curious can consult the original documents in the Library.)

1)  Tommy Wells

$10,000 exploratory




$15,747.27 total

2)  Developers and related interests

a)  Hine Development

Kitty Kaupp $2,000 ($1,000 exploratory + $1,000)

Ken Golding $2,000 exploratory

Coldwell Banker 605 Pennsylvania Ave

Phyllis Jane Young $2,000 exploratory

John Parker $750 ($500 exploratory + $250)

Catherin Held $500

Angela Grimmer $250

Don Denton $250

$7750 total

 b) Restaurateur/Developer Xavier Cervera & Associates

Xavier Cervera $2,000 exploratory

Barracks Row Entertainment employees:     $2,000 exploratory

$2,000 exploratory

$6,000 total

c) Other Developers/Related Interests

Charles Asmar, lawyer for developers: $1,500 + $1000 ($500 returned as over limit)

William Lansing, Valor Development: $2,000

Phillip Coffey, SVP, Gaylord Entertainment, National Harbor: $2,000

Stephen Pugh, COO, Rappaport Companies: $2,000

Mera Rubell, art collector/developer: $2,000

Robert Cohen, CEO, Perseus Realty: $2,000

Scott Olson, Olson Advocacy Group: $2,000

Benjamin Miller, WestMill and Fundrise: $2,000

Maurice Kreinder, local CVS developer: $750 + $500

Fred Greene, FLGA LLC: $1,000

Matthew Weiss and Joseph Englert: $1,000, $500

Jack Mahoney, Title company: $500, $500

PI Corps, FL, employees: $2,000, $2,000

Pascal Nardelli, Castlebrook $500

Michael Nardelli, policy advisor at Nelson and Mullins: $2,000

Norman Glasgow, lawyer for developers: $500

Jair Lynch, eponymous developer: $500

Judi Seiden, Prudential: $1,000 + $500

Margo Kelly, realtor: $1,000

$29,750 total

($29,750 + $6,000 + $7,750= $43,500)

3) Miscellaneous Large Donors

Nicky and Steve Cymrot: $2,000, $2,000

Local CTO officer, GGW columnist Ken Archer: $2,000

Maygene Daniels $2,000

Timothy Temple, Splash Car Wash, activist against living wage: $2,000

Kent Amos, local public charter founder: $2,000

Todd Degarmo, architect: $2,000

Catherine Ramsdell, Jan’s Tutoring: $2,000

James Loots and Barbara Dougherty Loots: $2,000, $2,000

Ellen McElroy, Pepper Hamilton Law: $2,000

Robert Kosinski, CFO, Scitor Corporations: $2,000

Dan Macy, Editor, Thompson Publishing: $2,000

James Thompson, adoption lawyer: $2,000

Davis Buckley, architect: $2,000

Charles Parsons, retired: $1,000 + $1,000

Mary Lappatto, Cozen and O’Conner: $2,000 (+$1,200 more with same last name)

$35,200 total

4)  Other Large Donors, by Categories:

a) Local Business Barracks Row

$2,000 Constance Tipton, related to Tip Tipton

$3,500 David and Danette Sheldon

$4,000 (possibly more) from Yes! Organic Market and family

$2,000 Bart Vandaele

$2,000 Leah Daniels, Hills Kitchen

b) Local Business outside of Barracks Row

$2,000 Spike Mendehslon

National Capitol Bank

Richard Didden (recently deceased): $2,000

James Didden: $500

$18,000 total

5)  Lobbyists, Political Consultants/Services

a)  With known ties to Wells Campaign*

Winning Connections*

John Jameson: $2,000

Wells’ campaign pays “office rent”

Face to Face Strategies*

Paul Cooper $775 + $1025 (+ $2,000 from person with same home address)

Lists Wells as a client on website

b)  Other Lobbyists, Political Consultants/Services

Bernie Robinson, Livingston Group: $500 + $1,500

Ware Adams, Dean and Co., and wife Ellen: $2,000 + $2,000

Philip Lepanto, Connections Media and owner of Old School Hardware: $2,000

Michael Coscia, printer of campaign material: $1,000 + $1,000

Adam Clampitt, District Communications Group: $500 + $1000

$17,300 total


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5 responses to “Worksheet on Tommy Wells Campaign Contributions

  1. Andrea Rosen

    I thought Tommy wasn’t taking corporate contributions. That’s what he’s said; and that’s the point upon which progressives rest their loyalty.

  2. Ken Jarboe

    Andrea — for the record, none of these donations are from corporations. All are personal contributions.
    Kenan Jarboe

    • Andrea Rosen

      Technically speaking, of course. And I understand that the owners of Stanton – Eastbanc, for example, have every right to contribute, as they are actual people, not corporations pretending to be people. However it is clear that they are using money to influence or reinforce past/future behavior inasmuch as their contested Hine project is in the candidate’s ward. I just get so sick of seeing developers, whether through their LLCs or out of their own wallets, pay for candidates’ campaigns. I recall at Fenty’s inaugural fete that the ads in the program were overwhelmingly placed by development and construction companies. This is why public financing of campaigns is the only way to go.

  3. anon

    where’s the GGW crowd among those donors? More mouth than money

  4. Andrea Rosen

    Interesting to see how many donors actively opposed the Large Retailer Accountability Act . . . . Hey, there, Rappaport!